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Chapter 22

Newspaper Clippings And Happy Endings

One year later….

I sat at the table and cut out the newspaper column on Edward and me. I reread it again and made a mental note to thank Alice for her time and all of her hard work on this article.

Lots of things happened over the year. For starters I gave birth to a beautiful little girl with her dads color hair, my button nose, her dads emerald green eyes and unfortunately my clumsiness.

I will never forget that day I went into labor or I should say the night I went into labor.

You see me and Edward had been working things out since all that had happened with Jacob and because of it we decided that it would be best for me to move in with him. Edward sure did change, but it was for the better. Everyday he seemed to get happier and happier. He always talked about how he couldn't wait for our baby to be born. I knew he was going to make a great father. Everyone did. Seeing as how he would light up about the subject.

The night I went into labor Edward was already laying in our bed watching TV and I was in our bathroom. I had just gotten out of the shower and got dressed when I felt a really sharp pain in my lower stomach and back area and a gush of water leak all down my legs. I had read enough books on pregnancy by this time to know that this was a normal part of labor and not to panic…. However Edward didn't know and guess what?

He panicked.

Keep in mind this was his first time to ever have to deal with this so I try to cut him some slack about it, but to this day I laugh every time I think about it.

It was around 10:30pm and Edward just so happened to be walking into the bathroom when he seen me hunch forward in pain. He had ran over to me in a panic and ended up slipping in the water on the floor, unable to catch his balance in time, his leg went out from under him which resulted in him landing in the splits….. Not to mention his big toe slide under the vanity and slammed into the cabinet!

Now by this time the pain was far to great to even try to laugh at this and when I did it just made everything hurt worse.

"Edward are you okay?"

"Ow…. Shit this hurts."

He stood up in a very slow manner while one hand was holding on to the counter and the other was rubbing his inner thigh. He looked down to inspect his toe.

"Are you okay?"

I asked again.

"Yes I will be fine. Are you okay? Why are you hunched over like that?"

"Its time to go to the hospital Edward."

He looked at me as if he wasn't registering what I had just said. I snapped my fingers in front of his face.

"Edward this baby is ready to come out we got to get moving. I am not having my baby in a bathroom."

He snapped out of whatever trance he was in.

"Right I will get everything together."

He ran out of the bathroom… a little funny I might add. Poor guy I knew he was still in pain. What guy wouldn't be?

I hobbled out into the bedroom and seen him grab the overnight hospital bag. He then ran out the door and I heard the elevator ding and then shut.

Just then another contraction came and I groaned out loud. This was kicking my ass that's for sure.

A few minutes later Edward was back in the room and this time he had his cell in his hand and was pulling his dress slacks on with the other.

"Alice? Its Edward. Its show time."

That was all he said before he hung up and shoved the phone in his pocket. He put on a blue button down dress shirt and headed out the door, while I sat on the bed.

A few minutes passed and I realized that Edward wasn't coming back up. Surely he wasn't expecting me to walk all the way to the garage by myself. that's when I heard the sound of the car. I looked out the window and seen Edward driving down the driveway and turn out onto the road.

I slapped my hand to my forehand and picked up the phone.

I dialed his number and waited till he picked up.


"Edward dear? How am I going to get to the hospital?"

"I'm taking you."

"Well then don't you think I need to be in the car with you?"

A moment of silence passed between us and then I heard what sounded like the breaks of the car squealing.

"Shit. I am turning around I will be there soon."


I hung up and while I waited for Edward to came back I changed into a fresh dry pair of pants. After he helped load me into the car he got in the drivers side and we were off to the hospital. On the way there he called Charlie, Emmett and Esme.

When we arrived I went straight into the room…. I would tell you the rest, but I don't need to bore you with all the labor pains and gory details…. anyways at 5:30 that morning I heard the baby cry for the first time and looked over to see Edward with the most sweetest and happiest look on his face. The nurse cleaned up the baby and then placed her in my arms.

"Hello sweetheart. We been waiting for you."

Edward said as he leaned in to kiss the babies forehead then mine.

"Honey you were great. I couldn't have done what you just did. You could use some rest sweetie."

I handed the baby back to Edward who then gave her back to the nurse who was going to feed her.

Edward sat in the chair next to the bed and grabbed a hold of my hand. He started making circular patterns over my skin and I slowly shut my eyes and drifted to sleep.

