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December 2nd 2010

Hayden is six months old. Why am I still writing that?

It's days like these that make me wonder if there have ever been recorded cases of someone dying out of sheer boredom. If not, I'm sure they're going to have one soon and they can list the reason being as the longest known English class in history being held on a Friday. When I first arrived at this school, I had it in my mind my schedule would be filled to the brim with course like Criminal Law and Federal Litigation like I had seen in the course book.

Instead those sorts of classes only fill up about a third of my school schedule. The rest is filled with classes that I can't possibly see any use for in my future career. Like this English class for example.


Who in their right mind would put a required course on a Friday afternoon?


Well, whoever is responsible for this is probably sitting next to the man who created Physical Education and having a lovely conversation in hell.

"Mister Edgeworth!"

Miles quickly lifted his head to look at the rather perturbed teacher not two feet away from him. From the look on his face, the young man could deduce that this was not first attempt to get his attention.

"Mister Edgeworth" The middle aged instructor said, crossing his arms and straightening his back even more then it already had been. "I know it is almost the start of the weekend and you are eager to go out and reek havoc like most young people your age, but you of all people cannot afford to just daydream in the middle of a lecture. Do so again and I will be forced to hold you and the adults back so we can make sure everyone retains this information."

Miles, to his credit, kept any trace of annoyance out of his expression as he nodded and mumbled an apology. He stared straight ahead until his instructor was once again caught up in sound of his own voice and let his thoughts begin to drift.

Not every class was this bad, thank the lord. But sometimes it was difficult not to point out that most of the so called adults as his English teacher loved to emphasize when speaking to him, were planning on going out and getting completely wasted before stumbling back into the wrong dorm (Miles' dorm to be exact) and vomiting all over his bed.

For one of the most prestigious law schools in the country this place somehow felt like high school part two, only these people were supposedly the "best and brightest'' of their generation. If this was how previous generations behaved, it certainly explained a lot about the country's current state.

Miles knew that not every person who attended this school were irresponsible trust fund babies with almost impossible connections. But having his instructor treat him like an irresponsible child while leaving the other 'adults' alone made it very easy to generalize.

And why not? He thought somewhat bitterly. This man had no idea how hard he had worked to get here, how hard he worked once he got to this place, or how almost every weekend, he'd pack up his hideously heavy backpack full of his schoolwork and drive four hours to visit and spend time with his family.

The thought of Phoenix and Hayden caused Miles' hand moved to his front pocket almost on reflex where he carried a slightly worn photo of the three of them that his father had taken just before Miles had left for school.

So far, everything was going smoothly. Miles knew this would pay off for both himself and Phoenix in the end. Going to school and working as hard as he could meant that he could support his small family that much more easily.

Finally, the English class from Hell was dismissed and Miles headed to his dorm to pack his things. On his way, he took out his cell phone from his back pocket and dialed Phoenix's number. He frowned upon receiving no answer, but this was nothing unusual and Miles had stopped having panic attacks about third time the other boy had failed to charge his phone.


After four and half hours of weaving through traffic and nearly getting killed by almost a dozen different drivers, Miles pulled into the driveway and shut off the car. For a moment, the young man leaned back in his seat, shut his eyes and let out a long sigh. He loved coming home, but sometimes the insanity level of said home tended to vary from week to week and Miles had learned to mentally prepare himself for just about anything.

As he exited his car and entered his home, he relieved to find the house quiet. It was a little after ten and his father and Franziska had probably already gone to bed. Quietly making his way up the steps, Miles was relieved to see the small crack of light coming from the his and Phoenix's bedroom. At least someone in this house was still awake.

But upon opening the door, Miles' hopes were dashed. The first thing he caught sight of was Hayden sleeping flat on his back on the bed, something Miles didn't approve of since Hayden had begun to master the art of rolling over. The grey haired teen found Phoenix not too far away from their son, laying face down on top of a pile of papers, which Miles just noticed were covering the bed.

