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Chapter 1

Take it

"He won't be there. He won't be there. He won't be there." I mumbled to myself as the plane took off from Florida. The older balding man in the seat next to me eyed me warily and tried in vain to scoot just a little closer to the isle and away from me.

I gave him my best 'I promise I'm not crazy' smile and turned my gaze toward the window. I watched as the ground below grew farther and farther away. There was no turning back now. I kept my eyes trained on the window and tried like hell to keep my thoughts on seeing Rose and Alice rather than the man I prayed wouldn't show.

I knew it was a long shot but I was counting on the 'I don't care about anyone but myself' attitude he had developed in his adulthood to keep him busy in New York, rather than attending his brother's wedding like he should. I really hoped his selfishness would benefit me for once in my pathetic life. As the plane steadied my mind forced me back to my youth and unfortunately that meant thoughts of Edward clouded my brain.

I had lived in Forks with my mom and dad until I left for college. It was a fairly simple existence and I had a happier childhood than most. My best friend had been Rosalie Hale. Our parents were friends and the two of us had basically known each other since birth. Well mine any ways, Rosalie was a year older than I was. We soon made friends with another kid on our block named Jasper. He was Rosalie's age and somehow never minded hanging out with two girls. I was ten when the Cullen's moved in. Alice and Edward were my age and Emmett was almost two years older than them.

We all became a tight knit group and I don't have a single memory from my youth that one or all of them aren't in. Edward eventually replaced Rose as the person I was closest to. He knew everything about me and I knew everything about him. Edward had been adopted by Esme and Carlisle when he was eight years old. His father had died of a heart attack and his mother, in her grief, decided she couldn't handle raising him by herself, so she put him up for adoption. For as long as I live I will never be able to understand how she could get rid of Edward. Esme and Carlisle adopted Edward after he was in a foster home for only three months, in that sense he was very lucky. Esme and Carlisle were great and have never loved him any less than their own children.

The light turbulence shook me from my empathetic thoughts of him. I had to force him from my mind. I had loved the Edward who I knew growing up, without a doubt. I was young but I was in love with him. The adult Edward whom I hadn't spoken to in three years was a man I didn't want to see.

I was twenty-three the last time I saw him and I really didn't care to see him today. I had been dreading Rosalie and Emmett's wedding specifically for that reason. I wondered how appropriate it would be for the bridesmaid to smash her champagne glass into the best man's skull as the finale of my reception toast. At this point I'm not so sure Rosalie would even be upset with me.

Rosalie had spent the past year planning this wedding in Forks for over a year and Edward had been the bane of her existence in that time. She already wasn't on good terms with him after what Edward did to me but she tolerated him for Emmett's sake.

Emmett was adamant that his brother be his best man, but every time Rose spoke to Edward to try and nail down a definite yes or no, or figure out when he would arrive this week he would find some new way to tell her to relax and that he would see what was going on when the time came. God forbid anyone try to make plans with the Edward Cullen, dick.

The saddest part wasn't that he was now a perpetual asshole. The hardest part was knowing who he used to be. Why couldn't I stop thinking about him?

"Stop it!"I slammed my hands down on the armrests in frustration at myself. The bald guy next to me jerked his head in my direction and stared at me with wide eyes. I mumbled an apology and sunk deeper into my chair.

Lovely, I'm sure he's convinced I've lost my mind; I'm not too sure I haven't. I straightened out my top and ran my fingers through my hair hoping to keep some resemblance of sanity, even if it was only on the surface.

This was bound to be a week from hell. I scoffed at myself for a moment at how I would be the only person complaining about a taking a week long vacation. There was even a fifty-fifty chance I would be in Washington with one of the most breathtaking male specimens on the planet. Of course, that male was my ex, and the only man I had ever allowed to truly break my heart, so it wasn't all sunshine and butterflies.

