It was a cold and rainy day today, so I had to slip on a raincoat over my soft-green dress and a black cap to shield my hair from the rain. Today wasn't a really good day for an interview at a café so I had called the reporter and told him to call it off until the weather cleared up. He insisted, however, since the story was a pressing matter and he had to get it in to the editor before his given due date. It was decided that today at noon, I was to visit him in his home.

Just walking outside into the cold made my skin crawl with goose bumps. Outside on the road was the cab driver, waiting for me to get inside the black automobile. I held onto my hat and briskly walked over to his side, where he opened the door for me to get inside.

"Where to, Miss Hatsune?" the driver said as he crawled into the car and placed his hands firmly on the wheel. I sifted through my leather purse, looking for the address the reporter had given me a couple of days earlier. There, in the very deep depths of it, was the address, folded neatly into a little square. Unfolding I noticed the reporters rushed writing. It seemed as though he always had some new story to write about and he was so rushed and never had time.

"Ah, here," I said, handing the tiny piece of paper to the driver. He gave a quick nod and I heard the engine of the car roar to life. He turned on the windshield wipers, which began to more so smear the water droplets on the windshield rather than wipe them off.

Turning my head, I watched as we zoomed past the buildings and homes of the town, and almost became hypnotized, as they seemed to mix into one big colourful mess. I also noticed the rain droplets seemed to bend the images that were passing by. I twiddled with my thumbs as we neared our destination.

I knew we had arrived when the car had suddenly stopped at a small home that neared the water. The reporter was very fortunate to live in this area of town. It was very quiet and tranquil, and he had a wonderful view of the water, which seemed to have silver streaks dance all over its surface.

"Thank you, sir" I said quietly, handing some money over to the driver. He nodded in satisfaction and then opened the door to let me out onto the reporter's dark green lawn. I grabbed my dress and walked as fast as I could to the dark, wooden door. I waved to the driver and watched as the black car drove it's way through the cold rain.

I looked back at the door, and pressed the doorbell and waited for half a minute until a man with blackish-blue hair that reached to his jaw-line appeared at the door. He was wearing a dark black dress paints and baby-blue dress shirt, with dark coloured tie wrapped loosely around his neck.

It seemed as though he wasn't really expecting anyone, for he looked like he had just woken up.

"Ah, Miss Hatsune," he said with a smile.

"Am I too early?" I said with a hint of embarrassment.

"No, no," he had replied, "You're just in time. Let me just set up. You can wait in the living room if you'd like" He gestured for me to come inside and out from the rain. "It's quite a storm out there isn't it?"

"I've seen worse," I said, twirling some of my long teal hair in between my fingers, "There once was a storm that blew down a tree!"

"I see" he responded,

I watched as the reporter climbed up the hardwood stairs to get himself ready. I couldn't help but catch a glimpse of his study, which contained a wooden desk, which was polished to make it glisten in the light coming from the window just beside the desk. Behind the desk was a massive black leather chair, with a cabinet containing a whole library of books. Scatters across the walls were various paintings of sorts of different mediums. In front of the desk were two leather chairs, that showed the age and overuse. The leather on them seemed to be cracking and the arm rests felt rough.

"I noticed that you like this room," the reporter was behind me and his voice made me nearly jump.

"Why, yes." I stuttered, "It's lovely."

The reporter made his way around me and sat at his desk. I could see that he had a black leather briefcase. Inside it was his typewriter, which he pulled out and placed on his desk. His hand gestured for me to sit down at one of the chairs in front.

"So, Miss Hatsune," he started, "Now that we've finally settled down on this interview, I understand you are probably the only witness to the sudden disappearance of the Kagamine twins; two circus performers of the Circus on the Water. Am I correct?"

I nodded.

"Before we begin, do you know their current location, or anyone whom they may be staying with?"

I paused and the reporter gave me an odd look with his eyes.

"I do know whom they are staying with, but the twins have told me themselves that they would never stay in one place, because they know that the circus is looking for them. Anyone, besides myself, with any type of knowledge of their current location would endanger the twins, as well as themselves."

"I see," the reporter sighed, "Now Miss Hatsune, would you mind introducing yourself to anyone whom may be reading this?" I could now hear the reporter beginning to type.

"My name is Miku Hatsune. I had recently moved from the city of Aurore, where the Circus on the Water had traveled. It was also where my family lived. Some of the people of our city considered us to be nobles or aristocrats, because we had so much money, and everyone knew our family. I had moved here after the incident with the Kagamine twins, just to get it off my mind. However, if the story must be told, then it will be."

There were numerous clacks coming from the type writer, and dings as the reporter had reached the end of the page, and had to go back to the other side. I watched as his thin fingers worked quickly and his eyes constantly switching back between the page and his hands.

"Now, Miss Hatsune, will you tell us the tale of the Kagamine Twins?" the reporter asked. His eyes seemed to turn to a dark shade of blue.

"Of course," I responded, trying to recall the memories of all those months ago.

This is where I began retelling the tale shrouded in mystery, the tale of two twins, who didn't know a thing about their past, and how they managed to escape the magical, yet almost evil Circus on the Water.