With a silent sigh, Miles dealt with Hayden first. He scooped up the infant and carried the child to his crib and carefully laid Hayden down. Once that had been taken care of, Miles began to clear away the papers, mumbling to himself. Honestly, how could one person be this disorganized? And would it have killed Phoenix to clean up a little before he came home to visit? School and that lovely little four-hour drive weren't actually pleasant to deal with so was it too much to ask for a little cleanliness on the weakened?

It didn't take long for Miles' cleaning to awaken the other boy. Phoenix groaned and opened his eyes. He blinked a few times before realizing Miles was home. And cleaning up after him. His least favorite thing to do. Crap.

Quickly, Phoenix sat up and began to gather the rest of papers; even snatching the ones Miles had already collected and tried to put them in some kind of order.

"Shit, I'm so sorry Miles! I just thought I'd take a nap before I finished my homework but I guess I was more tired then I thought. There, got it!" The boy grabbed the last of the last paper and set the pile on the nightstand. Phoenix gave the bed one last look around and noticed something was missing. "Crap, Hayden didn't roll off the bed did he?"

"No, I put him in his crib before you let that happen." Miles said, the grouchy tone was evident in his voice. This entire day had been hell and this was just another lovely thing to tack on at the end. "Furthermore, I don't think I like casual tone you used when referring the possibility of our son rolling off the bed and possibly hurting himself.

Phoenix frowned as he looked down at the floor, then towards the crib where Hayden slept peacefully. "I'm sorry, Miles. I was just joking. I knew you'd probably put him to bed."

As Miles prepared to give the other boy a lecture on poor jokes after a long, arduous day, he noticed something about Phoenix that he probably should have picked up on the moment he had woken up.

There were bags under his eyes similar to Miles' when he had been up all night studying over the course of a few days. But it wasn't just the bags that concerned him. In fact, now that he was paying attention, he could see the puffiness and left over moisture around his eyes as well.

Almost immediately, Miles felt his mood shift from annoyance to one of concern for the other boy. "Phoenix." He said gently. "Is everything alright?"

The other teen's tired eyes widened a little at the change in tone and the sudden question of his well being. He quickly shook his head. "Yeah, of course I'm fine! Just a few late nights that's all."


"No really! I'm totally fine!" Phoenix said as he plastered a grin on his face. "Hayden just kept me up all night last because he had an earache. But it was fine because I needed to finish my homework anyway."

The look Miles gave him, obviously stated he wasn't buying it.

Phoenix sighed and ran a hand through his disheveled hair. "Well, I guess it would have been nice if he had gone to sleep a little earlier since by the time I went to bed and woke up, it was already a little late, but how is that any different from normal, huh?" Phoenix chuckled nervously as he continued. "I was getting ready as fast I could, but then Hayden started crying because he was hungry, normal stuff you know? And your dad already left for work and took Franziska with him so it was just me and the little guy."

'So I feed him as quick as I can, finish getting ready and grab my stuff and Hayden's stuff for day care, then as we're walking out the door –get this- Hayden throws up all over me! Can you believe that?" Phoenix starts laughing, but the hollowness in that laugh makes Miles frown even further.

"I change all my clothes and hope I don't stink and hurry out before Hayden can puke on me again. I get him to the daycare center, drop him off and run to school. By now I'm like, twenty minutes late. I make it to my class and my teacher says that I've been late too many times and he gives he an after school detention."

"That's ridiculous, Phoenix." Miles said interjected. "You were a victim of circumstances. Why didn't you call my father and have him explain?"

Phoenix shrugged; his smile was just barely hanging on his face now. "Yeah, he could explain, but it wouldn't help. Your dad isn't my dad or my legal guardian. And it's not like my parents are going to do anything."

Miles nodded silently. The only contact Phoenix had with his parents had been a rather rushed phone call a few days after they had gotten home from Germany. As Phoenix continued, Miles began to wonder if these little 'incidents' occurred often. If they did why hadn't Phoenix said anything to him?