Add that to the fact that the week was full of fittings, rehearsals and dinner parties and I was, in fact, in hell. This was probably the first time in since I moved there that I really cared to be back in Florida. While I was at the University of Washington, Renee talked Charlie into moving to Jacksonville after only twenty years of trying. The plan was for him to retire but that didn't exactly happen and now he works for the police department there. Once I graduated I decided I needed a change of scenery and followed them there after much begging from both Charlie and Renee.

It seemed to help my career though, so I couldn't complain too much. Florida gave me some new perspective and I was able to finally finish my first novel. The second novel came easily, but my third book was plaguing my mind. I was beginning to think I wanted to do more. I was hoping eventually I would be able to go back to school and get my masters in literature but I just couldn't make myself commit to that right now.

Florida was nice enough but I actually did miss Forks. I missed my friends, I missed the quiet, heck I even missed the rain. Maybe I was just trying to cling to my youth. Aside from being a fairly successful author my life was unsatisfying. I dated a little, but no one really moved me. I had friends but not like the friends I had back home. I was happy enough, but there had to be more to life than this.

I closed my eyes to try to drift off to sleep to escape my annoying whining.

After two layovers my plane was touching down in Washington. I took a deep breath and willed my stronger self to take over and get me through this week. Edward being here no longer mattered, I was here for Rose and Emmett and I would not allow him to ruin my time with friends. Yeah, maybe if I told myself that enough I would actually believe it.

I walked through the airport searching for Emmett. Rose said he would be here to pick me up because she would be teaching today and her vacation started tomorrow. I still had to laugh when I thought about her chosen profession as a kindergarten teacher. Rose could be a foul mouthed bad ass, but her love of kids drove her to teaching ABC's and playing with playdough. She really did love her job.

I searched through the crowds of people looking for the closest thing to a brother I had when I felt two arms grip me around the waist from behind. Before I had time to scream my feet were off the ground and I was spinning in circles.

"Emmett, you big oaf, put me down!" I yelled. His booming laugh filled my ears as he set me on my feet and spun me to face him.

I hit him in the chest before I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him tightly.

"God, I've missed you." I breathed.

"I've missed you too Swan. Are you ready to go see everyone?" He grinned widely showing off his dimples.

"Let's do it." I said with fake enthusiasm.

The ride to Forks was great! Emmett played all the old songs we used to listen to on his iPod while we sang badly and laughed at ourselves and our terrible past taste in music.

"You've been gone too long girl." He sighed as we ended a bad version of Smash mouth's 'All Star'.

"I know. So what's the game plan for the week?" I asked trying to change the subject.

"You'd have to ask Ro about that. All I know is we are all staying at the Cullen estate this week and she has plenty to keep you busy." He said giving me an apologetic smile.

"I figured." I said with a sigh.

After more cheesy music and Emmett catching me up on his work we pulled up to Esme and Carlisle's huge house.

I took a deep breath and prepared myself for what was waiting inside.

I stood on the steps in front of the door before Emmett laughed and pushed me through the door.

The sound of footsteps moving quickly through the kitchen made me smile despite myself. Esme emerged into the living room with a huge smile and her famous big wooden spoon still in her hand.

"Bella!" She cried as she pulled me into her arms. "You look absolutely beautiful, dear." She gushed.

"Please Esme; I've been on a plane for ages. Look at you, do you even age woman?" I laughed. I had always treasured the relationship I had with Esme. She was like a second mom that I could talk to freely.

"Oh you are a liar, but I love you any way." She laughed. I followed Esme into the kitchen and started helping her with the dinner she was preparing.

We picked up conversation easily as she told me about the interior design work she had been doing.

"What's wrong Bella?" She asked once there was a lull in the conversation. I thought I was doing a good job at hiding my nerves; apparently I wasn't.

I bit my lip and decided it would be better to not start airing drama this early in the week. Edward might not even show and then it would all be for not.

"Um…I don't really want to talk about it right now." I said. There was no point in telling her nothing was wrong; she would know I was lying.

