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Welcome To Forks

I shouldn't be here. I should NOT be here... That is what I thought as soon as I walked through the doors of Forks High School.

I didn't belong there, but then again, I have to ask myself; where did I belong? Since I sure as hell haven't found everywhere I fit in. Vampires aren't supposed to fit in anywhere they are sick disgusting creatures that should not even exist!

I bet you are wondering why in God's name am I babbling on about mythical creatures. Well, the truth is.. I am a vampire. Yes I said it vampire. I don't want to be one but unfortunately I am... As the saying goes- That's life!

I don't have a life, I lost it to the 'men' who changed me into this thing. And that thing, me, feeds off blood and all that appetising stuff, I don't drink human blood though, not anymore. Sure, it smells...Wow. But I opted out of the human blood thing a long time along... I do NOT want to be Dracula!

I drink animal blood. Sounds disgusting; surprisingly tasty! Normal vampires do drink human blood; I am an outcast- a freak among freaks! I'm not just any vampire though; I'm "special". I can read people's thoughts and my mind seems to be off limits to any other vampire with mental gifts. It's handy; I have never met one single soul whose thoughts I cannot read. My mind-reading ability was a complex thing. I can see people's memories as well as their thoughts. In effect I know everything that has gone through someone's head in a matter of seconds. Scary though, for the other person!

The scent of sweet blood hit me as I walked through the office door. Ignore it, Bella. I thought. They didn't do anything to deserve a monster near them so don't kill them..

Wow. A surprisingly annoying male voice spoke out on top of the rest of the humans in my head. Another one. But SHE is sooo much hotter than them.

What did that mean? 'Another one.' Could there be more than one vampire? No! That's impossible. No other vampire values human life.. except one..I've never met that other vampire and I have travelled around the globe.

Veggie Vamp- that's what 'normal' vamps seemed to call me; the rest of my kind seemed ashamed of the fact I disown my nature and resist.

The awful voice was right, I was hot. I mean what vamp isn't! I'm not trying to sound pig-headed or anything but I was beautiful; flowing hazel hair that seemed to go on forever that curls at them bottom. Golden eyes that could make any mortal bow at my feet. Actually, I'm pretty annoyed that the stupid voice just called me "HOT". Children these days; no respect for their elders!

In my day, I would have gotten better compliments than just being hot. "The sun does not hold the smallest shine compared to my beauty." That's what I have been told before by a man who wished to take my hand in marriage; the sixteen hundreds were such a polite time...

I should explain more... I was born in London, seventh century. A time were vampire-slaying was all the range. My father was a pastor, though he didn't care for me much as my mother died giving birth to me like many women of that time. The only person who really cared for me was my half-brother it still hurt to think of him.

As our father grew older he passed down the family trade to my brother. He wasn't very good at it, then he went and got himself killed. That's what they told me; I hoped that maybe he just ran away, unhappy with the life Father chose for him. Maybe he went to find love, I'm a hopeless romantic.

After my brother's disappearance, my father died and I went to live wih my Uncle William; he was old and had no use of his legs; he, two servants and myself went one last time in search of the vampires, Uncle Billy had hoped to revenge my brother's untimely death. I was just there for moral support and I had my first and only tantrum when he said I could not follow him. I got lost in a forest, then I felt pain surging through my neck into my veins; I screamed bloody murder and the men stalked towards my dying body...

I was brought out of the awful memory by an red-haired middle-aged woman who looked like she wished to be away from the school . "Dear, how may I help you?"

"Oh. I'm Isabella Swan."I said with a smile, "But please call me Bella. I am the new arrival."

She seemed to hyperventilate with my smile. My Gosh. She is Beautiful.

Why thank you, old lady!

"Okay Bella." She said, "My name is Ms. Cope." she fiddled around with paper on her desk trying to not look at me. "Get this sheet signed by all your teachers and bring it back to me at the end of the day." I turned away to leave the office. "Oh Bella, welcome to Forks!"

I spent the morning classes trying to get away from every single boy in my classes. I found the name of the annoying voice; Mike Newton. The kid won't take a subtle hint. He kept asking me if I was free on Friday night. Which I would be for the better half of forever...

Some more boys are trying to get in my pants. A lanky boy called Eric Yorke showed me around the periods we had together which was helpful. Two spiteful little girls called Lauren and Jessica seemed intimated by my 'total prettiful-ness' or something. They invited me to sit beside them at lunch which I had to accept since I was polite and it was the way I was raised...I hate the fact I was raised to be nice to total bitches whose necks I could snap in 2 seconds flat.

I sat there while they ate, wanting to hurl at the smell of the "food"; I'd prefer deer any day.

Jessica spoke to me in a too-sweet voice, "Bells." Ugh. I have a nickname now... " What are you going to have?"

Oh God. Did I have to eat that stuff?

"Erm, I have a strict diet that I don't eat at..erm..lunch." Actually, I don't eat. At all..

I smiled slightly "I'm on a diet!"

I quickly formed a story in my head.

"OhMiGod!" Jessica squealed "That's, like, totally the same thing I tried to do last semester.." She started to tell me this long story about how her cousin and herself had tried to go on a diet and failed; miserably I might add...

Enter more babble here...

I just nodded my head and said 'yeah ah-ha really? Oh my!' throughout the story. One shy girl called Angela caught my eye as Jess and I sat down. She looked sympathetic. This is clearly normal for Jess. Lauren, that spitefully girl who was a friend of Jessica's, just glared at me the whole time, which didn't bother me all that much; worse things had looked me in the eye than some jealous little seventeen year old human.

