Hello to you wonderful fans of NCIS. My name is LadyCizzle and I am pleased to bring you my second NCIS fic. The first one which was posted moments before should be up and ready to read. Like this one it contains drama, suspense, and a small love story. Unlike that one this story contains one more thing: Slash. If you aren't familiar with my work then you know that I am a slash girl. From different shows, different genres, you name it I've written it. Hope that doesn't turn anyone away and if it does oh well, I can write what I want.

Warnings: may contain small tidbits from the seasons but not a lot. If you blink you'll totally miss it.

Disclaimer: Don't own the show the rights or anything else. I'm just a crazy fan.

Chapter One

Soft yet callous hands slide across his bare chest making him moan as he threw his head against the wall. He couldn't breath, only moan and gasp as a hot tongue nibbled on

Biting his lip to keep from crying out, the hands moved away from his chest, down to his stomach, and stopping at his all ready hard and leaking erection. He moaned, loudly as the hand wrapped around it and began stroking it slowly.


A raspy chuckle against his face tickled his ear and sent a second wave of shivers down his body. He tried his best down to keep still but nothing he did worked, he shivered uncontrollably.

The raspy seductive voice returned to his ear again as a warm body was tightly pressed against his. "Want me to stop."

"Never." He moaned, to weak to say yes even if he wanted too. No, he never wanted this to stop, ever. It was something he'd wanted for so long and he couldn't believe it was finally happening.

"Never what?"

"Never stop."

Another chuckle and an increase of speed and he didn't know how much more he could take. His body was overloaded, tingling with sensations he didn't know he had. He was able to let out one more moan before hot lips covered his and a tongue shoved down his throat. Not that he didn't mind.

He let out a disappointed growl when the tantalizing tongue left his mouth but the hand remained where it was. For that he was grateful. Still, it wasn't enough. He longed for a release; somehow he knew the owner of the hand knew that. Especially when they laughed again in his ear.

"I know what you want and I want to give it to you." the voice teased playfully. "But first you have to do something for me."

Squeezing his eyes tight, he banged his head back against the wall and steadied himself. "Anything." he gasped. "I'll give you…anything you want."

"All right then, say my name."

He would have given the world if he owned it. "Please-"

"I will, as soon as you say my name." responded the voice as they sped up the movements. "Say my name Tim."

It was took much for Tim to take as his body writhed in extreme pleasure. He needed his release and he knew the only way to get it was by saying the name. Tim mumbled the name under his breath as the hand continued to move.

It wasn't enough. "Louder." the voice demanded, wrapping the hand around tighter. "I want you to scream my name."


Tim cried as he shot up in his bed. He realized that his alarm was beeping and reached over to turn it off when he felt something cold and sticky between his legs. Groaning, he threw back the covers and stumbled out of the bed. He couldn't believe he had another sex dream about his partner Tony DiNozzo.

Scratch that, Tim did believe he had another dream. He'd been having them for months now, every since the whole Jeanne debacle. Seeing Tony so sad and upset made his own heart ache in sadness. Tim had never seen Tony that way before and for the first time Tim saw Tony as human being with feelings. After that it had been all downhill.

At first Tim found himself looking for Tony out of the corner of his eye. If he couldn't see him he would wonder where the other man was. Then it got worse. He would think about Tony whenever he could. Blush when the older man said something nice and his entire body shivered whenever they accidentally touched. Or when Tony would slap him on the back of his head. Yes, that made him want to kiss the man for all his was worth. And that's when the dreams started.

First they were small dreams. A kiss here, a declaration of love there but now they were full blown, NC-17 man on man sex rated dreams about him and Tony. Tim couldn't remember the last time he went to sleep and actually woke up not screaming Tony's name as he came all over his sheets.

"That's the third one this week and it's only Tuesday." Tim thought to himself as he jumped in the shower. Leaning his head against the wall he let the water and soap slide down his body as he tried to keep his feelings under control. He had to shake off his feelings before he went to work. That was the only way to keep everyone, especially Tony from finding out his true feelings.

"That I am secretly and totally in love with him."

Sighing, he turned off the water, got out of the shower and made his way back to his bedroom to get ready for work and face Tony.


Timothy arrived at the bullpen five minutes before nine Tuesday morning with a tray of coffee cups in his hands. From what he could see he was the third person to arrive. Ziva and Gibbs were all ready at their desk and both appeared to be working. Walking past Ziva's desk, he placed her tea on her desk. Ziva looked up and gave him a smile of appreciation before grabbing and taking a sip.

