Gentle hands touched bare flesh. Itachi murmured something incoherent and peeked up at his sibling with large dark eyes. Sasuke grinned and kissed Itachi's navel. Itachi sighed and closed his eyes. Slowly Sasuke lay beside his sibling and stroked his fingers through Itachi's dark hair. Itachi murmured something softly and closed his eyes. Sasuke chuckled. He turned onto his side and watched his brother who smiled weakly at him. He watched as Sasuke ran his lips down to his most personal regions and he blushed as he felt Sasuke's tongue against his inter thigh. He closed his legs and pulled his brother towards him kissing him lightly.

"I need a shower." He murmured with a sleepy smile. Sasuke stroked Itachi's cheek. Itachi stretched and slowly got off the mattress before walking into the bathroom and closing the door behind him. Sasuke watched him go before looking at the ceiling with a smile playing at his lips. Itachi turned on the shower and removed his clothing. He stepped into the shower and the heated water hit his pale skin. Itachi sighed and his eyes closed. He felt a hand on his hip. Itachi leant against the other's chest and allowed them to gently kiss his neck.

"Otouto." He greeted softly. Sasuke smiled against Itachi's back. He gently kissed the soft skin. Itachi's hands reached for his brother and pulled him in for a kiss. Sasuke lifted Itachi up and Itachi's legs wrapped around his sibling to keep him up.

The two kissed itachi's back was pressed against the bathroom wall. Sasuke kissed Itachi's throat feeling the heated flesh against his thin lips. Itachi mewled in want. Then a cry of pleasure as Sasuke gently pushed two finger's into his brother stretching him. When Itachi was nice and ready Sasuke slowly pulled his finger's out and replaced the with something bigger. He lowered his sibling onto himself. Itachi grped his shoulders tightly. Itachi cried out softly as Sasuke moved, his eyes fluttered and he gripped his brother's shoulder's with firm hands. Sasuke moaned and moved faster. Feeling the tight heat constrict.

"Sa-Sasuke!" Itachi moaned as he came. Sasuke kissed Itachi's shoulder's and kept a steady pace before finally groaning his elder sibling's name and coming inside him. The two panted clinging to each other before finally Sasuke pulled out.

"I love you Aniki." Sasuke panted as he sat beside his brother. Itachi lay against Sasuke and smiled softly.

"I love you as well Otouto." Itachi replied. Sasuke wrapped his arms around Itachi and slowly kissed him.

"It's my turn to take care of you Otouto. Let me protect you."

- O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O

Madara entered the base holding his head in pain.

"Bad day?" Zetsu asked.

"I see you don't have Itachi with you." Pein muttered. Madara snorted.

"The little brat ran right back to his brother. Fine. I have the ring, he'll return if he has to." Madara replied eyeing Pein who shifted slightly.

"How can you be sure?" Kisame asked eyes narrowed. Madara tossed the ring to Itachi's blue friend and began to walk towards his room.

"Because there's a war coming. And if it's to protect Konoha and his brother. He'll be right back here, as he very well knows."

The other's looked each other nervously.

"Do you think he will?" Konan asked.

"Itachi won't just drop us." Pein replied watching Kisame pocket the ring.

"He's loyal." Kisame replied. "He just needs time." The others nodded in agreement all relieved that Madara had not exploded in rage over Itachi's escape. Soon they all retired to their rooms and went to bed.

Itachi lay cuddled against his brother fast asleep. Sasuke stroked his finger's through the elder's silky hair. Later they would go to Konoha. Naruto would meet them there. But for now they would rest.

Karin sat beside Suigetsu her hand tucked in his. Everything was getting back to normal. With a smile she leand up and kissed Suigetsu who drew her into his lap. The two shared another kiss not notching as Juugo trudged towards the kitchen wanting a glass of water.

A few days later Sasuke and his group approached Naruto and Kakashi who were there to lead him safely to Konoha. Naruto's grin widened as Sasuke met his eyes and smirked.

"Hello dobe."

"Hey teme." Sasuke gave a quick explanation of the massacre and how Itach had left the Akatsuki. The two took the news well and were eager to take them home. Naruto linked his arms with Sasuke and Itachi and grinned.

"So I take it you two are an…item." He said with a grin. Sasuke sweat dropped and Itachi blinked.

"Dobe…" Sasuke began angrily but Naruto just smiled and skipped ahead.

"Can't say I'm surprised though. You too do make a swell couple." He broke into a run with Sasuke chasing at his heels. Itachi and Kakashi sighed. Rturning to Konoha Itachi and Sasuke were hustled towards Tsunade's office. It was on their way their that Sasuke learned that Naruto and Gaara were now an item and had been for some time. It was odd picturing those two together. But there were odder couples to behold.

Naruto excitedly gripped Gaara's arm as he gushed to him about Sasuke returning. It had been an exciting time. The truth about the massacre had come to light and when Danzo had made an attempt to strike Itachi.

"You little brat! You were supposed to die!" He had screamed as he rushed forward. Tsunade was quick to intervene and take the elder down. Sasuke had been giving information to Ibiki at that time and had been furious when he learned that someone had made an attempt to attack his brother. Danzo now was being interrogated about the massacre while Itachi was giving them all the information they needed.

Team Hebi lived in the Uchiha district with Sasuke and Itachi. life was slowly coming back together. Itachi's eye sight was gone but he had managed to keep up his abilities. He got a job working with Iruka at the academy. Sasuke was still on probation for running off. He was given sixth months before he could join Naruto as ANBU.

Itachi sat at the table his ankles crossed. Across from him sat Juugo who sat sipping some tea.