The door opened behind me. I froze in shock. I had smelled it all day but took no notice of it. The scent was so sweet and concentrated. It was the scent of vampire...

I turned round as quick as humanly acceptable. A coven of vampires. They shouldn't have been there! They could kill everyone! Well, so could I...but there is more chance of them killing all the humans! I'm over 360 years old. I can control the hunger! They-

The small black, spiky-haired girl stare right at me. She could be soo good for us-

The vision was of a boy with bronze hair pushing a fuzzy figure against a wall and kissing her senseless...

What the hell was that?

The girl started to sing 'Eye of the Tiger' by Survivor in her head I tried to get out of it.

"Alice!"said the most beautiful boy I had ever seen; it was the same boy from the vision.

"Yes, Beloved Brother?" said the girl apparently called Alice so innocently.

"What was that vision you just saw of me... and kissing... girl...wall" He started to mumble. Could he read minds too? I turned around to be careful none of them look my way.

"WHAT!?!" said a scary-looking muscular boy who resembled a bear. "Edward will finally be gettin' some!"

A beautiful blonde girl head-slapped him, "Shut up, Emmett." She said with an eye-roll.

Which made me chuckle cause her to spin around and stare at my back. Her eyes widened; I saw them widen from the mind reader, Edward's, mind; he seemed to be in a state of shock.

Alice, the small girl, and this girl were the only ones to see me yet. What is going on? She is really pretty. Not as pretty as me but a close second... I could live with that... Edward seems momentarily frozen. The girl looked at Alice who was looking at me still.

I turned around as soon as Alice saw me but thanks to the mind-reading thing I knew what was going on.

"Rosalie, will you accompany me to walk over there?"

"Why yes Alice, I think I will."

Another boy appeared not as bulky as Emmett but more so than Edward. He automatically started following Alice. I could not see his face through Alice's eyes and the other girl, Rosalie, was too busy staring at her reflection in the glass pane of the window to notice the conversation.

"No, Jasper. Bring Edward to the bathroom. He doesn't look well after that crap you made him eat this morning."

He nodded as Emmett and Edward walked out of the room; Emmett laughing at the memory. Jasper?!?!?.. But?! Could it be Jasper, Jasper as in my Jasper?!?

I let out a breathe, that I didn't know I was holding in.

"Who the HELL are you!?" Rosalie asked accusingly which made me spin around in my seat to face her.

Everyone's eyes at my table widened as she spoke.

"She means Hi! I'm Alice and this is Rosalie. Nice to meet you! What's your name?" Alice spoke with a bright smile.

"I'm Bella Swan." Then I said too softly for the humans, " Nice eyes."

Their eyes were black; meaning they were clearly hungry. They are exposing the humans to their hunger; that was very irresponsible on their part, I mean, they could simply bite and everything would go to hell...

"You too." Rosalie said with a smile. My eyes were fine. They were bright golden colour; I hunted last night.

Bitch's got attitude. I like her sass and spunk! She is like a young, not as beautiful but still quite beautiful version of me!

"I like your spunk too, Rosalie." Her eyes narrowed then widened, Alice's did the same.

"I can read minds." I didn't tell them of my other gift; I liked to keep that one on the down low. I didn't tell anyone of it not after what happen in the South..

"No freakin' way!" Alice said excitedly. Okay, I'm going to guess whatever this girl does it's going to be excited... " That's cosmic! I should have seen this coming!!"

"Our brother is a mind reader too." Rosalie rolled her eyes at Alice. "And Alice here can see the future."

"Yeah, Edward, wasn't it. He is the one who can read thoughts, too." I asked.

"Yes!" Alice bounced slightly too quick for the others around."I would love to know more about you, Bella!." No you wouldn't.

Rosalie spoke before Alice, "You should come meet our family after school, so we know you aren't a threat."

Family? " You mean Coven, and the only threat you have right now is the fact you haven't hunted in so long, that's dangerous especially as you have such a big one at that!" I was still quite annoyed at that. They should be risking something so important. Lives were at stake!

"Okay, enough with the protecting the innocent shit! Who are you Superman? If we don't bite, they are fine." Rosalie said, she glared at me. She thought back to her change. Not the smartest move on her part.

"Do you expect me to believe that you don't worry about that? I know you do Rosalie Hale. I just learned everything about you in the space on a nano-second. If you bite one of them- I'll bite one of you, got it?" I smiled menacingly at her.

Edward can't do that!?Alice thought.

She smiled back," You'll get along with my family fine." I smiled more nicely at her, she was nice once you get passed the I-don't-care-demeanour she had going on.

Alice started talking into the conversation again, "Bella, you said you know everything about Rose now do that mean you do more than just read thoughts." I nodded.

"I will have to explain it another time, ladies." I stood up.

The bell rang.

"That was really weird." Rosalie said.

"I agree, it must be weird if I think so!" Alice agreed.

"Give me directions to your home and I'll explain stuff, see you guys after school." I sighed, this was going to be a long day..

"No, Bella. You'll see me in Gym!" Alice squealed.

"Great!" I said.

We spoke louder so the humans could hear us again.

"Bella, I just know we'll be best friends!" then Alice hugged me. The last time someone did that to me was 360 years ago.

"Yeah, we'll be really good friends, Bella." Rosalie nodded and they both walked away.

"WDF,Bells?" Jess screamed. "YOU KNOW THE CULLENS?"

THE WHO?!? And what does WDF mean?

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