After a few hours of me resting the family came in the room. Edward was holding the baby while sitting down in the chair by my bed.

I noticed that his toe had been wrapped up in a ace bandage…. Poor thing!

"What did you name her?"

Emmett asked as he held out his hands signaling he wanted to hold her.

Edward handed the baby over to Emmett and walked over to me. Putting his hand on mine we both said her name together.

"Renesmee Kate Cullen"

Another thing that happened over the past year was me and Edward got engaged and was married.

This happened during my pregnancy well the engagement did. The wedding didn't happen till after Nessie was born. Edward had taken me to Paris for a couple of weeks. He said we could both use the vacation. On our last night there Edward said he had dinner planned for us and told me to dress up.

I wore a baby bump friendly dress. The color was a dark grey almost black. It flowed down to my feet and had one strap which started on my front left shoulder and crossed my back to my lower right shoulder. The fabric had a rippled bunched up look over the bosom area. It fit comfortable and still looked stylish considering my big belly was in "full blown lets show the world I'm having a kid" mode.(Sorry guys had a picture for this, but when I went back to the site it was deleted)

My hair I had styled in soft curls and pulled halfway up. I had left my bangs hanging down loosely on the side of my face so that it framed it.(Picture on profile)

When I was done dressing I walked out of the hotel bathroom to see Edward in a slick grayish silver Armani suit. He had on a white dress shirt underneath the jacket with a grey, silver, and white striped tie. (Picture on profile)

He looked like my little slice of heaven.

He smiled at me then walked up and kissed my hand.

"You look beautiful Bella."

"Thank you so do you."

Edward and I walked down to the hotel lobby and out the doors where a driver had the limo door open for us.

"Mr. Cullen? Your limo awaits you."

We slid in and I could feel the buzz of electricity between us. I knew something was up because Edward kept looking over at me smiling, but his knee was bouncing up and down in a nervous manner.

After about a 30 minute car ride the limo stopped and the door opened shortly after that. When I got out of the limo I gasped and brought my hands over my mouth in awe.

We were in front of the Eiffel tower.

I looked over at Edward who had a huge smile on his face.

"I thought we were going to dinner?"

"We are."

He pointed over to the side where there was a white see though tent. The fancy kind you would see at outdoor weddings only on a smaller scale. It had white lights and flowers hanging in the doorway. Inside the tent there was a table with whine glasses and fancy china. However there was no whine due to me being pregnant and Edward…. Well lets just say he stopped drinking all together. Instead we had sparkling grape juice..

He grabbed hold of my hand and we made our way to the tent.

After eating a dinner of lobster fettuccine, salad, bread and then tiramisu for dessert I thought the night couldn't get any better till I heard the sound of music coming from a small band. The men were dressed in white tux and smiled when I looked over at them.

Edward got up from the table and took my hand.

"Care for a dance Miss. Swan?"

Smiling I stood up and said yes.

Edward's strong hand went around my waist while the other held my hand. As we started to move we got closer to each other.

"Are you having a good time?"

"I am. How did you do all of this Edward?"

"Well lets just say that Alice and Rosalie are awesome when it comes to getting my ideas down on paper and making them come to life."

We danced a little longer until half way through the song he stopped. I thought something was wrong like I stepped on his foot to hard or something, but then I seen he sank down to one knee and pulled out a black velvet ring box. He opened it and then cleared his throat.

"Isabella, since the first time I seen you I knew you were beautiful. However what I didn't know was how beautiful of a person you are on the inside. You helped me in more ways then you will ever know. You showed me what its like to love again and if I was to let this amazing feeling slip through my fingers I would never forgive myself. So Isabella Marie Swan will you make me the happiest man in the world and marry me?"

I was of course crying by the end of his speech and all I could do was shake my head yes. He then lifted himself off his knee and I gave him a huge hug and a long passionate kiss which was interrupted by the band and some bystanders clapping and cheering.

He then slipped the ring on my finger which had a large square diamond sitting proudly in the middle of it and smaller square diamonds embedded in the band of the silver ring. It was so beautiful. Alice had later informed me that the ring was a Harry Winston. (picture on profile)

The wedding we decided to wait till after Nessie was born that way I wouldn't be sporting my big belly in the wedding dress.

