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Chapter 1

Thoughts And Nerves


I stood in the long cracked driveway a few feet away from my car, while my stomach started doing what felt like back flips making my late lunch feel as if I was about to see it twice today. I was actually here looking at this enormous house before me. It looked like something that belonged in a horror movie. The feeling I got from just looking at it was enough to make me want to get back in the car and leave. However that would not be possible considering my boss Alice had given strict instructions to get this story. And that's what I intended to do.

This was what everybody wanted to know and what most journalists would give there right arm to report on, however I was the lucky one to get it. Thanks to my outstanding record of always getting the story no matter what was in the way. That was why Alice gave this to me. Now don't get me wrong there were cost with every story and some where a bit more difficult then others, but I am getting off track here. Edward Cullen was my new story. And if I was being completely honest with myself I was far to curious about this man to just turn back to my car and leave.

Silly Bella haven't you ever heard that curiosity kills the cat?

My rational side of mind was in an argument with my irrational side.

Cats have nine lives.

My irrational side fought back.

With the luck you have lets not waste our nine lives. We need all we have.

Rational side fired back

Edward Cullen. Enough said.

With that said my irrational side won. Edward Cullen. Enough said was right.

Yes… the reclusive Edward Cullen has finally agreed to let someone in his house to see the way he lives and is graciously allowing them to interview him. Mr. Cullen is a multimillionaire. He owns half of Seattle. Though no one has ever really seen him out in the open. And if someone did no one was lucky enough to see what he actually looked like. Sure there were a few pictures that some lucky photographer in the right place at the right time had snapped, but they were always blurry and if it truly was Mr. Cullen he was covered up from head to toe, but the pictures were printed in the paper anyways and wouldn't you know we always sold out.

He was a hot topic of interest and brought in the big bucks when anything was printed about him.

The mysterious nature of him had everybody in Seattle curious and I was the one that was going to find out all of his secrets.


That's right… Me!

I felt so lucky. This would be a major boost in my career. Just then the chill of the winter wind swept threw causing a shiver to run down my spine. The dead red and brown leaves on the ground swirling around in front of the house while the sun set behind it. The lucky feeling I had now turned to fear as I realized what I was sent here to do. Get the story on Mr. Edward Cullen. Who ever said the quote "easier said then done" said a mouth full. That was for sure.

I remember like it was yesterday when my boss came in to my office to deliver the news.

"Bella?" My best friend and boss of 3 years stepped into my office.

"What can I do for you boss lady?" A smile spread across my face when I saw her expression I knew she hated that nickname. And I could not blame her it was not that great of one.

"Well Jellybelly" She in turn had a smirk on her face knowing that she had gotten me with her just as bad nickname.

I hung my head in defeat. "Touché. So what brings you into my little neck of the woods?"

"Well Bella you know how we have been after Mr. Cullen to do an interview with our paper the Seattle Weekly for about 2 years now?

"Yes." I looked at her then with a small smile on my face to encourage her to go on.

"And then our rival paper the Seattle's finest decide to ask him to do one also?" She had made a face when the name of our rival come out of her mouth.

"Yes." I said it slow hoping that what she was fixing to tell me was good news.

"Well Bella it turns out that he prefers to read our paper over there's so he has agreed to do our interview and only ours."

"Wow that's amazing Alice. So who gets the interview?" My smile quickly faded when I remembered that there were 3 of us journalist wanting that interview. Jessica, Tanya, and me. I had the most interviews under my belt however I had been only working here for 3 years verses Jessica and Tanya who had been here longer. Alice noticed my facial expression because she quickly continued before I could get to far into my thoughts about it.

"Oh well you will be happy to know that I looked at all three of your records and I decided that you are the best choice to interview the great Mr. Cullen."

My head shot up "Really?"

"Of course silly do you actually think I would send Tanya or Jessica on an important task like this. They may have a record of being here longer, but they have nothing on you and the great interviews you do. And I am not just saying that cause you're my best friend either. I truly mean it."

"Thanks Alice," A smile appeared on my face as I heard the truth in her voice. "but you do realize Jessica and Tanya are going to be shitting fire. I mean these next few weeks around the office are going to be hell especially with them both gaining up on me now."

