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All In Green-Inheritance

"Sain, if our daughter ends up anything like you, I'm going to hit you so hard she will feel it." Lyn had warned, some years ago, when she was still pregnant with Layna.

This was why Sain had made sure to not be around whenever Layna came home late. But this time Lyn had found him and dragged him towards the door as soon as it opened.

Sain decided to bite the bullet. He loved his daughter, in the good way, that is, and stood between her and her mother.

"Where the hell have you been?" asked Lyn.
"Out on a double date." she replied, tossing her hair slightly.
Lyn growled. "With who?"
"Lilina and Roy."
"No, who was your partner?" specified Lyn.

Sain edged away as he realised what the answer was going to be.

"Lilina and Roy, I told you."
"I warned you." said Lyn to Sain, before hitting him.

He fell over sideways, colliding squarely with Layna and sending them both to the floor.

"Next time at least tell me you're going to be late." grumbled Lyn.

"You mean I could just have told her and she wouldn't have cared?" said a horrified Layna.

Sain was mildly distracted by the fact that he had landed on top of the girl's second most personal location. This would normally be a cause for cheer.

"Think bad thoughts bad thoughts like that time with Lucius… and that time Lyn swapped him damnit."

* * *

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