Hey everyone. The name is LadyCizzle and I am new to NCIS fanfiction. For most people who don't know me I am however, not new to fanfiction itself writing for other shows like Scrubs, Psych, and Charmed just to name a few. So anyways a while ago I decided to start writing for NCIS fandom and tah-da, this story was born. This my first time posting in a long time so I'm really quite nervous but it's not going to keep me frome posting. I hope this story is like by people and if it's not, oh well. I'll survive.

Chapter One

A slow light rain fell on the hood of Timothy McGee's Porsche as he drove down the dark and lonely highway. The soft sounds of Mozart filled his ears as he hummed along with the melody.

"Come on. Would you stop doing that."

Timothy slapped his sister's hand away from the radio for the third time only to have her laugh and try to change the station again. "Sarah I mean it."

"Oh come on Tim no one wants to listen to this crap."

"It's Mozart."

"It's boring and I want to listen to something else." she stubbornly replied as she finally pushed Tim's hand away from the radio and changed the station. "Ah there." she smiled at the sound of one of her favorite artist singing on the radio. "The soothing sounds of Justin Timberlake are the best way to end the perfect evening."

Tim laughed as his sister bobbed her head to he music. "If you say so."

"I do and I want to thank you once again for taking me that art gallery tonight. I had so much fun. I can't believe I actually got to meet the artist."

"Who knew he would be such a Deep Six fan?"

"I know right." laughed Sarah. "Sometimes I forgot that you're actually a famous author and not just my geeky, overbearing, nerve-racking older brother.


"You sir are welcome."

He shook his head and smirked as his sister continued to dance. After a few nudges from his sister to join her he did and the two of them were dancing along to the music blasting from the radio.

It was one of Timothy's favorite things in the world. Spend time with his younger sister instead of the people from his team. Not saying he didn't love his team members, he did. Even DiNozzo managed to become a good friend over the course of time the pair worked together. But still, it didn't compare spending time with the sister he rarely got a chance to see. With her school load and his work load it seemed almost impossible for the both of them to ever have a night free. Luckily for them the night the art gallery premiered the work of one of Sarah's favorite painters Tim jumped at the chance to request the Friday night off and take his sister to the gallery. The actual meeting with the painter was the icing on the cake that made both Tim and Sarah ecstatic about the evening. Now the night was coming to an end and the two probably would see each for weeks.

The song ended and went into a commercial break causing Sarah to turn down the radio. "Oh Timmy tonight has been so great I don't want it to end."

"I don't want it to either but don't worry, we'll do this again."

"Really, when?"

"Soon, I promise." Timothy grinned, reaching over and ruffling Sarah's hair.

"Hey, back off McGeek." She shooed his hand away and tried her best to smooth her hair. "Perfect hair as to stay perfect until the night is officially over.

Tim laughed loudly as he came to the red light and brought his car to a halt. Turning to smile at his sister, he patiently waited for the light to turn green and when it did he slowly crossed through the intersection.

"Tim watch out."

He was too busy looking straight ahead to notice the speeding car headed directly for him. Sarah's scream caught his attention but by them it was too late. The speeding car hit them at full impact on the driver's side.

It was as if time itself slowed down. The impact from the car forced Tim's small car to flip a few times before landing upside down. Glass shattered, metal bent, and airbags exploded as the two helpless bodies thrashed around until the car came to a complete stop. Pain radiated through Tim's entire body as his head slammed the back of his seat and his entire world faded to black.

A few moments passed before the airbags deflated themselves allowing Sarah to see her brother clearly for the first time. She could feel blood trickling down the side of her face as her ears rang loudly. Her entire body ached with pain but it stop her from reaching out to her brother who was lying unconscious. His face covered in blood and scratches, he lay slumped over the steering wheel. "Tim." she cried out in whisper form. "Tim wake up." He didn't move, no matter how hard she shook him. "Please Tim, wake up. You gotta wake up."

Still, he didn't respond and Sarah could feel her heart beating frantically. She was scared but she had to get her and her brother out of the car. For all she knew the gas line was leaking and close to exploding. With shaky hands she was able to unbuckle her seatbelt and removed it from around her body. Pushing and banging, she pried the door wide open and slowly crawled out of the car.

The car that hit them was nowhere to be found Sarah noticed as she crawled out onto the street. The rain had stopped but that was the least of Sarah's problems. She needed to get to the other side of the car where her brother was but her body thought otherwise. Weighed down by pain and weakness, Sarah couldn't bring herself to crawl any further much less stand. Instead she lied there on the ground silently sending out prayers to whoever was listening.

It was if her prayers were answered when she saw headlights coming in her direction. The car stopped quickly and a man and woman rushed over to help.

"Honey are you all right?" asked the middle-age woman as she came to Sarah's side. "Can you hear me?"

Sarah turned over on her side and tried to sit up. "Please, help my brother." she cried softly, tears flooding her eyes for the first time since the accident. "He's hurt and he needs help."

"My husband, Shawn will help your brother and we called 911 so you can relax."

"I can't relax." Sarah screeched as she tried to sit up again and once again failed. "I have to make sure he's all right. His name is Tim and he works for NCIS and he's a Special Agent and he…he's-" She suddenly found it hard to breath and the darkness surrounding her. Sarah tried her best to fight it but it was a losing battle and soon, like her brother, her world faded to black.

Also for those who don't know me I am known as the queen of cliffhangers. That means that sometimes the chapters to my stories just like this, leaving you on the edge of your seat until the next time I post. Until then, toodles.