She gave me a knowing smile and I swear I heard her mutter the words 'son' and 'idiot' under breath but I couldn't be sure.

It was almost five in the evening when I heard the door open and slam shut.

"Isabella Swan, don't make me hunt you down!" Rose yelled through the house.

I jumped off the stool at the island in Esme's kitchen and ran to the living room.

"Thank god you finally got your ass back here." Rose mumbled as she threw her bags down in a chair.

"I love you too Rosalie." I grinned as she rolled her eyes.

"Whatever, get over here." She grumbled. We gave each other a quick hug as we sat down on the couch.

"So…are you nervous?" I asked.

She rolled her eyes at me and laughed. "I'm only worried he'll say something stupid during the ceremony. He actually insisted we right our own vows. That's the only thing that has me scared. We've been together so long that this just feels natural."

I couldn't have been happier for her and Emmett. All throughout high school they had done nothing but fight like cats and dogs. Emmett hit on her constantly and she hit him constantly. It was actually very entertaining to watch. It wasn't until later in college that they finally gave into each other and they've been together in every sense. I'm pretty sure Emmett was just waiting on her while he spent his time being somewhat of a man whore.

We talked about a few wedding details before I worked up the nerve to ask her the question I was really wanting to know.

"So…um do you know when everyone is going to be here?" I asked hoping she wouldn't make me say his name.

"Alice and Jasper are driving in from L.A. They should be here in a couple of hours. Some of mine and Emmett's friends from Seattle will be here for the rehearsal dinner and the bachelorette party in a few days." She said absentmindedly.

I gave her an exasperated look and she sighed heavily.

"I don't know if Edward is coming. Apparently his life in New York is so busy he can't be bothered to set any plans in stone. Emmett is sure he'll show but I don't know if or when he'll be here."

I nodded feeling relieved yet for some stupid reason I was almost…sad at the idea of him not showing up. I'm sure that sadness had to be for Emmett; he deserved to have his brother here.

"Girls!" Carlisle beamed as he came in the front door still dressed in his scrubs. Rose nudged me with her elbow and I resisted the urge to laugh. When we were young we thought Alice's dad was the hottest man ever and we argued over which one of us would marry him when we grew up.

"Carlisle!" we cheered in unison as we got up and hugged him. He laughed lightly and told us how good it was to see us. I knew it had been years since I had been here but I assumed Emmett and Rose came to see his parents frequently since Seattle wasn't that far away.

We exchanged a few more pleasantries and Carlisle chuckled when I blushed as he told me what a beautiful woman I had grown in to. Something about being back here made me feel sixteen instead of twenty-six. Carlisle excused himself to greet Esme who was still in the kitchen and Rose and I went back to talking.

"He still looks like a Greek god doesn't he?" Rose whispered.

"Yep" I smiled. We laughed for a moment about our childhood crush on the good doctor.

Not much later Esme called us in for Dinner and we walked into the dining room to find Emmett already at the table staring at his plate in front of him eagerly.

The conversation flowed as freely as the wine while we ate and discussed our lives. After dinner Emmett, Rose, and myself sat in the living room watching old home movies from our childhood. Esme had felt the need to document every moment possible. I hated it then but was thankful for it now.

We had just gotten to a tape of Emmett doing the Macarena in a pink boa when the front door burst open.

"Did you miss me?!" Alice yelled as she ran to me and Rose. The three of us were wrapped tightly together when I saw Jasper stumble over the threshold weighed down with what appeared to be ten suitcases. He dropped them all on the floor as he gave Emmett a manly hug.

"Jasper!" I yelled as Rose and I playfully shoved each other to get to him first. I heard Alice scoff at being ditched as we hugged him tightly.

"How's everyone doing?" Jasper laughed as we let go of him.

