20 years later.

April 1st 1945, Chowder wrote in his diary. We are surrounded and have no choice but to commit suicide, now, Chowder was a very good army general, he was only 45 at the time, feeling more depressed than ever: he reached into his pocket and took out a 2 inch golden tube. Inside contained Ofdimethyl Mercury which can kill you instantly he wouldn't do this yet only if the Russians spared him. "One small drop of this and your dead" Chowder said looking at the scarlet substance. He knew the Russian's won't auxiliary him. "This is Major Petrov!" A voice yelled "You have 5 second's to capitulate" He did surrender but he slipped the Ofdimethyl mercury into his oral cavity, bit it, his head blowing up was his last emotion.

"And that's how I believe the greatest general died" Panini said to her Children. She moved onto Gorgonzola and cherished him like Chowder.

Panini hat nicht Selbstmord begangen, aber sie wußte nicht, wie es Chowder begehen. Warum ist er gestorben im Alter von 45? Vielleicht weil der Leiter oder hitler, ich weiß er war ein sehr guter allgemein. Unterzeichnet.

A/N: I love WW2 so I might just finish the story HERE.