Author's Note: Hello everyone! For all of you (probably not many) who have read my other Annie fic, "Hard-Knock Life", and know that I was in Annie Junior as my own character "Alice", I have a surprise for you. By some strange twist of events, I ended up being July in the show. And, being the kind that likes to get into her character (even though the show's already over), I present July.

You will probably (if you actually care enough to read my other one) find that some things have changed. That's because of my dear director's blocking and direction. Also, some orphans will be mentioned that are not "originals." I have made a complete list below of my orphans (there are 12) and their ages, the starred ones being originally from Broadway.

It's Annie Junior we're dealing with. It's always Annie Junior.

Disclaimer: I don't own, or pretend to own, the musical Annie or any of its characters. I do, however own my characters.

List of Orphans

*Annie (11) *Molly (6)

*July (12) *Pepper (12)

*Kate (7) *Duffy (13)

Rosie (11) Charlotte (9)

*Tessie (10) Alice (12)

Stephanie (10) Maddie (13)