"So after schools over, I sit in detention for about two hours, freaking out over Hayden sitting in daycare longer then normal. I mean, that place is nice, but they charge you late fees and shit if you don't get your kid on time. But I guess someone was looking out for me cause your dad went and got him when he found out I wasn't home yet."

Miles silently hoped that this would be the end of the story since he was full of questions he wanted Phoenix to answer. The biggest being why Phoenix didn't want to tell him all of this. But once he saw the smile on the other boy's face fall off completely, he knew this story wasn't quite over.

"So then I finally got home. Franziska told me I had a letter and it looked important. She handed me the letter and I looked at it…"

Phoenix paused in his story to reach over to the nightstand and dig through some of the papers and pulled out an opened envelope with the letter still inside. He tossed it in Miles' direction, not wanting to look at it more then he had to.

Miles frowned as he took the envelope and wondered what kind of letter could put Phoenix in this type of mood. As he read the address his eyes slowly became larger. "Oh my god... Phoenix… this is..."

Phoenix nodded. "I know what it is. Go ahead and read it."

The other teen quickly yanked the out the letter and skimmed through it. "No way… Phoenix, you've just gotten past the hardest step towards getting into one of the best art schools in the country! This is great!"

"So how long so I have to keep sitting like this?"

"Just a little longer, and try not to look so constipated. There's going to be a whole mess of people looking at this when I'm done!"

"Oh yay, I can't wait…" Miles rolled his eyes, but stayed as still as could. But it proved to be rather difficult as he was currently sitting in what he was sure was the world's most uncomfortable chair in a rather uncomfortable position for the last two hours. "I hope you realize, Phoenix, how much you're going to owe me after all of this."

Phoenix laughed as he sat crossed legged on the edge of the bed with easel off to the side and Miles in front of him. "Yeah, yeah, quit reminding me. Look, I'll pay you back once my career takes off. How does… a wing in my future mansion sound to you?"

"Phoenix, have you ever heard of a 'starving lawyer?'" Miles asked flatly.

"Umm, no I don't think I have." The other boy replied, only half listening.

"Exactly. They have the phrase 'starving artist' for a reason. But don't worry; you can always have a wing in my mansion. "

It was Phoenix's turn to roll his eyes this time. "Well, we'll see what happens. First I have to finish this painting before I get too fat to reach the canvas. Then I can submit it and pray they'll accept it."

Miles almost turned his head to look at Phoenix, but remembered to stay still. "Phoenix, you're only in your second year of high school. I think it's a little bit soon to be thinking about that."

Phoenix shook his head. "You don't know much about how this place works, do you? Heh, kind of funny considering you were the one who told me about it when we were in middle school."

"Yes, and you've never shut up about the place since then."

"Ha ha. This coming from Mister I'm Gonna Be a Great Attorney so I Must Point Out Every Injustice I See Even if it Gets Me Stuffed into Lockers. Anyway, the process is pretty competitive. Not to mention it takes forever for them to go over a single portfolio. And getting your portfolio accepted is just the first step, but the hardest one. So most people submit theirs around this time." Phoenix said as he finished his sketch on the canvas. "Alright, you can move now."

Miles sighed in relief and stood up, happy to be free of that awful chair. Out of curiosity, the grey haired teen walked over to take a peek at the picture.



"This is good."

"Oh, you think so?"

"I mean this is really good. I didn't know you were this good."

Phoenix's face began to heat up at the compliment. He wasn't used to hearing things like that come out of Miles' mouth. But it meant more then anything his art teacher (bless her heart) had to say. "Well, if you really like it, I can show you it when it's done. Hopefully I can get it done before my body turns me into a beached whale." He said with a small pat to his stomach.

Miles chuckled. "Well, if anyone is going to get into that school, it's you." He said and rolled one of his stiff shoulders. "Besides, it's not like you're going be like that forever. By summertime everything will go back to normal and you can paint as much as you want."

