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"Len!" Rin turned her head sharply towards him, "It's hard enough sneaking around three people; do you honestly think we need a fourth person? I say we're fine on our ow-"

"No, it's possible we could have use for her," Miku interrupted, "You said you were a magician right?"

Luka nodded, " Yes, but how can that help you?"

"I've seen your act before," Miku stated, "Although I didn't know it was you at the time, you performed a disappearing act, as well as some other tricks that hid yourself from the audience."

"Ah, I see what you're getting at" Luka smiled, "I've never tried it on four people though, so I might need to practice"

"Will you be able to perfect it by the performance at Arpeggio?" Len asked. Luka nodded and said, "Well I'll try," and with that the plan was set. However, Miku worried about having a fourth person in on the plan. What if she wasn't able to keep this plan a secret from the other performers?

Breakfast soon ended, and Luka separated from the group in order to practice for her upcoming act, as well as the plan. As Miku, Rin and Len walked back to their room, Miku still couldn't help but feel worried about Luka, and what threat she may have on their safety, as well as her own.

"Something wrong, Miku?" Rin asked,

"Of course nothing is wrong, all she did was get pulled out of her normal life is all, " Len said laughing. Like always, Rin glared at him darkly, and the conversation was over.

The three soon arrived at the room, opened up the hardwood door and made their way inside. It was then that Miku noticed that her costume was laid across the dresser. It was extremely elaborate. She walked towards the dresser and let her fingers glide across the silky white fabric. It was a very long, exquisite looking dress with dark blue vine-like patterns crawling all over it. There were also some long, light blue sashes; one was to be tied around her neck, while the other was tied around the waist of the dress.

"It's amazing," Miku gasped, she couldn't believe how fast it had taken to make it. Just this morning the design was but painting on a small piece of paper. Now she could feel and see costume right before her own eyes.

"I think it'll look cute on you!" Rin said in her bubbly voice. Len merely plopped down on his bed and stared at the chestnut-brown ceiling.

"You should try it on to see if it fits, of course,"

"Ah, right,"

Miku quickly slipped it on, and gazed at herself in mirror. The dress was snug around her body and she had to admit that Rin was right about the dress; it was cute. However, she did remember the fact that she wouldn't be wearing this dress for too long. There was still the need to escape in the back of her mind.

Miku spun her body around and soon felt something small and paper-like slip out of the folds of the dress and onto the floor. Rin picked it up and read it out loud before Miku even had the chance to bend over.

"Do you like the dress? I tried to get the seamstresses to make it as fast as they could for you, signed Gakupo"

"He must be favouriting me," Miku sighed,

"No, he's like that with everyone," Len piped up, "It's just how he is,"

Miku knew it was probably just an act, since she clearly remembered how he acted in front of that crewmember that had caught her not too long ago.

"Hello?" Someone knocked on the door of the room, "Is Ms. Hatsune here?"

"I'm here," Miku said, opening the door. She saw a woman at the door, with a handful of papers in her hand. She seemed to be very stiff looking, as if she was a manager that never got any time off from her job.

"Gakupo requested me to give you this sheet music," The lady said, handing the papers to Miku in a rough fashion, "He stated you are to attend band recital later today so you can be able to perform by our next stop, understood?"

"Of course," Miku stammered, startled by how rigid this lady was. The lady bowed and said "Good day," as Miku shut the door. She turned back to the twins.

"That's Miriam," Rin said, "She's always like that"

"Well she has to be," Len began, "She's like the vice-manager of the circus. I don't think you could be pretty flexible if your were a manager,"

"That wouldn't explain Gakupo, then" Miku said with a little grin.

"Ha, you're right," Len shrugged.

"So, recital? Where might that be," Miku said trailing off.

"It's in the Recital Hall," Rin stated, "The Recital Hall is on the main floor, since the main floor is the biggest out of the entire boat. It'll be easy to find so don't worry too much."

For the rest of the day until the recital, the three idly chattered on about nothing important in particular. However, as soon as they got on the topic of seeing their mother, the conversation became bubbly and exciting, mainly because it was Rin providing the input into the conversation.

Rin had taken the picture out from underneath the bed, and stared at her mother. She was like a young child opening up the first present on Christmas day, while Len was watching as if he was the older sibling. Miku couldn't help but feel happy. Although she knew this journey home was going to be a long one, she couldn't even imagine the amount of joy the twins would experience when they arrived home to the mother.

Would the run up to her and cuddle in her arms. Would they cry? It was all up to the imagination. She hoped that she would be welcomed as well.

"Rin, Len?" Miku asked, "You don't mind if I explore the ship for a little bit right?"

"Go ahead," the twins both said. Miku nodded and made her way out of warm room and into the hallway.

Miku walked down the familiar hallway and felt the soft, red carpet below her feet. It was a beautiful indeed, and it gave a feeling of comfort and warmth, even though that was completely contrary to the secrets the boat held deep within.

She eventually made her way to the main level of the boat. Instead of having hardwood and being tight, this place was wide open, and had marble and glass. It seemed almost as though Miku was in a magical palace. She looked up at the ceiling and saw a huge chandelier staring back down at her, illuminating this wonderful place. Surprisingly, there seemed to be no one here. Were they all busy practicing?

"Oh, I'm surprised to see you here!"

Miku turned around to see Luka standing not too far away from her

"So what are you up to?" Luka asked,

"Just exploring the ship," Miku said, "How is the trick going?"

"Well of course, I'm still practicing," Luka said, "But I'm managing," she smiled.

"Say, I have a question to ask you," Miku began, "When Gakupo took you onto his ship, did he do it forcefully?"

"Not entirely," Luka stated, "He just told me that he would take me in as a performer. He wanted to take care of me, I suppose. After all, I was next to being homeless and on the street."

"I see," Miku mumbled, "It's odd how he can help someone, but then take someone away from their true lives," The ringleader's behavior confused Miku. Was he really all that bad? Were the Kagamines the only ones he kidnapped? No, Miku knew herself that she had been kidnapped.

Miku sighed, "Well, thanks for letting me know. I should get going since I have to go to recital soon, I'll talk to you later,"

"You too," Luka said, and left to be on her way.

Miku made her way to a pair of crimson doors, labeled "Recital Hall," and walked inside, waiting for the new but temporary life as a circus performer.