This is my first real attempt at a SasuIta story, I hope you enjoy it.

Title: You're Cute When You Scream

Pairing(s) SasuIta, some past SasuNaru, some MadaIta

Warning(s) Male/Male, Uchihaest, non-con, abuse, torture

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Naruto, obviously

Sasuke Uchiha looked up at the bright sky with a light scowl, he ignored the bickering between Suigetsu and Karin, who were now arguing over god knows what. Juugo was walking on his right side staring into the distance with an unreadable expression. The small group were currently walking through the forest on a small man made path. It was high noon and the sun blazed high above their heads. Karin suddenly stopped arguing and stopped walking.

"Karin, what is it?" Sasuke asked without looking at her. Karin frowned and adjusted her glasses. She turned to Sasuke.

"There are two chakras close by." She replied. Sasuke grimaced and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

How close?" He asked. Karin blinked.

"About half a mile west." Sasuke turned in the direction.

"Can you figure out who they are?" He asked. Karin smiled brightly.

"I'll have to get closer." Sasuke nodded.

"Go then." Karin nodded and took off into the trees. Suigetsu crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against a tree. Juugo sat down and looked at Sasuke. The three stayed silent as they waited watching the trees. Minutes later Karin returned, her eyes huge. She ran to Sasuke out of breath.

"Sasuke! It's your brother and his blue partner." Sasuke stood straight and jumped into the trees. He turned to his group.

"Let's go."


Kisame sat against the cave eyeing Itachi who was watching the sky. The blue man grinned at his partner who seemed so into watching the clouds roll by.

"How are you feeling?" Kisame asked in concern. Itachi knew immediately what he was talking about and looked at his feet frowning slightly. The two of them had been on a mission and while fighting Itachi's delicate health went out. He had begun to convulse and blood had streamed from his eyes and mouth. No doubt Kisame had been scared shitless. Kisame had to fight off the enemies grab Itachi and make a run for it. Itachi was now to weak to battle and they were on their way to the base to get Itachi medical treatment.

"I'm fine." Itachi replied softly. Kisame continued to look at his partner with worry written over his gilled face. Itachi met Kisame's gaze and smiled at him.

"Really Kisame, I'm alright."

"And your eyes? How are they?" Kisame demanded. Itachi sighed.

"They're getting worse, but I can still use them." Kisame relaxed and rested his head against the cave wall.. The two sat in silence for awhile just enjoying the weather.

"We better get going." Itachi sighed standing up. Kisame followed suit and grabbed his samehada. They began to walk again when a kunai went flying and bounced off Kisame's for head. Kisame yelled out in shock and swiftly turned to where the kunai had come from. Itachi grabbed a kunai of his own and stood by Kisame.

"Well, well, well, long time no see aniki." Itachi turned around to come face to face with Sasuke. Itachi stared at his beloved brother silent;y. Sasuke sneered and gripped his sword staring at his murderous brother with barely contained hatred. Itachi blinked and smirked lightly.

"Hello otouto." Sasuke grit his teeth eyes narrowed to slits. The brothers attacked at the same time kunais aimed for each other's stomachs. Kisame and Suigetsu attacked sword clashing against each others . Itachi jumped through the aim performing hands signs. Fire escaped through his mouth aimed straight for Sasuke who dodged them chucking kunai at the elder. The fight lasted for hours neither willing to back down. Itachi suddenly stalled when his eyesight went out. Kisame instantly noticed and shoved past Suigetsu who hit the ground with a thud. Kisame rose his samehada and brought it down between the two siblings. Sasuke angrily swung his sword striking Kisame in the back.

The shark growled in pain and Suigetsu took advantage of his wounded state and knocked him out. Itachi's attention was draw to the sound of his partner. Sasuke took the chance and grabbed a kunai. He raced to his distracted brother and slit his throat. Itachi fell to his knees before slumping to his side, blood pouring from the wound. Sasuke smirked and raised the kunai above his head ready to finish off his brother when an idea struck his mind. He put the kunai away and turned to Karin.

"Heal him quickly, he's coming with us." Karin quickly did as she was told tending to the unconscious Uchiha. Once he was healed Sasuke ordered Juugo to carry his brother and the group quickly left, Suigetsu forgetting the samehada.