The other boy grinned and nodded. "Right! Now let's go get some food! I'm thinking burritos!"

"And I'm thinking something that won't give us heart attacks…"

Miles looked down from the letter then back to Phoenix who didn't look as thrilled as he should have been. In fact he didn't look happy at all. Was it shock?

"I'm not going."

"Wait, what?" Miles couldn't believe what he had just heard. Did he hear it wrong? That had to be it. "Phoenix, this is what you've been dreaming of since you found out art schools exist. You talk about this place the same way I talk about law. You worked on everything in that portfolio for almost your entire second year. And all of a sudden you say you're not going?"

Phoenix couldn't find it in himself to look up at Miles. "Miles… that school is in another state completely. I can't just go there and leave Hayden here. Your dad has already done a lot. He still does a lot. But it's not right to let Mr. Edgeworth take care of Hayden when he already has a job to do along with looking after Franziska. And what would that do to Hayden? He doesn't deserve to be passed around more then he already has."

"Phoenix…" Now Miles was starting to understand. He teen moved to sit down next to Phoenix and wrapped an arm around him. "Phoenix, I'm so sorry… "

But the dark haired boy shook his head. "No, i-it's ok. I mean, I was the one who decided to keep Hayden in the first place, even after you told me what would happen. And you were right." He said with a sad smile. "Sometimes sacrifices have to be made."

That hit Miles like a slap in the face. Sacrifices. Yes, he remembered that argument. But in the end they both had agreed to approach parenthood together. They both agreed there were things they would have to let go of. But over all, what had Miles been forced to sacrifice? He was at his dream school, free to study in his own dorm, only coming home one a week for two days to see his family before leaving again. No, Miles was living his dream assuming that everything was fine since Phoenix never said anything and always smiled when he came to visit. Now that Miles thought about it, Phoenix had done nothing but sacrifice since the day they had confirmed the boy was pregnant. He had sacrificed his body, his home, his parents, and nearly his life. And now the school he had worked so hard to get into was just an impossible dream.

Before Miles could open his mouth to speak, Phoenix beat him to it. "But that wasn't the really bad part." He said, his voice starting to crack, which made Miles tighten his grip on the boy.

"A-after I read the letter, Hayden started crying and I thought… I thought… I-if only Hayden wasn't around I could go without a second thought… if he wasn't around things would be…" Phoenix found himself unable to continue as his eyes began to water once again and he buried his face in Miles' shoulder. "I couldn't believe I thought that… I love Hayden, Miles! What kind of parent thinks something like that about their own baby?"

"A human one." Miles answered as his free hand moved to the boy's back and began rubbing it slowly. "Ever since you recovered… no. Ever since you found out you were pregnant, you've done everything in Hayden's best interest. You've done so much for him, Phoenix. You are a good parent."

Phoenix was silent, save for the occasional sniffling and shuddering breath. For the moment, he seemed to be feeling better but the same couldn't be said for Miles. "Why didn't you tell me about all of this? If I hadn't made you, you wouldn't have said anything."

The other boy looked up at Miles, wiping away the water in his eyes. "I didn't want you to worry, Miles. You work really hard at school and I didn't want to bother with my stupid little problems. I mean compared to yours-"

"Phoenix. I want you listen to this, and take it in." Miles said firmly. "You're problems are not stupid and they are not less then my own. What you are doing is just as important as me and if you're feeling like this I want you to tell me because I care about and your problems, you idiot. Now, I think I know a perfect way to solve this… or at least a short term solution."

"Oh, and what's that?" Phoenix asked, genuinely curious.

"I know the art school is out of the question, as much as I wish I could fix that, but I think we should do something tomorrow. You, me and maybe Larry. We could get my father watch Hayden and we could all go out and enjoy ourselves."

Phoenix looked doubtful and a little guilty. "But, I can't ask your dad to do that… and don't you have your homework to do? You always bring a ton home."