It was two months after Nessie arrived

Alice and Rosalie-who had became best friends-planned my wedding. It was a small, but beautiful ceremony.

Its hard to believe what those two could come up with in such a short amount of time.

We had our wedding at the church my parents got married in. It was an old white chapel, but it still had charm to it. (picture on profile) And with Alice and Rosalie on the job it turned out great.

I choose Rosalie to be a bridesmaid and of course Alice to be my maid of honor.

They got dressed in there dresses and then helped me get into my wedding dress.

Alice had actually came up with the design herself. Edward paid for the wedding and told Alice to spare no expense so of course she didn't. Till this day Edward, Alice, and Rosalie will not tell me how much it cost. My guess is because they know I would probably have a heart attack if I ever found out.

Anyways I digress.

They design of my wedding dress was amazingly me. It wasn't plain, but it wasn't flashy either. It was a creamy white color and had little beads and crystals sewn into the dress. The sleeves only covered my shoulders… which made me still feel modest in it. It was tight around my breast and waist and then flowed down to my feet. There was a piece of fabric over lapping at my waist and a line of crystals flowing down the dress to the bottom of it. All in all I loved it. (Picture on profile)

Rosalie was in charge of my hair which upon my request was kept in a simple but sleek style. She had left my bangs down framing my face and pulled the rest of my hair to the back where she had made it have a small poof with a tight knot bun at the nap of my neck. (picture on profile)

When all was said and done it was finally time to walk down the aisle to my Edward.

I watched from the back as Rosalie was escorted down the aisle by Emmett and then Alice by Jasper. Finally it was my turn and when the wedding march began to play Charlie took my arm through his. He kissed my cheek and told me he was happy for me. He then smiled looked forward and began to walk me down to where Edward was standing.

He looked amazing in his black tuxedo with the bowtie (picture on profile) I even think I seen him mouth the word "wow" when he seen me.

Finally after what seemed like forever I made it to Edward who took my hand from my dad.

We said our vows to each other and then kissed as the audience clapped and Emmett did his cat calls.

The reception that followed was lovely with all the food and our wedding cake, all the decorations, and of course the dance floor. It was also the first time I got called Mrs. Edward Cullen.

We had also finished all the remolding on the house.

It didn't look that scary anymore. We had fixed the cracks in the drive way and cleaned out the green water fountain. We removed all of the dead plants and replaced them with pretty flowers. We painted the outside of the house and replaced the old rusted gates.

Edward even surprised me with my own little gift.

One day me and Esme went shopping and out for lunch and when I returned home later that evening Edward had the baby's room already put together for me. Alice and him had worked on it all day.

They painted, moved in furniture and Edward himself put the crib together…. The Band-Aid on his thumb was proof of that.

The baby's room had a light creamy tan color gracing the walls and soft off white colored furniture filling in the space. There was a gold colored changing table which also acted as a mirror when you had the drawers shut. The chair in the corner of the room looked warm and inviting for those long sleepless nights I knew were coming my way. There was a simple, but elegant chandelier hanging in the room proving that even in a babies room they look great.. The soft fluffy rug on the floor completed the look. It was lovely and I was touched that they did that for the baby and me. (Picture of profile)

Also a lot of things changed with the newspaper as well.

Alice is now in charge of the paper. I mean the whole paper, not just the little part she managed over when I worked there. I however quit not to long after me and Edward had moved in together.

The reason for that was of course to be a housewife/mother. That and because the paper tried to fire me and Alice over the article not getting written or printed. Then they later on tried to sue Edward, however the agreement I signed at the beginning protected him from any legal action being taken.

Lauren and Jessica were the ones behind most of it, but in the end it was them who ended up getting fired after Edward bought out the paper.

He then put Alice in charge of the whole thing and agreed to finally have the story published.

Which once it was printed caused the paper to get all kinds of big stories.

Just then I heard Nessie's laugher behind me and when I turned around I seen Edward had her on his shoulders.

"Hey sweetie whatcha doing? Clipping coupons?"

I laughed at his poor sad little joke….. He tried so hard.

"No actually I cut out the article that Alice had written on you…. Would you like to read it?"


He handed Nessie to me and I sat her in her high chair. Edward sat down at the table and began to read it out loud as I placed some cheerios in a bowl and gave them to Nessie.

