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Lily's Men

On a dark Halloween night, the wind calmly swayed the trees outside of the small cottage. The shadows of the branches danced sinisterly on the walls in such a way that one would think the shadows were alive. The cottage occupants were all fast asleep in their beds, unaware of the dark figure that currently stalked towards the nursery on the second floor.

The dark-robed figure silently drew out his wand before he entered the nursery. Not a sound made as the door quietly closed. The hooded figure then glanced towards the small child who lay in his crib. As the child slowly woke up, the figure noticed the defiance in the child's emerald eyes. Glaring back, the figure pointed his wand at the defenseless creature. Soon there would be no one who could stop him. The sinister figure then sneered before he yelled the curse.


The green light shot out of the wand and barreled towards the poor child who calmly watched it. It hit the child instantly, but the desired effect did not occur. Something around the child absorbed the green light and left a green aura around the infant, which made the figure snarl angrily. The figure attempted again and waved his wand towards the child. Almost at once, the green aura that had surrounded the child flew back and enveloped the figure.

"AH!" the figure bellowed before the ceiling to the nursery caved in.

"HARRY!" the child's mother screamed as she burst into the room with her husband right behind her. Her lovely green eyes darted towards where the crib should have been. Her heart leapt into her throat as she saw the decimated rubble that had once been a nursery.

There were no sounds for a good part of an hour, except of parents' laments for their child. Then slowly a quiet whimper came from underneath the rubble. The parents immediately leapt up and dashed towards the sound. The boy's father gently picked up his crying, bloody infant and held him close in such a way that it appeared he would never let go of his child again. Both parents tightly hugged one another as they continued to hold their child.

After what seemed to be a lifetime, the boy's father slowly pulled his son back from him. A soft gasp next to him immediately confirmed that what he had seen was in fact real. Carved into the right side of the child's forehead was a lightning bolt. Both parents then glanced at one another puzzled before they pulled their child back into their arms again.

"Dumbledore will know what it means, Lily."

"I know," Lily somberly whispered as she gently rocked the small infant in her arms.

A loud crash downstairs quickly put both parents back on alert. Lily glanced at her husband and tightened her grip on young Harry. She then caught her husband's motion for her to stay back as he drew his wand. The footfalls, sounds of more objects crashing, and loud shouting seemed to be just outside the door now.

"Crucio!" a woman screamed on the other side of the closed door.

"PETRIFICUS TOTALUS!" a man shouted at the same time. The next sound was a hard thump as a body slammed hard on the floor.

"Avada—" another man shouted.

"Stupify!" the first man snarled over the second who tried to send the Killing Curse. A loud crash as if something flew through the far wall made both parents draw their wands towards the door. The golden doorknob then slowly turned in front of Lily's husband.

"James," Lily softly whispered towards her husband. Her green eyes were wide with fear, but he briefly flashed a smile back at her before he focused on the door again. The door then burst open, revealing a dark robed figure whose hood was up and wand drawn.

"EXPELLIAR—" the black robed man yelled as soon as the door opened.

"Sectumsempra!" a bright red light shot out of James's wand and slammed against the intruder before the man finished casting his spell. The intruder flew backwards and smashed hard into the wall. Blood immediately pooled around the man as he struggled for air.

"Lil…Lily?" the man gasped as his onyx eyes met her emerald.

"Oh—Severus?" she immediately rushed towards the man and fell to her knees. Setting Harry carefully next to her, she quickly pressed her hand against the man's chest where most of the blood was seeping through his robes. She then whirled around towards her husband. "Hand me a towel NOW!"

"Lily, he's one of them!" James shouted back as he stared at her with wide eyes. To say he was shocked was an understatement. "Look at him! He's wearing their robes!"

"James!" she pleaded. Tears streaked her eyes as she stared at her husband. "Please…"

Seconds later, James whirled around and desperately tried to find something, anything to give to his wife. He hated to see the tears in her eyes. However, he hated more the man she wanted to help. Tearing the room to sheer pieces, he finally found a towel thirty seconds later. He turned back and felt his mouth drop. The man was deathly pale now, which was saying something since James knew the man usually was pale. Dammit, Snivellus, if you die, so help me

Lily too had noticed how pale the man looked. The panic then settled in, and within moments, Lily could barely think of the counter curses. As soon as she remembered the specific healing spell that could deal with the extreme blood loss, she started to mutter it carefully. However, a hand painfully latched onto her wrist and wrenched it back. She immediately opened her eyes and snarled. She did not need this from James right then. She was just about to snap at her husband when she noticed it wasn't James fighting her.

"Severus, please…I'm trying to help you," Lily cried as she stared into the empty onyx eyes. He was dying, and he didn't seem to care.

"Let…me…go, Lily," he rasped through several rattling breaths. "Not…worth it," he exhaled.

"You're right, Snivellus," James growled behind his wife as he walked up to them. "You're not worth it." He immediately chuckled when he noticed his boyhood enemy's glare directed at him. He then knelt down in front of the man. "But I'll be damned if I let you die."

"Stupid…" Severus then drew in a harsh deep breath. "Damn…Gryffindors," he hissed towards James.

"That's right, Snivellus." James then glanced towards his wife. He lowered his voice and gently asked, "What'd happen if we apparated? Would he survive?"

"I don't know. He's too weak, James, and I can't stop the bleeding."

"All right then," James proudly said before he glanced back at Severus. "Seems like I get to save your ass again, Snivellus," he whispered softly. "Lily, grab Harry. I'll get Snivellus."

"Where are we going to go? My sister—"

"Trust me. That's the last place I'd want to go."

"Anywhere we go, James, we'll be putting more lives at risk. Voldemort won't stop until he gets—"

"The Dark…Lord…is gone," Severus painfully rasped. When he noticed James's disbelief, he sneered and growled. "Check…my Mark…then, Potter." He softly groaned when he felt Lily unintentionally press harder on his chest. However, he noticed that she also was undoing his left sleeve. Sure enough, the normally black as night Dark Mark was barely visible on his left forearm.

"All right," James quietly whispered. "We'll go to Dumbledore then. He'll know what to do."