A/N: Well here is the first chapter. This started as a somewhat simple prompt from the famous Phoenix Wright Kink Meme and went from there. Since I've started to write Fanfiction again as a hobby I thought I'd put this revised version up while I work on other stories as well. I'm mostly done with this thing so I'll be posting a chapter every Monday until it's finished.

Anyway, the prompt was a High School AU where Miles' father Gregory wasn't killed all those years ago and to throw in good ol' fashioned Mpreg. It was a lot of fun to plan out and write.

Now on with the show!

Whoever invented Physical Education should burn in hell for all eternity.

Or at least be shot. Thought Miles Edgeworth after spotting a shirtless Phoenix Wright passing by for the third time in the past eight minutes. Not that he was counting, mind you. No, that would be weird… and just a tad bit creepy. The locker room had always been the bane of Miles' existence. Honestly, did public schools fail to realize that most normal, civilized people did not want to be forced to dress and redress in front of several dozen other males?

"Wright, would you do all of us a favor and cover yourself? I'm afraid there isn't enough bleach for all of us to wash out our eyes."

Upon hearing his name, the spiky haired sixteen year old grinned and began to walk back over to his childhood friend. "Miles, we've known each other for how long now? Like, seven years?"

Actually it was six years, ten months, and three weeks, not that Miles kept track of those kinds of things because once again, that would be obsessive and creepy.

Receiving no verbal correction, Phoenix continued, "I think it's about time you call me by first name, or just Nick if you like."

"I refuse to bastardize your name in such a way." Miles replied curtly. It had always been this way from day one. Ever since a young happy-go-lucky child named Phoenix Wright had dared to call Miles Edgeworth 'stuffy', Miles had responded by addressing Phoenix by his last name, if only to spite him. Stuffy indeed! Wearing a nice outfit on the first day of school was no reason to be called stuffy!

Sometime during Miles' mental tirade, the grey haired teen failed to notice that Phoenix had stepped into his sacred 'Personal Space Bubble' of which both Phoenix and their friend Larry Butz were very familiar with. By the time Miles became aware of the fact someone had in fact dared to step in his 'Personal Space Bubble', he was staring into a pair of blue, curious eyes.

In his surprised, Miles took two quick steps back to regain his personal space. Now, this would have been a very good idea had it not been for one small detail…

A loud clanging noise, sounded off in the now nearly empty locker room.

"Hey Miles? You know you shouldn't leave your locker door open. You might get hurt."

"Yes, thank you for that lovely bit of information. Feel free to remind me when my head stops throbbing…what the hell do you think you're doing Wright?"

"I'm checking for bumps. I wouldn't want to great Miles Edgeworth to lose any precious brain cells."

Unlike Phoenix, Miles was all too aware of the rather compromising position they were now in. The shirtless teen was all but pressing is body against Miles as he reached around to feel the back of Miles' head.

Miles knew he was blushing, he could feel the heat on his face. But at the moment it wasn't the heat that was rushing to his face he was worried about.

This is wrong… I can't even begin to think how wrong this is. Wright is my friend, my childhood friend for God's sake! I shouldn't even be remotely attracted to him! I need to distract myself! Anything! Old ladies in bikinis, dead birds, whatever they served in cafeteria last Thursday-


Or an idiot who doesn't understand the meaning of soft touches…

"Sorry!" Said the spiky haired teenager as he pulled his hand away from the back of Miles' head. "Wow, you really did bump your head pretty bad."

"Which I have you to thank."

Phoenix rolled his eyes. "Oh, don't give me that look. Here, why don't I make it up to you? Since this is our last class and the nurse's office is closed, why don't you come over to my house for an ice pack? We could hang out, watch TV, play some video games…"

"Work on that project due to tomorrow…" Miles added dryly.

Phoenix stared at Miles for a moment before he began to laugh. Miles cracked a small smile as Phoenix began scratching the back of his head, something Miles always found endearing about his best friend. It was moments like these that tempted the grey haired teen to allow himself to consider the possibilities of possibly being attracted to Phoenix Wright.

"Well, I suppose I can take you up on your offer. Just don't expect me to do your project for you again."

Phoenix's face broke out into a wide grin. "Great let's go!"

"Wright," Miles started with a sigh. "Your still lacking a shirt. Kindly put one on before you go into public."

"But then no one will be able to see my sexy body!"

"Now you're catching on."

"Oh I get it, you just want my hot body all to yourself!"

"…Shut up and put on a damn shirt ,Wright.