"Don't worry about that." Miles said with a small smile. "I'm sure father won't mind and I can find time for homework later. Now, we're going to have fun tomorrow whether you like it or not so I suggest you get used to the idea."

Miles had to admit he was relieved to hear a true laugh coming out Phoenix's mouth after everything that had happened. Before he even realized it, his mouth was on Phoenix's kissing the other boy softly. It wasn't long before Phoenix took control and Miles found himself laying on his back with the dark haired teen on top of him. It had been far too long since either boy had been able to go any further then quick kiss and frankly, Miles missed it. And judging from the wonderful things Phoenix was doing with his mouth as he moved from the grey haired teen's lips to his neck, he was sure the other boy had missed it just as much.

A low moan escaped Miles' lips as he reached up to tug on Phoenix's shirt, only to have the other boy grab his hands and pin them down at his sides. "Not just yet. Right now, it's my turn." Phoenix said with a playful smile, much to Miles' amusement, before Phoenix leaned back down to continue.

However his amusement quickly turned to horror when he heard the bedroom creak open.


Phoenix stopped what he was doing immediately and looked at Miles with a suspicious eye. "Miles… If you just said what I think you did then I think we need to have a talk."

"No! Franziska!" Miles said again, looking over towards the door. Phoenix turned to look as well and frowned when he saw no one was there. "Look Miles, if you don't want to bottom that badly then-"

The horrifyingly familiar crack of a whip, shut Phoenix up immediately.

"Phoenix! How dare you try to hurt Miles?" The little girl demanded, entering the bedroom and preparing for another strike.

Phoenix quickly clamored off the bed and help up his hands in surrender. "I haven't been hurting him, I promise! He's fine Franziska, really!"

Franziska looked down at her 'little brother' lying on the bed before narrowing his eyes.

"Then what his that horrible mark on his neck?"

"…Oh shit. Now Franziska, let's talk about this! No need for violence!" But Phoenix was already on the other end of the room considering if jumping out the window would be a better alternative to the wrath a pissed off ten year old girl.

"Alright, what on earth is going on in here?" came Gregory Edgeworth's voice as he stuck his head in the bedroom.

"That foolish fool tried to murder Miles!" Franziska accused Phoenix and readied her whip again.

Gregory looked down at Franziska, then to a still terrified Phoenix, then to the crib where Hayden had woken up and started babbling, and then to his rather disheveled looking son with a telltale bruise on his neck.

"It's nothing to worry about Franziska. Miles is fine. In fact, I must say I'm glad you took my advice, Miles." He said, far too cheerfully for Miles' liking.

Franziska lowered her whip, giving Phoenix one last glare as she tucked it away. "Fine, I'll believe you're innocence for now. But don't you think I won't be keeping my eye on you. If Miles gets another bruise…"

"And a rather nice one, I might add. Seems like Nick pretty talented." Gregory said, getting a good look at Miles' neck.

"Father!" Miles choked out. "O-of all the things you could say!"

Gregory had the gall to look completely innocent. "What? I was just making an observation, Miles. By the way I bought some extra broccoli yesterday for you… just in case."

Both Phoenix and Franziska were rightfully confused.

Miles just groaned and flopped down on the bed. He didn't know which was worse, the thought that he and Phoenix might never be able to have sex again in this house, or the fact that Miles was starting to get used to insanity that was the Edgeworth household.


The next morning, Miles managed to wake up and get out of bed without disturbing Hayden or Phoenix, though, from what he could tell, a 9.0 earthquake wouldn't be able to wake Phoenix up at this point.

Thankfully, his father was already awake and sitting in the kitchen with his coffee, to which Miles thankfully shuffled over to the coffee maker and poured himself a cup.

"Hey now, kids shouldn't be drinking coffee." Gregory said as he took a sip from his own mug.