The group found an abandoned hotel and Juugo carefully lay Itachi on the cot. Sasuke leaned against the wall eyes on his beautiful brother. He stood and walked to the older Uchiha. He was healed nicely but he was sill passed out. Sasuke ran his hand through Itachi's luscious hair.

"You're mine now, aniki." Sasuke cooed. Itachi stirred slightly leaning into his brother's touch. Sasuke smirked pleased and gently ran his hands down Itachi's soft cheek. He leaned down and brushed his lips against his brother's ear, with a devilish smirk.

Sasuke had his brother heavily drugged so he'd cause no problems. He didn't want to have to defeat his brother again when he already had him under his control. When Itachi woke up Sasuke had been training with Suigetsu.

"Hey what are you doin' here fatty?" Suigetsu called, causing Sasuke to look at Karin frowning.

"I'm not fat!" Karin screamed.

"Yeah, you are!"

"No I'm-"

"Karin, what is it?" Karin regained her posture.

"You're brother has woken up." Sasuke smirked slightly and nodded at Suigetsu before following Karin into the hotel. He walked into Itachi's room. Itachi lay on the bed gazing around with bleary eyes. When he heard footsteps he turned to his brother his dark eyes focusing on the younger male. Sasuke sneered and strolled over to weakened brother. He stared down at the man who had destroyed his life.

"Hello otouto." Itachi murmured softly. Sasuke quickly grabbed Itachi by his wrists and held them above his head roughly squeezing them feeling the delicate wrists slowly being crushed under the force. With a quick snap of his hands he quickly broke both of Itachi's wrists in half. Itachi let out a soft shriek of pain arching his back off the plush bed. Sasuke released Itachi's wrists smirking at his brother's pain looking at the sweat beading on Itachi's flushed for head.

"Hello aniki." Sasuke cooed. Itachi panted softly staring up at his brother his face devoid of expression.

"You're mine now Itachi." Sasuke whispered menacingly. Itachi cocked his head to the side eyes narrowed slightly. Sasuke leaned down and kissed Itachi's for head softly.

"Good night aniki." Sasuke sneered.


Itachi was woken up to freezing water being dumped on his from a bucket. The raven haired male sat up sputtering and gasping for air.

"Get up bitch. Sasuke ordered dropping the bucket to the ground. He roughly grabbed his brother by the arm and dragged him to his feet. Itachi stumbled his legs weak. Sasuke dragged the slender Uchiha toward the door and into the hall. Itachi was forced to lean against Sasuke for support, his body to drugged to support his own weight. Sasuke growled and easily scooped his brother's light weight into his arms and carried Itachi into the kitchen and roughly sat him down at the kitchen table. He looked through the cupboards and grabbed some fruit the Karin had bought. He put it in front of his brother.

"Eat." Sasuke ordered. Itachi glared at the younger male before attempting to pick up an apple with his broken wrist. He winced slightly and bit into the apple. Sasuke sat across from his brother and drummed his fingers on the table. Itachi looked at his brother with great obsidian eyes.

"Why didn't you kill me?" Itachi asked softly. Sasuke took an orange and played with it. His eyes narrowed slightly not meeting his brother's gaze.

"I've decided to make you my slave." Itachi rose a delicate eyebrow and finished his apple setting it down.

"You're slave?" Itachi asked skeptically. Sasuke nodded smirking.

"Yes, my slave." Sasuke sneered setting the orange down. Itachi drummed his slender fingers on the table eyeing his brother.

And, how do you ensure that?"

"Simply, I have control and you're to weak to fight me." Itachi narrowed his eyes and curled his lips into a snarl.

"I will not bow down like a dog!" Sasuke smiled pleasantly.

"You'll find you have no choice dear brother. You're heavily drugged and you have no chakra. And of course you're eyes are failing you, as you know." Itachi blinked and glared at his brother.

"Hn, you're insane. What do you plan on doing?" Itachi asked lightly.

"Oh you'll see." Sasuke replied casually. Itachi watched as his brother stood up and walked around the table before yanking him to his feet. Itachi winced and tripped landing into a sneering Sasuke who once again easily lifted him into his arms.

