Hello everyone!

I know, I know, I know...

Everyone hates these... I hate them. But this is sort of important. You know the way our little story has been nominated for an Everlasting Twilight Award for Best Angst? Yeah well, Forgotten has been nominated for Best Romance and Best Happily Ever After too.

Thank you for the people who nominated me! It is a real honour. Again, I've seen some of the other stories... and God, they're good. It's one of those things were you know you don't have a chance but you'd like to try your hardest to see what happens!

So I ask you kindly to please go to the website and vote! If not for me, then your favourite story if it is there! Again, I think we should just support the award

Here is a link to the voting page: (remember to exchange the word (dot) to an actually full stop)


As always thank you for everyone who has reviewed/favourited/alerted this story.

And thanks to especially those who has already voted... but there isn't any harm in voting again!