"Thank-you McGee." she replied, taking another sip.

"You're welcome Ziva." Timothy smiled and made his way over to Gibbs's desk. The man's eyes were focused on something on his computer. "I brought you some coffee Boss."

"Sit it down McGee."

Tim did as he was told and placed the coffee on Gibbs's desk. He gave his boss a nod before finally going to his own desk. He looked over to see Tony still hadn't arrived yet.

Sighing, he placed the tray on his desk and sat down. Turning on all his computer equipment, he waited patiently for everything to come up before diving into his work.

The sound of the elevator chiming caused Time to look up and see that it was Tony finally coming into with a smile on his face. Seeing that Tony was finally there made Tim smile as well. As usual, Tony walked in looking sharp in one of his expensive suits with a big smile on his face. The smile that always made Timothy's heart burst with joy.

Gibbs didn't have to look up from his desk to know that it was Tony coming off the elevator. With a disapproving tone, he spoke to the senior field agent. "You're late DiNozzo."

"I know Boss and for that I'm sorry." he replied as he took a seat at his desk. "I had a really late night last night and I accidentally overslept."

"I don't care why you're late just don't let it happen again." Gibbs growled at his agent as he picked up his ringing phone.

"Did you really have a late night last night?"

Tony smirked, leaning back in his chair. "Why, jealous Ziva."

"Of some bamboo you picked up off the street, I don't think so." Ziva chuckled softly as she leaned forward on her desk.

"It's bimbo and I'll have you know that Stacey was anything but that." This time Tony's smirk turned into a wide grin as he continued to lean back in his chair. "I'm telling Ziva the things the woman could do with her tongue-"

"I brought you some coffee Tony." Tim replied, interrupting Tony's story. He put on his best fake smile with hopes that it would hide the jealousy currently flashing in his eyes. He didn't know why Tony had to come to work everyday and talk about his conquest. It was something Tim could go without hearing.

If Tony sensed that something was wrong he didn't say anything, instead he stood up and walked over to Tim's desk. "Thanks Probie." he smiled and picked up the coffee cup. "You should have."

"You're welcome. I stopped and got everyone something so I figured I should get you some coffee too."

"Well that was nice of you McGee, I really appreciate it."

It wasn't often that Tony actually said thank-you for the things Tim did for him. Usually there was more name-calling and a slap on the back of the head but today there wasn't any of that. Tim could feel a warm blush flush over his cheeks and his heart beat uncontrollably as he gave Tony a small smile. "Thanks Tony."

Tony smiled too and with his coffee, made his way back over to his desk. "Now back to Stacey-"

This time it was Gibbs who stopped Tony from telling Ziva what happened to him last night. "Sorry DiNozzo, not now you won't." he barked. "Gear up everyone, we got a case."

Quickly, Timothy stood up and grabbed his things, happy that he wouldn't have to hear the rest of Tony's date last night. He was sadly mistaken because that's all Tony talked about. By the time they arrived to the crime scene, a house out in the suburbs, Tim was in a foul mood. Even slamming the door behind him as he got out of the car, staying two steps ahead of the team.

Ziva noticed the frown on Tim's face and glanced over at Tony. "Is something wrong with McGee?"

"With Probie." Tony shrugged. "How the hell should I know?"

"I don't know. He was fine this morning until you showed up and started talking and now he seems upset."

"What does that mean?"

Ziva shook her head. "Nothing, I was just talking out of my ear."

"I think you mean head."

"Right." Ziva chuckled, snapping her fingers. "That's exactly what I meant."

Tony simply shook his head and ducked underneath the yellow tape, following his team into the house.


They walked inside the house to find it crawling with the local police and the dead body was lying on the living room.

"Who called us in?" asked Gibbs in his usual tone.

"That would be me."

Everyone turned around to see a medium height brunette standing behind them. She Metro badge hung around her neck as she gave the team a smile.

"And you would be."

"Detective Melina Warren, Metro Homicide and I'm guessing you're NCIS." Melina didn't wait for Gibbs to say anything as she made her way towards the body. "This is Petty Officer Dennis Quaver, age 24, stabbed multiple times in his chest. He was found an hour ago by his roommate Travis Gibson who just got back from a weeklong vacation to the Bahamas. While we were searching for clues we found out who he was and I immediately called you guys."

Now Ziva was the one confused. Usually the local police were reluctant to involve NCIS in their cases. "So that's it?" questioned Ziva. "You're just handing over this case to us."

