Chowder was born, yes he was. Mung and Truffles were crying tear's as they saw their baby; rather skinny. He only took up half of the bin and was colored in a dark shade of purple.

but all that mattered to Mung and Truffle's is that he was safe and sound.... The doctor came in he was an Orange dog with rather droopy eye's and cheek's, like a pug.

his eye's were red and tired as if he stayed up working. "OK Sir, you must leave now, she'll be back home in no time" He said quickly. Mung looked at him.

Ok thank you doctor, I will be heading home now" and the doctor said goodbye to him with a nod. The sun shone with a blend of orange and yellow as Mung Daal waited

outside for Truffle's. She glanced out in the distance and saw a spec coming closer and closer until he saw his wife. A Pixie that has survived "The Shift"

Although her Mushroom "Hat" looked all wrinkled and her green dress ripped up she still meant the world to him. Chowder has his eye's open but they didn't want

him exposed to the sun, the first day of him crying would be annoying. They remembered it was late. "Isn't it always late when everyone has a baby?" Mung said.

"Nah to much Television for you honey" Said Truffles. Mung sighed with disagreement (As usual) and went inside with Truffle's. "Now that he's our soon slash cooking apprentice I hope he'll be a good one."

"Don't worry sweetie, he'll be a good one."

But they were wrong......

Very wrong.........