Everyone responded with their 'goods' and 'greats' and we headed into the dining room where the bar was. It wasn't long after everyone had fixed themselves a drink that Emmett drug Jasper out to the garage to look at the modifications that he, Rose, had done to the jeep. It was getting late so Rosalie, Alice, and I went to change into some pajamas.

We all met back downstairs in our various shorts and tank tops. I knew there was no way I was going to get out of this girls night. Knowing Rose she had probably already told Emmett for him and Jasper to stay out of our hair. Truth be told, I didn't really mind; I missed these girls.

We had all planted ourselves down in front of the television to watch movies when Esme came down stairs to say goodnight.

"Alright Carlisle and I are going to bed, you kids be good." Esme said as she headed back to her room.

We all said goodnight and gave one another a smirk at being referred to as kids.

It wasn't an hour later when I realized Esme might not have been too far off.

"No Alice." I snorted as my third…or fourth margarita sloshed in its glass.

"She only went to second with Tyler. It was Paul who she said felt like his tongue was having a seizure, when he, you know..." I raised my eyebrows suggestively.

"Oh my god! You're right; I forgot about that!" Alice laughed hysterically. Rose rolled her eyes at us before she had enough of our teasing.

"Ha ha ha, are we done now?" Rose said without emotion. Alice and I nodded at each other but we were both fighting bringing up some other men from her past.

"I'm going to run up to my room real quick. I'll be right back." Alice said quickly before hopping off the couch.

"You think she's going to find Jasper?" Rose hinted.

"Possibly." I shrugged.

"So Bella, any new man in your life you haven't told me about?" She said with a smirk.

"Look what I found!" Alice sang as she stumbled down the stairs. I was grateful for the interruption until I saw the cd case she held in her hands.

Rosalie laughed loudly while my head shook furiously.

"No Alice, I'm not doing it. I'm not fifteen. I have a career, bills, a mortgage; I refuse." I said seriously.

"Oh come on Bella. We are never together anymore. Please for old times' sake." She gave me those damn puppy dog eyes as Rosalie stuck a hairbrush in my hands and grabbed the remote control for herself.

"This is ridiculous." I tried to argue but that damn pout had already caused me to lose the fight. Alice grinned knowing she'd won and went to put the disc in the stereo.

"I hate you both." I mumbled as the music started. Alice grabbed another brush from her coach purse and we all lined up. The two of them were grinning like fools and as much as I hated this, their silliness was contagious.

The beat picked up and Rose stepped out in front of us and belted out the first line of song like we did when we were younger.

"Yo, I'll tell ya what I want what I really want!" She sang proudly.

Alice and I picked up right behind her and I found myself laughing and singing despite the now annoying song and loss of my dignity.

After two more margaritas we were still singing old Spice girls songs. I somehow wound up standing on Esme's coffee table belting out some more lyrics and shaking my ass. I was shamefully getting into it when I heard someone clear their throat loudly.

I dropped the damn brush on my toe when I turned and saw the sexiest green eyes to ever meet mine. Edward stood in the doorway my eyes surveyed him against my wishes but they liked what they saw.

As soon as I saw him my body was overcome with anger, annoyance, and lust. I hated the fact that he still had the ability to make me want him.

Edward stood with that cocky ass grin dressed in jeans and an old rock t-shirt. His black leather jacket hung perfectly on his lean but built frame and that damn sex hair was screaming at me to touch it. His helmet rested under his arm and he nearly dropped it when Alice sprang into his arms.

She hugged him fiercely and I thought I saw a tear fall down her cheek. As soon as she broke away from him she slapped him upside the back of his head, hard.

"Damn it, Alice, what the hell was that for?" He asked while rubbing his head.

"That is for the past two years that you haven't bothered to come and see any of us." She seethed before wrapping her arms around him again.

She broke away and pranced to turn off the music. Edward's eyes raked over my body and I felt myself blush from his concentration. He gave me a smug smirk, but his eyes were anything but smug. When his eyes met mine they contradicted his grin showing what appeared to be sadness. I shook the wishful thinking out of my head when I realized I was still standing on the table. I climbed down and kept my gaze anywhere but Edward.

