'But I need you.'

It was those few words, and the solemn determination with which he spoke them, that made her stop. Because however much she tried to deny it, she needed him too. It wasn't that she couldn't live with out him; it wasn't as strong as that. But to her, he was a necessity, a need that just wouldn't go away. He made her whole, made her smile involuntarily- filled that aching gap like no-one else could.

How selfish she was! She could see how this was killing him, trying to be someone, something else. She wasn't blind; she could see how he was hopelessly, recklessly in love with her, but she can't – won't? – be that for him.

She knows her heart had been taken a long time ago. Well, not taken; shattered, distorted and mangled may be closer to the truth. She knows that every time she looks deep into his eyes, she's seeing someone else. She knows that with every touch, every action, and every word, she is comparing him to that someone else. Every day she is mending, and every day it is just as painful to think of him, and she knows it.

If only she could open his eyes! Make him see that she is not perfect at all, and not perfect for him.

She turned slightly, seeing the desperation written over his face, hearing it hanging heavily on every word.

She has him. He will never have her.

And how she knows.

And how she regrets.

'I'll always be here, Bells. Until it kills me.'

And, she decided, that was just the problem.