Miles sat down next to his father and huddled over his mug for a moment before taking a long sip. "After everything that's happened this year, the only thing separating me from the adults is simple legalities."

"Point." Gregory mumbled into his mug before placing it down on the table. "So, what can your old man do for you in this fine Saturday morning?"

The grey haired hesitated for a moment, wondering if it really fair to ask his father for this.

Then he remembered last night and suddenly it wasn't that hard of a decision.

In fact, his father owed him. Hell, if he counted up all of the embarrassing things his father had put him through, the man probably owed him a solid gold Porsche that could transform into a jet driven by a Shetland pony. But now he was getting off track.

"Actually, I was wondering if you could watch Hayden for us today? I want to take Phoenix out because I think he could use a break." Miles stated, looking down at his mug.

"Finally!" Gregory said with an exasperated sigh. "Do you know how long I've waited to actually get to do the grandpa thing? I know Nick wants to be responsible, but if he doesn't take a break soon, the poor kid is going to burn himself out."

Miles nodded in agreement as he tried to push away the feelings of guilt at the thought. "I think he reached that point a little a while ago, which is why I'm making sure he has some fun. I think we could both use it actually."

Gregory smiled at his son. "Good. You guys have been through hell and you deserve to act your age for once. Trust me, once you hit that big one- eight you cant go back. Now, go get Nick and get him out of here before he snaps and stuffs Hayden in the closet or something.

The grey haired teen wrinkled his nose in disgust. "First of all, that was in very poor taste, but I guess I should expect that by now. Second of all, there's no way Phoenix would do something like that."

"I don't know…" Gregory mused. "I mean, when you were a baby, you had a lovely little condition called colic. You cried and cried all day and night for about two months. It's a good thing it wasn't just your mom taking care of you otherwise I'm pretty sure she would have tossed you out the window by the second week."

Miles knew he should be used to these shocking little tidbits from his childhood, but some things just never stopped throwing him off.

"You know, I'm starting to wonder if the nice, gentle and loving woman that I envisioned in my mind for years was all a lie." He mumbled and wondered if his father still locked the liquor cabinets.

Gregory chuckled to himself. "Well, mostly." He admitted. "Malinda was a strong, independent woman with the shortest temper I've ever seen. And that was outside the courtroom. Inside the courtroom she could a flat out demon, God bless her." Gregory began to smile, almost to himself as he let go of his mug to run his fingers over the wedding ring he still wore. "But if there was one person on this earth who could turn that fierce woman into a pile of mush, it was you, Miles. Yes, there were times when being a parent was difficult, but that's how it goes. But right up until your mom went into the hospital she made sure you were always right next to her so she could take care of you. Hell, even after she got sick, Malinda still had you with her for a while."

Miles stared into his mug and his very faint reflection in the dark liquid looked back at him. In the very corners of his mind, the teen was able to just barely make out a young woman with well kept light brown hair in a wheelchair, wheeling away from several doctors as quickly as she could as they yelled for her. And there was little boy on her lap, laughing along with his mother as they turned a corner.

The grey haired seen smiled to himself. "I think I remember sitting on her lap while she wheeled me around."

The older Edgeworth blinked in surprise. "I'm surprised you remember that. You two turned a pretty sharp corner after about ten minutes and-"

"Father? Just let me keep that little memory without the horror story for once. Please?"

"Fine, fine. You aren't any fun sometimes."

Miles sighed and stood up to go clean out his cup and finish getting ready. "So, if mother was as frightening as you say she was-"

"And believe me kiddo, she was."

"…Then why did you marry her in the first place?"

"Oh, she asked me."


"Well, not so much asked. It was more like she made me." Gregory nearly grinned at the memory. "Something about not wanting her first born to be a bastard child."

"You have officially ruined ninety five percent of my childhood."

"Oh, give me another fifteen minutes and we'll see about that last five percent."