The Interview That Changed Everything

Story by: Alice Brandon

There has been many rumors going around this old city about the mysterious Edward Cullen. Some saying he is a vampire, some saying he has two heads, and others saying he is a serial killer that prowls around only at night in the dark so that he may keep his face hidden. Though all of these are scary none of them are true.

How do I know? Well because I was lucky enough to sit down and have a face to face interview with the one and only Mr. Cullen.

This story is one of heartache, pain, joy, love, and learning to let go.

As I sit with Mr. Cullen in his home I can see he is a little nervous. Every so often his knee bounces off the floor and he adjust his tie.

I look up at him and smile.

He gives a small smile back.

Once my papers are in order I turn on the tape recorder and start at question number one.

After a few hours of interviewing I leave the house with enough information to put the rumors to rest and for people to see who the real Edward Cullen is.

Edward Anthony Cullen was born on June 20th 1983 to Elizabeth and Edward Mason in Chicago.

However due to a his birthparents death he was adopted by Carlisle and Esme Cullen and brought to Forks, Washington were he and his brother Emmett Cullen were raised and went to school.

It was in high school that Edward had met a girl named Kate. Which later on due to her being pregnant they got married after graduation. Both of them were only 18.

Edward went to college and worked two jobs to make ends meet. He said he only wanted to give his wife and unborn baby a better life.

However one tragic night his whole life was turned upside down when his wife was found dead in there apartment. She sadly decided to end her life taking Edwards unborn child's life in the process.

Devastated by what happened Edward fell into a deep depression in which he tried to suppress it with alcohol. Only it didn't help the way he wanted. For some time he lived in hotels and the bottle was his only companion.

His family concerned about him urged him to move on with his life. Edward did, but he wasn't the same Edward they knew.

His smile was gone and his personality was no more.

Edward through himself into his college work and later on became a billionaire due to his keen business skills. However after achieving what most men dream of he was still unhappy and unable to move on with his life until one cold dreary wintry day a girl knocked on his door.

Isabella Swan was a journalist. Her assignment was simple. Get the story on Mr. Edward Cullen. However things didn't go as planned and she and him quickly became attracted to one another.

It was clear to everyone that Edward was changing back into his happy-go-lucky self. It was like Bella had brought him back. However Edward still was scared to let go of Kate thinking that he was betraying her if he fell in love again.

So after some bumps in the road Edward and Bella decided it was best to go separate ways. However fate had other plans and Bella soon found out that she was pregnant with Edwards child.

After several weeks of being apart Edward and Bella made amends and are the proud parents of a beautiful girl. They are now married and are expecting there second child which Edward hopes to be a boy.

Its clear to everyone that Edward changed and for the better. He is a wonderful and loving husband. A great and caring father and someone who has became the family man that he always wanted to be.

And though there are days were Edward still thinks of Kate and his unborn child saying that they will always have a special place in his heart, he couldn't be happier then he is now.

So there you have it folks the story of Edward Cullen and even though there were no two headed monsters or a vampire in this article I think that what he went through in his life was haunting enough and though he had to go through some trying times he realizes its what made him the man he is today and lead him on the journey to letting go of his past and focusing on his future.

Of course I had already read it, but I still felt the tears threaten to spill over when Edward read it aloud. It was something that I think Alice did a wonderful job on. She didn't go into the exact details, but she still managed to get everything explained about him.

Edward set the newspaper clipping down on the table and came over to me. He wrapped his arms around me and went to kiss me, but paused when he seen that I was unresponsive and in deep thought.

"What's wrong sweetheart? Is everything okay?"

He brought his hand down to my slightly rounded stomach.

"Everything is fine."

I smiled to reassure him.

"So then what's got you thinking?"

"Hmm oh I was just thinking about the title Alice picked out for the article."

"Oh ok."

He leaned in and kissed my forehead and then went over to Nessie playing like he was going to eat her cheerios. I smiled as I watched the two of them and rested my hand on my stomach as I walked over to the table and sat down.

I have no idea what's in store for us, but I know we will face it together whatever it is.

The road was bumpy and full of twist and turns to get to this place in our lives, but I wouldn't change what happened for anything.

I looked down at the article one more time and read the title and smiled. I couldn't help but think that it really was The Interview That Changed Everything.


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