Chapter 1

"I'm really sorry..." I said to Jacob, my nice and cute boyfriend.

We were sitting together on a bench near the Bushwell Plaza. It was a hard week 'cause there was a special iCarly and me, Freddie and Carly had to do a lot of stuff. Of course I tried to meet him but I just had no time. So we just met two times.

"It's ok." He smiled at me with his wonderful blue eyes, I just jumped inside.

"I'm sorry but you know iCarly is important to me and I don't want that you're mad...." Maybe I was annoying but we were only going out for three weeks and I was still doubtful. I wasn't doubtful because I didn't love him...I still didn't believe that he's dating me. So I just wanted that everything is perfect.

"I know this. I told you before I'm NOT angry! But I'm getting angry if you don't stop." There was this smile again. And then he leaned in and kissed me.

"Okay?" I nodded and then he leaned in again....another sweet and soft kiss.

Sam's POV

I'm standing at my locker and wait for Carly, she's late….weird. And then a person arrives. I really think or hope its Carly or Freddie. But no it's not Carly it is Jacob. I should be happy that my boyfriend is here but I'm not. Why? He isn't my nice and cute Jacob anymore.

"Hey Babe what's up?" Before I can answer he kisses me…..well it's not the sweet and soft kiss I remember. I don't like it. Who cares? He definitely doesn't. I always thought to a kiss belong two lovers but he just put his tongue roughly deep in my mouth.

"See you!" As fast as he came he leaves now….just like always. I really miss my boyfriend.

I don't know when he started to change but I think it began a month ago. Where is Jacob? At the beginning of our relationship everything was okay. He loved me and he didn't hide it. When we talked he always listened to me and I felt safe on his side. Well he changed…..

"Sam!? Could you talk to me?" I looked up.

Freddie's POV

"Oh it's just you Freddork..." she said and turned around and put some stuff in her locker. Yes just me…Freddork, I want to be more then her punching bag. Yeah it sounds weird but I love her. Yes I fell in love with the girl who is always teasing on me. I realized this a few months ago. I was going to tell her but then there was this cute-looking guy with his stupid blue eyes.

"You can do this Benson, you'll just tell her…" I thought to myself. Just….easier said then done. I was going to tell Sam Puckett that I'm in love with her. I still couldn't believe that I sent this message.

"Can we meet us at 5 pm at the park?


And I still couldn't believe that I was walking to the park. I walked along the street listened to a song from "The midway state". Well I didn't really listen to the song I just heard it in the background. And then the park appeared in front of me. I held on there she was the blonde girl named Sam….Sam. One time I breathed deeply again. And then I went over to her.

"Hi…" I said. She looked happy….. maybe because I was here? "Okay now don't get crazy Freddie!"

"Sa…" She interrupted me before I could finish her name.

"He likes me, too!" She smiled at me so happy.

"Who likes you...too?" I asked I didn't really want to know. Running away and hide were better.

"Jacob! He asked me out today. Isn't that great?" She laughed and was so happy. And I was just near crying.

"Yes, Great…" I whispered.

"Oh I almost forgot….What do you wanted to tell me?"

"Nothing….." It's nothing that would be important to you.