By eleven o' clock, the rest of the household was awake, dressed and ready for the day. In exchange for not ruining his entire childhood, Miles agreed to take Franziska with them on their outing. The little girl wasn't too thrilled at the thought of having to go out instead of being allowed to study, and even less thrilled about having to leave her whip; but the promise of being taken to the courthouse on Monday was too tempting to pass up.

Phoenix reluctantly handed Hayden over to Gregory. He still felt guilty about leaving Hayden while he went out and had fun, but Mr. Edgeworth had assured him over and over that it was natural and completely acceptable to have a day to himself.

"Alright, Buttz should be here pretty soon." Miles said as he snapped his cell phone shut. "Apparently we're all going to the pier today." Though he had no idea why Buttz would want to go there of all places. It was full of barely operating rides, life-threatening food, and rigged carnival games. But after seeing the rather excited look on Phoenix's face when he mentioned the place, he couldn't bring himself to say anything.

It wasn't long before Larry burst through the doors, much to Miles' annoyance.

"Last I checked, Buttz, you are supposed to knock before coming into someone's house." Miles stated, but the words seemed to have no effect on Larry or his annoyingly large grin. "Oh lighten up a bit, Edgey! This day is all about having fun! And guess what?" The boy held up a key and jingled it in Miles' face. "I'm drivin'! I got my license while you were off doing your college thing!"

"So, they're giving driver's licenses to monkeys now?" Franziska asked, looking up at Larry with a glare that had been perfected since she and this… thing her little brothers had befriended, had first met.

Larry just laughed and reached down and dared to ruffle the little girl's hair. "Hey, don't worry so much, 'ziska. We're going to have an awesome day!"

Phoenix and Miles both took a step back for their own safety when Larry ruffled Franziska's hair and another two when he called her 'ziska.

Fortunately, Gregory had seemed to have mastered the delicate art of placating Franziska von Karma over these past six months and casually mentioned out loud that since he had no cases currently there was no real reason to go the courthouse on Monday. To both Miles' and Phoenix's relief, the imminent explosion and death by ten year old girl was averted for now.

"Alright! Let's get going!" Larry shouted with a rather healthy amount of enthusiasm. "If we hurry we can probably beat the crowd and get the on roller coaster before the line gets too long!" And with that, Larry bolted out the door and hurried to his car.

"Oh yes, we wouldn't want to miss the roller coaster." Miles mumbled and walked out with Franziska following close behind him.

As Phoenix walked out, he took one last look at Hayden before hurrying outside to join the others.

Finally, the car pulled away and the house fell silent, leaving only Gregory Edgeworth and Hayden Wright. The elder of the two sighed in relief and looked down at Hayden with a wide smile. "Well, looks like it's just us for today. Hmm? What's that?" He asked as he leaned an ear closer to Hayden, causing the infant to giggle and start babbling. "Oh! You want hear embarrassing stories about your parents, do you? Well, your in luck, because your grandpa is chalk full of them!"


When evening rolled around and sun had nearly set, two teenagers and a ten year old dragged themselves through the door.

"I'm never getting in the car with Larry again. Ever." Phoenix moaned gripping his stomach. "I don't know what was scarier. That shit that happened in Germany or Larry behind the wheel."

"I don't think it was all that terrible." Franziska mentioned, though her voice was slightly muffled since she was currently holding a giant stuffed panda that was nearly twice her size.

Miles rolled his eyes as he shut the door behind him. "You're only saying that because Buttz won that stupid panda for you."

Franziska remind silent behind her stuffed animal.

Phoenix couldn't help but laugh. It was hard believe that one day at the pier had helped so much. The entire day had been filled with nothing but fun moments and non-stop enjoyment. He had nearly forgotten what it was like to just let go and act like a seventeen year old for once. And Phoenix was sure that Miles had secretly enjoyed himself far more then he let on. While the grey haired boy had stayed far away from the roller coaster, Phoenix had discovered Miles secretly stuffing his face with cotton candy while he thought everyone was still on the ride.