"Rose." He said with a smile.

"Edward" She responded curtly. The two used to get along great but after we dated Rose took sides and she was most definitely on my side.

"I think the guys are having a couple of beers in the garage." I mumbled for lack of anything better to say to him.

He nodded slowly and headed out to find them.

"Asshole" Rose said loudly. "Did he really have nothing to say to you? After all of this time, he couldn't work up a 'hey, how are you?' What a chicken shit." She rambled on.

"Rose, can we not do this tonight. Let's just have fun." Alice, always the peacemaker, said sadly.

"It's fine. I don't care. I'm kind of tired; I'm going to go crash in the guest room." I said before taking my glass to the kitchen and putting it in the dishwasher. They protested lightly but let me go on my way.

I walked into the beautifully decorated guest room and slid under the down comforter. Before I turned off the bedside lamp I studied the framed black and white photos that hung on the wall. I didn't need to be told that it was Edward who had shot the beautiful landscapes. He didn't take these types of pictures now, as far as I knew anyway. From what I'd heard from Alice Edward was now mainly a fashion photographer. He worked for high end magazines and elite designers. He spent his days photographing beautiful models that I couldn't compare to.

He was a talented photographer. I should know; I gave him his first camera.

14 years ago

"Edward, I have a present for you but I'd rather give it to you when it's just the two of us." I whispered in his ear after he finished opening all of his other gifts. It was his twelfth birthday and we were all gathered at the Cullen's for a big party.

"Okay, meet me in the tree house in a few minutes?" he grinned widely. I nodded my head and ran to pull his present from Alice's room where I had hid it.

As I climbed the ladder to the tree house my stomach was full of butterflies. I hoped he would like my present. Ever since he confided in me that he was sad that he didn't have any pictures of his real dad I started saving my money. I couldn't afford much. The camera was an old Polaroid that I had found at a garage sale with my mom. It wasn't anything special but it was the best I could do. I got to the top of the tree house and he was already there waiting impatiently. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up.

"What'd you get me?" He asked excitedly.

"It's nothing really nice, but I hope you'll like it." I whispered as I handed him the gift that I had sloppily wrapped.

"I'll like anything you get me Bella." He said before ripping into the paper. I bit my lip nervously as I waited for him to open the box. His face broke into a huge grin and his eyes went wide.

"Thank you, Bella! This is awesome!" I breathed a sigh of relief while he loaded the film and batteries.

"Well you know how you said…" I hesitated. I didn't want to bring up his parents today.

"I know. Thank you." He whispered. Before I could protest he raised the camera and took a picture of me.

"Edward" I scowled.

He just laughed and waited for the image to appear on the paper. "Beautiful" he whispered, after a few minutes.

"Give it to me." I demanded. I did not like having my picture taken.

"Nope. This is mine." He laughed as he pushed it into his back pocket.

"Fine, happy birthday, Edward" I grumbled.

"Thank you Bella. This is the best present ever." He whispered leaning in toward me. I closed my eyes and leaned closer to him. My heart was pounding in my chest and I didn't know what I was supposed to do with my hands. Edward Cullen was going to kiss me.

"Eddie, C'mon so we can eat the cake now!" Emmett yelled up to the tree house causing us both to move away from each other and blush. I had really wanted him to kiss me; stupid Emmett.

"We should…uh…get down there." I mumbled.

"Yeah let's go." Edward said before climbing down the ladder. Once we were both on the ground Edward took my hand and we walked toward the house.

Before we entered he leaned in close to my ear. "Thank you for the present and for being my best friend."

I just smiled and tried suppress the crush I had on my best friend.

I tossed and turned for a good while, over analyzing all the things that had gone on between Edward and me in the past. If I didn't know before I was convinced now; this would be the longest week of my life.

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