It was no secret that we didn't like each other only instead of being civilized about it the way I was Jessica and Tanya would spread rumors around the office about me and resort to doing all kinds of nasty things in a failed attempt to ruin my good name.

"Oh don't worry about them you wont even be here to deal with it. Besides I got your back and I will take care of them if they start anything."

I looked at her in surprise. "What do you mean I wont be here?"

"Oh yeah…um…uh…I, I need to talk to you about that" Alice had a worried look on her face. I knew from experience that when Alice struggled to form sentences that it was never a good sign.

"Well as you know Bella Mr. Cullen doesn't really come out in public so the only way he agreed to do this interview for our paper is if we came to him that way he can still keep his "privacy" or something like that"

"So what are you saying Ali?"

"Well as you know being that this is what all are readers are wanting to know we decided to take up a least ten pages of our paper for this interview and lets face it sitting down for an hour with him is not going to give us ten pages worth of copy selling newspapers."

I was starting to get a little flustered. Why didn't she just come out and say it? When I didn't say anything she continued.

"So" She swallowed hard. "he has agreed to let the journalist we choose…that being you of course…to come in and see how he lives and runs his businesses along with answering the interview questions. You will be staying with him for a period of 2 weeks and…'

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" I interrupted her and at the same time tried to keep my voice at a decent level. "Alice are you crazy? We don't know anything about him! I mean what if he is some psychopath that your sending me to live with for 2 weeks?"

"Well Bella its your job to find out. However I personally don't think you have anything to worry about. Who knows this may be good for you. Your not exactly a social butterfly yourself Bella and you have not had any interaction with a guy in lord knows how long."

"Very funny Alice are you sending me there to get the interview or a date? Also we don't even know how old he is he could be in his late forties or early fifties. Are you forgetting that know one has really ever seen him?"

"So what's wrong with getting a guy at little older then you?"

"Alice it doesn't look right for a 24 year old to be dating a guy old enough to be her dad… I mean what would people say?"

"Bella stop being overdramatic I am sending you there to get the story and nothing else. Besides you shouldn't care what people think about you. I mean think about it…. if you are always trying to please people and living your life the way they think you should then your never going to be happy." Looking down at her wrist watch she started making her way to my office door. "I have to go I promised that I would meet Jasper for lunch, oh yeah, you are to be at Mr. Cullens house by 6 tomorrow afternoon. I will email the directions to you when I get back from lunch. Good luck and have fun," She was about to step out of my office, but not before she turned on her heel to look at me. "but not to much fun." With that said and an evil smirk on her face she walked out of my office.

I snapped out of my flashback when I heard the large rusty iron gate slam shut behind me. Well there was no turning back now. I grabbed my luggage and stared at the house one more time.

It was huge and the vines that were growing on the front of the house gave it its signature scary look. It was black and brown and had dark windows. It looked to be at least 4 to 5 stories tall and the naked trees due to it being winter gave this house an even more creepy appearance. The yard was huge I could only guess how many acres it sat on. There was a large round fountain with a statue of a lion in the middle with water pouring out of his mouth. It sat the middle of the driveway that looked to be at one time beautiful, however now it was weathered and the water in it was green and had a film on the top. (Picture of the house is on my profile)

As I moved my eyes away from the fountain I glanced up to take in the detail of the house when a movement in an upper story window caught my attention. By the time I looked over all that I could see was the curtain falling back into place. My only guess was that it was the mysterious Edward Cullen. I felt like I was going to be sick. The knots that have been in my stomach felt like they were just pulled tighter.


I couldn't think like that… this was my job after all. I could do this. I had done countless interviews and I was after all one of the best journalist out there. With that thought I smoothed out my skirt and shirt and made sure the collar on my matching jacket to my skirt was strait. I looked in my cars side door mirror to check my face and hair one last time. Smoothing out my hair and tucking a piece behind my ear that the wind had blown out of place I was ready. With one last deep breath and my suitcase in hand I walked up the large stone stairs of the house and rang the door bell.


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