"How are you and Sasuke doing?" Juugo inquired. Itachi smiled and lightly tapped his fingers on the table.

"We are well thank you. How are you and that girl you've been with?"

"Ten Ten? We're…we're great. She's amazing." Juugo replied with a small grin. Itachi beamed.

"Good. She seems like a nice girl." He replied. Sasuke walked into the kitchen and swooped down kissing him sibling on the cheek. Itachi smiled lazily up at his brother.

"Hello Otouto."

"Aniki. I would like to have a word with you."

"Am I in trouble Sasuke?" Itachi asked blinking innocently.

"Of course not." Sasuke replied with a small smile. Itachi smiled sweetly and stood up saying goodbye to Juugo and walked out of the room with his sibling. The two walked into the hall and Sasuke leant against the wall.

"Madara Uchiha is dead." He muttered. Itachi blinked.

"Dead? But…but how?" He asked unable to hide his pain that his once lover was now gone.

"He committed suicide. Rather then be captured. He had been cornered by Suna Police and had already been wounded by the so called Leader Pein. "

"Pein wounded him?"

"Yes, it was a last ditch effort to stop the madness. The Akatsuki have broken up. The world is safe for now." Sasuke replied. Itachi nodded absently.

"My partner…where is he?"

"He'll contact you soon as will the others. They seem to trust you'll keep them safe."

"I will." Itachi replied. Sasuke's head cocked to the side and he nodded.

"Very well. And if you need it I shall help you."

"Thank you Otouto." Itachi murmured cuddling into Sasuke's arms. Sasuke help him close and kissed his lips gently.

"I love you Itachi." Sasuke whisprered. Itachi beamed up at his younger sibling and kissed him gently long the throat.

"I love you as well Sasuke." Itachi whispered softly his eyes dilated slightly. Sasuke scooped Itachi into his armband Itachi fastened his slender arms around Sasuke's broad shoulders.

"Let' go to bed." Sasuke offered. Itachi grinned.

"Yes. Let's."

After that was pure bliss...

It was the next morning that Kisame and the rest of the Akatsuki contacted Itachi. Itachi after much talking with Tsunade was able to have them brough into Konoha and given homes in the Uchiha district. Tsunade and the elders realized that with them there they could join the ranks and help Konoha against other terrorist organizations. It would be risky having all these wanted men and woman in one town but Pein was respected by the Akatsuki as a leader and when he made the decision to join with Konoha no one argued not ever Hidan. Kisame stood in front of his ex parnter biting his lip with his fangs.

"Itachi we need you're help." He muttered, the other's nodding in agreement. Itachi nodded and turned his attention to Pein.

"I will help you butt you must keep under control. This is not something that happens everyday. You will be watched."

"We understand Itachi." Pein assured the dark eyed man. Itachi nodded.

"Okay good. I'll get Lady Tsunade." Itachi replied. The ex Akatsuki members watched as Itachi disappeared into another room. Pein sighed and leant against the wall. The others regarded him in silence. When Tsunade emerged from the room her eyes were narrowed slightly.

"I realize what help you could be. We need information on Madara and his plans. Anything you can give me."

"Madara Uchiha is dead."

"As far as we know. I am taking no chances. I honestly don't trust you, but if you disband the Akatsuki that's a lot of weight off my shoulders." Tsunade replied. Pein nodded in under standing. With a nod Tsunade lead the ex Akatsuki members to her office.

It was night by the time the ended the meeting. The now citizens of Konoha were lead to the Uchiha compound and given places to sleep. It was that nit that the truth of Madara's suicide had come to light. Pein had sat across from Itachi and told them how Madara had begun to lose it when Itachi left and how he had taken his sexual frustrations out on the closest person. His mind had gone and he had infact managed to escape the Ninja's coming after him. He had made it to the base wounded raving about how he would kill anyone in his way. Then he disappeared into his room leaving the base dead silent. It was the next morning that Zetsu found the leader hanging by his neck.

"He was obsessed with control." Pein muttered eyeing the wall. "He let it consume him and no longer cared for controlling the world, if he couldn't have you Itachi it no longer mattered what happened." Itachi regarded the ginger haired man silently.

"What's done is done. All we can do is move on." Pein nodded in agreement before saying goodnight to the siblings and walking out of the room. Sasuke stared out the window. He felt Itachi come up bhind him and lay his head against his back.

"I love you." He murmured. Sasuke urned and kissed his brother.

"I love you too." He whispered. He drew his brother into his arms and stood in the twilight is eyes closed holding his sibling close to him. For so long he had wanted to hurt him, make him cry and bleed. Now all he wanted to do was hold him and make him smile. And from the looks of it he was doing a fantastic job. He met Itachi's smile with his own knowing that this is where he belonged. Not an avenger. Not jus as a brother or lover. Just him and Itachi together. Always.

(Fuck with my heart)

I'll teach you what it's like.

(To be so used)

That you'll have to clean.

That dirt stuck in

Your plastic finger nails.

And just the scent of you is enough

(To make me sick)

And all I know is revenge is sweet when...

You know that you are worthless

And I am better than

The games that you play princess.

(I've played) and always win.

(I'll take my time)

To slowly plot your end.

(But now I will)

Spit bullets with my pen.

And all I know is you're cute when you scream.

You know that you are worthless

And I am better than

The games that you play princess.

(I've played) and always win.

I'll take you to the top,

Of this building and just push you off.

Run down the stairs so I can see your face

As you hit the street,

the street, the street, the street.

You know that you are worthless

And I am better than

The games that you play princess.

(I've played) and always win.

(This time I win. So here's your kiss goodbye.)

I AM BACK BABY! A slow start but baby steps people!