"You're so pathetic Itachi, having to have your younger brother carry you around. I really wonder how you managed to become the Uchiha prodigy." Itachi glared at Sasuke eyes narrowed to slits. Sasuke carried Itachi across the room passing a blushing Karin and into the bathroom. he sat Itachi onto the toilet and turned on the bath to a warm temperature. Itachi stared at his brother silently. Sasuke turned to Itachi and pulled his clothes off. Itachi weakly pushed against his brother but was easily restrained. Sasuke tore off Itachi's boxers and stepped back staring at his brother's exposed body. Itachi weakly covered his private parts with his arms and legs. Sasuke stepped back sneering.

"You're really not much to look at." Sasuke said before lifting Itachi and sitting him in the tub. Itachi flushed furiously and glared at the younger male.

"Get washed then come and meet me in the lounge."

"And if I refuse?"

"I'll drag you there naked, your choice." Sasuke turned and left slamming the door behind him. Itachi sluggishly washed himself enjoying the warm water. He got out and drained the tub. There were no clothes for him to change into, so he wrapped a towel around his chest and walked out of the bathroom. Suigetsu sat against the wall and wolf whistled when Itachi passed him. Itachi walked into the lounge to see Sasuke sitting on a leather chair drumming his fingers on the arm rests. He grinned cruelly at the sight of his brother clad only in a towel. He stood and advanced on Itachi who stubbornly stood his ground. Sasuke stopped in front of his brother and looked him up and down. The two brother rivaled each other's height. Sasuke looked down at the curves of Itachi's long slender hairless legs up to his clothed body to his slender arms, small hands gripping his towel and to the pretty face staring silently at him.

"How the mighty have fallen." Sasuke cooed.

"And how the pathetic have risen." Itachi mocked spitefully. Sasuke grimaced and sat down staring at the older male.

"You'll soon know your place Itachi, so don't try anything your as weak as a kitten compared to me, and I intend to keep you that way." Itachi blinked not wanting his brother to see the vulnerability he felt at the moment. He despised being this vulnerable. Madara had always put him in this position and he hated it. Sasuke stared at his brother not moving the cruel smile still plastered on his handsome face. Itachi bit his lip and stared ahead. Sasuke stood and grabbed Itachi by his wrist, making the older brother wince in pain. Sasuke sneered and dragged Itachi into a bedroom pushing him to the ground.

"Go to sleep, you're hell on earth will begin in the morning."


Kisame walked into the base limping. The rest of the akatsuki looked at him surprised and stepped back. Pein walked toward his minion frowning.

"What happened? Where's Itachi?"

"We got attacked. His brother captured him." Kisame panted before his eyes rolled into the back of his head as he passed out. Pein nodded to Kakuzu who with Hidan lifted Kisame's body up and sat him on the couch. Pein turned to Tobi aka Madara with eyes narrowed.

"What do we do" Pein asked. Madara ran his fingers through his hair staring at Kisame who had begun to regain composure.

"We wait." The Uchiha muttered. He watched the other members of the akatsuki break off going to their rooms. Kisame stood shakily and trudged to his room closing the door behind him. Pein looked at his leader brushing his hand through his ginger colored hair sighing slightly. Madara passed Pein heading toward the bathroom.

"Call everyone for a meeting."

"Yes sir."


Itachi fell asleep nestled in the many sheets. His breathing light. Sasuke watched him from where he stood in the corner off the dark room. He stared silently at is older brother. He couldn't sleep. Even with Itachi completely at his mercy he didn't trust him to be alone. So, Sasuke leant against the wall of the hotel room eyes not leaving Itachi's face. He had many ideas of what he could do for revenge but he couldn't figure out which ones would work the best. Itachi shifted slightly the sheets falling away, exposing his slender body. He wore a simple gray tee shirt and white shorts. Sasuke's eyes traveled hungrily up Itachi's legs and on his face. He sauntered over to his brother and ran his finger's through Itachi's raven locks feeling the soft silkiness of his long shiny hair.