It was a shame he could never put the picture up on the Internet without risking death or near fatal injury, but just having it was enough for him.

"Well, look who's back, Hayden!"

Phoenix quickly looked up in the direction of Gregory's voice and his entire lit up at nearly the same time his son had when they saw each other. The spiky haired teen quickly gathered Hayden into his arms and sighed. Everyone had been right it seemed. The world hadn't ended because he had taken a day for himself. Hayden was just fine and happy to see him, and Phoenix was more then happy to return those feelings.


Later that night, both Phoenix and Miles sat on bed with their son in between them and their respective schoolwork in their laps. "Thanks again for today, Miles." Phoenix said as a small smile played on his lips. "It really was just what I needed after everything that's been going on."

Miles looked up from the book he was reading and nodded. "It was nothing, really. I just wish there was something more I could do. It still doesn't seem fair."

"Eh, that's life." Phoenix shrugged and went back to his geometry. "Sometimes life changes things. Besides, I heard the local University has a pretty good art program."

"The local University, huh? Isn't that Ivy University?

"Yup, I could take the bus there no problem. Oh, look at that." Phoenix said, looking at the clock. "I should go give Hayden his bath."

But before he could set his homework aside and pick up his son, Miles had beaten him to it. "Here, I'll give him a bath. You still have a lot of work to do, Phoenix."

Phoenix, while grateful, cast the other boy a doubtful look. "If you're sure you can handle it, because you should probably know-"

"Phoenix." Miles interrupted. "Don't forget I'm Hayden's father to. I know what I'm doing."

"Yes, I know that Miles but he has a tendency to-"

"Just because I'm not here as much as you are doesn't mean I'm any less capable. Now finish your homework or relax or something. I'll be back soon." And with that, a rather offended Miles Edgeworth walked out of the bedroom with his giggling son in his arms.

Phoenix just sighed and laid back down against the pillows and shut his eyes as he heard the sound of running water, waiting for the inevitable.

"Oh my go-Your son just pooped in the tub!"

Phoenix was far too busy laughing to respond.


"And you are completely sure you want to do this?"

Miles looked his counselor in the eye with a determined look on his face, contrasting the man's dumbfounded expression. "Yes sir, I have thought it over long and hard and decided this would be the best option for me."

The counselor scratched his head and sighed. "Mr. Edgeworth, you realize you are transferring from the top rated law school to a state run university? You told me before of your goal of working as a prosecutor with the district courts. It will be very difficult for you without a degree from this school."

The young man nodded, but his expression didn't change. "Hard, but not impossible. And I am no stranger to hard work, sir."

The older man still couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Is it too much for me to ask why you are doing this?"

The corners of Miles' mouth rose just high enough to constitute a smile as he spoke.

"Sometimes sacrifices have to be made."


Woo hoo! All finished. I've been working on this one for a little while in between my other goings on. And now with this chapter, we move on to the game timeline and see just how much everything has been changed since there was no DL-6 incident.

And, like before, I'll give you a quick preview of the next chapter. Hopefully I can get it up a tad bit faster then this one.

Phoenix wasn't sure what to make of it at first. It was a very nice necklace, but was pretty fancy and he had never been a very fancy person.

"Pretty…" Hayden marveled as the five year old stared at the necklace with wide blue eyes.

Still unsure, Phoenix looked to the young woman who had given it to him. "Umm, are you sure it's alright for me to have this? I mean it looks pretty expensive."

The woman just laughed melodically which, for some reason, put Phoenix at ease completely. Even Hayden seemed rather captivated. "Oh, but I insist! Call it an apology for our misunderstanding earlier. And perhaps a gesture of friendship?" She added with a hopeful look in her eye.

The dark haired man couldn't help but grin as he held out his hand. "Sure, I'd love to be friends! The name's Phoenix Wright."

The woman smiled pleasantly and daintily shook Phoenix's hand. "It's a pleasure, Feenie. My name is Dahila Hawthorne."