"I didn't say that."

"Ah, ulterior motive I knew it." Tony smirked.

Melina said nothing as she bent down and lifted up Dennis's shirt. On his chest was the word "FREE" written in blood. "Four days ago, Friday night, a woman by the name of Corey Miles was found in her apartment with the same stab wounds and the word "Free" written across her chest. I believe whoever killed her killed your marine."

"So you're saying we have a serial killer on our hands."

"I don't want to jump to any conclusions but I believe we do." Melina answered Gibbs as she stood back up. "And I don't mind working this case with you as long as you keep me in the loop on everything. Anything you find out I want to know. Do that for me and I'll do everything I can to help you."

"Does that include giving me everything you have on the first victim."

"Yes it does."

Gibbs gave the detective a nod and turned his attention back to his team. "All right then what are you waiting for, get started."

A chorus of yes boss were mumbled as the team dispersed and went off to do their job. Gibbs walked off with Melina to probably discuss more about the case was Tim's thought. Ziva and Tony didn't say anything to him, instead they walked away to see if they could any evidence leaving Tim to take the crime scene photos. Tim hadn't expected them to ask what it was he wanted to do but he didn't mind. He didn't want to be around Tony anyways. Lifting up the camera, he began taking pictures at the same time Ducky and Palmer walked through the door.

Both men walked over to the body and took positions on opposite side. "Sorry we're so late. There was an accident on the highway that held up traffic terribly but we're here now." Ducky replied as he bent down and slipped on a pair of gloves and began checking the body, lifting up the shirt in the process. "Well what do we have here?

Tim snapped another picture as he nodded his head at Ducky. "The detective here thinks we have a serial killer. The police found a young woman killed the same way four days ago."

"Oh dear." sighed Ducky. "Two victims in the span of four days killed the same way. That's horrible."

"I know." he frowned sadly, snapping another picture. "Any idea on how he died."

"Well I can't be certain but the multiple stab wounds suggest massive blood lost." replied Ducky standing up.

"How about when he died?"

"Liver temp shows that he's been dead for about ten to eleven hours."

"Where are Ziva and Tony." asked Palmer as he helped put the body on the gurney.

"Do I look like their keeper Palmer?" Tim realized he snapped at the young man when he saw him flinch. Sighing, he gave Jimmy a friendly smile. "I'm sorry Palmer I didn't mean to yell. I had a very long night, couldn't sleep but that doesn't give me the right to be a bastard to you. As for Ziva and Tony I don't know where they are."

Palmer accepted the apology with a smile. He knew that Tim would never say anything to truly hurt his feelings on purpose. Tim was too nice for that. "That's okay. We all have those nights where we toss and turn."

"Some nights more than others." Tim thought to himself as he continued to smile and Palmer and Ducky made their way out of the house with the body of the petty officer. Tim snapped one more photo when the sound of a woman giggling caused him to turn around. He realized the laugh was coming from Ziva who was coming back into the room with Tony. Suddenly the jealous feelings flowed through Tim again at the sight of the Mossad agent and the former cop laughing with one another.

"Hey McLame, you'll never guess what Ziva just did." Tony laughed as he made his way over. Slinging an arm around Tim, he laughed again and smiled. "She ran smack-dab-"

"I really don't care Tony." Tim sighed, shrugging Tony's arm off and moving to the other side of the room.

Tony watched his teammate walk away from him for what had to be the second time that morning. It made him wonder if he had done something wrong without realizing it. Sure he'd done it in the past but today was a different story. The only thing he really discussed was his date last night and that couldn't be the problem, could it.

"Nah." Tony smirked to himself, shaking his head. There was no way McGee would be mad at him about Stacey. He didn't even know her, or did he. He didn't have time to finish the thought when he felt a slap on the back of his head.

He turned around to see a grinning Ziva standing behind him. "Ow." he winced as he rubbed the back of his head. "What was that for?"

"Gibbs says it's time to go."

Tony looked around to see that no one was in the room except him and Ziva. "And you couldn't call my name to get my attention because-"

"I did." Ziva scoffed. "Twice but you still didn't move so I had to do something else to gain your attention."

Tony growled. "You could have don't something that didn't involve you hitting me."

"But why would I do that." smirked Ziva as she made her way towards the door. Tony growled again and followed the Israeli out of the house, his mind no longer on Tim.

Hope it was enjoyed by all and don't worry, if you liked it there will be more. I promise. Until next time Ciao