Hours went by and Sasuke stayed in the same position, the sun began to rise. Large doe eyes opened. Itachi stared up at his younger brother sleepily. Sasuke smiled sweetly and cupped Itachi's face in his pale hands staring into the endless depths of Itachi's eyes. The brothers stared at each other before Sasuke brought his hand back and slapped Itachi across the face. Itachi flew against the head board as he was yanked to his feet by his hair and dragged out of the room and into the lobby.

"Kneel!" Sasuke ordered. Itachi didn't move. Sasuke growled and forced Itachi to his knees. Sasuke pulled Itachi's shirt off of him. He tied Itachi's hands together in front of his chest and went to his bag pulling out a long leather whip.

"Seven years." Sasuke muttered. Itachi looked at the younger man in confusion.

"Hmm?" Itachi asked.

"SEVEN YEARS SINCE YOU KILLED THEM!" Sasuke roared violently bringing the whip down on Itachi's pale back. Itachi hissed in pain arching forward at the whip came down again and again. Itachi clenched his teeth to keep from screaming out in pain. When Sasuke finished he threw the whip to the side smirking. He untied Itachi who evened out his breathing. Sasuke dragged Itachi to the kitchen and went through the newly filled fridge. Itachi sat on the floor weakly eyeing Sasuke who grabbed a small bottle and a rag. Sasuke squirted the liquid from the bottle onto the rag before returning to Itachi and rubbing the drenched rag on Itachi's wounds. Itachi cried out slightly as a searing pain erupted on his back. Lemon juice. Sasuke had touched his wounds with lemon juice. Sasuke gripped Itachi's shoulders holding him in place. Itachi grunted clenching his hands into fists.

"Feel good aniki?" Sasuke cooed putting the rag down. Itachi didn't answer. His shoulder heaven in pain causing Sasuke's smug smile to widen. He stood dragging Itachi by his hair, he dragged him toward the table and dropped him.

"Make me and my group something to eat. Karin will supervise you." Karin walked into the room smiling flirtatiously. Itachi pulled his shirt back on watching Karin grab some things from drawers.

" What do they want to eat?" Itachi asked.

"Hmmm anything really. Sasuke-kun hates sweets." Karin replied cutting some carrots. Itachi took some lettuce and began to cut it.

"Would they like chicken salad?" He asked lightly. Karin smiled and nodded.

"Maybe. Suigetsu might be a ass about it, so let's do it." The two worked silently cutting vegetables and preparing the chicken. Karin hummed as she worked. Itachi liked that. He thought of his mother, who hummed when she was happy. Suigetsu walked into the kitchen and looked over Itachi's shoulder at the chicken.

"Mmmm smells good." Suigetsu declared reaching into the pan.

"Wait, it' hot-"

"OW IT'S HOT!" Suigetsu yelped. Karin scowled and lead Suigetsu to the sink running his hand under the water.

"You're such a moron!" She snapped.

"I am not!" Suigetsu yelled. The two bickered, while Itachi cu up the peppers smiling slightly. When Suigetsu left, Itachi turned To Karin smiling.

"What?" She asked.

"You, like him."

"I-I do not!" Karin declared. Itachi smiled knowingly.

"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone." Karin relaxed slightly staring at Itachi in shock. She smiled slightly and went back to the chicken.

"Thanks. How are your wounds?" She asked. Itachi shrugged.

"Manageable." Karin cut the chicken and put it on the salads.

"Would you like me to heal them?" She asked. Itachi frowned.

"It would be nice."

"Okay, later then." Juugo, Suigetsu and Sasuke walked into the kitchen. Sasuke grabbed two plates and nodded for Itachi to follow him. Itachi hesitated but followed Sasuke out of the room and into the hall. The brothers walked out side and Sasuke sat on a small rock indicating Itachi to sit down as well. Itachi managed to sit down without wincing. Sasuke eyed him and handed him the food.

"I need you strong, so your not completely useless when I torture you." Sasuke said snidely.

"You call this torture?" Itachi chided looking at his salad. Sasuke's eyes narrowed.

"This is only the beginning Itachi, you just wait." Itachi rolled his eyes and the two ate in silence. Sasuke watched his brother eat. The control he could have over him. He wanted Itachi on the floor begging. And he would have him. One way or another he would have him.