Full Summary: A Jacob and Renesmee story. Renesmee has had a very blessed life. Friends, family, and is constantly surrounded by love. Now she's 16 years old and has grown tired of just being the odd girl out in a family of couples. But falling in love in her world isn't as easy as it would be for any normal human. Can she really go for what she feels in her heart or go for what she feels obligated to do? The rating is for later chapters containing, adult situations, some violence and possibly some lemons.

AN: I'm a big Jake and Nessie fan, and it has always kind of bothered me that so many stories have the two of them hooking up when she's just barely an adult. Though I've read many that are wonderfully written to me I think having her as a literal teenager would make much more sense. So for this Renesmee is 16 years old, has been fully grown for 9 years and has gone through college once before. I will try my best to follow canon as closely as possible with very few embellishments where SM left off.

Disclaimer: I don't own but I just like to play in SM's sandbox for a little while. =)


Chapter One – Of Rainforests and Jet Planes

The world seemed to dance around me. Wildlife scurried around scrounging for their next meals while the blaring sun shaded the ground beneath the large, dense canopy of trees above. I looked out across the vibrant forest trying to bask in the heat and humidity for as long as possible. This forest, so different from the forests I loved back home, held so much for me. The vibrant colors of the tropical flowers jutting out of the long fingerling bushes were such a stark contrast to the squashy green moss covered world I called home back in Washington.

Spending three months in the Amazon rainforest, you realize how beautiful the world is. How different and vibrant it can be without roads, without buildings. Transcendentalism at it's finest. Although I don't think Emerson and Thoreau had hunting large game of panther and tiger in mind to inspire unity with nature.

I almost didn't want to leave. But there were things I missed. People in particular that I missed so terribly that I literally ached inside. My family, of course. I missed each member of my family with equal fervor. Even more so, I missed my friends.

One face flitted through my mind and my chest tightened around a rippling hole that could only be filled by one person.

Jacob. Werewolf imprinter and best friend, extraordinaire. Just the thought of him made me long for home even more than before.

I hadn't seen him for three months. Nearly the longest time we've ever gone without each other. Truth be told it's been the most excruciating in the most confusing of ways. The only other time we've been this separated was when I went traveling the world with Rose and Emmett when I was nearing my maturity. The six months I'd spent traveling the globe with them were amazing but only served to make me realize how important Jacob is to me – as my friend and confidante.

These past three months did nothing but drive that point home, although I had so much fun spending time with the people here. Hunting and travelling with Nahuel and and exploring the vast rainforest with Zafrina and the rest of the Amazon coven were going to be some of my best memories. However, I couldn't deny that every place I went, I ardently wished I had him with me. I wanted to see his face light up at the sights, sounds, and smells of the jungle. That somehow Jacob should experience this beauty with me, by my side, where he ultimately belonged.

What a terribly possessive thought. I shocked myself with the notion that he belonged with me, and only me. Didn't he get a choice in the matter?

I knew what destiny and fate had in store for us, of course. The deep connection of the imprint not only had forced him to make me a priority of his life, but I, too, felt the affects emotionally. Being so far from him, half a world away, it made me ache in places that I did not understand nor knew I could have. It confused me to feel this way for someone who I've known for my entire life. I couldn't understand that for all the certainty of what the imprint held for our future, to be apart from him made me anxious, worrisome about getting back to the safety, the security of being in his presence.

The soft snap of a twig between soft agile feet brought me sharply out of my reverie. I looked over my shoulder and smiled. Nahuel had to be one of the few people in the world who understood me and what it's like to neither fully be one thing or another but a combination of two distinct creatures: human and vampire genetics that made us neither one nor the other but something entirely, other. He grinned back. His soft, deep brown skin looked so smooth, it looked like silk. He sat next to me and looked out at the forest, avoiding eye contact before he spoke.

"We should be going." His voice was hesitant yet still had the deep husky quality I'd grown to expect. "You don't want to miss your flights home."

"I know. I almost don't want to leave," I admitted sheepishly feeling my face flush at the admission. I was comfortable here, among the highly saturated heat. The dense canopy of flora and fauna and of course the great company of friends here, Nahuel among them.

He chuckled and laid his warm hand on my bare knee, his soft brown eyes now boring into mine. "You know my answer to that. Don't leave. You're always welcome to stay."

I smiled, thankful for his friendship even though he made no secret that friendship was not enough for him. He seemed to respect that it was enough for me.

"I know. The gesture is sweet and I appreciate it, but there are people who I miss." Terribly miss. However I didn't dare say that out loud. It was one thing to shoot down Nahuel's thinly veiled attempts to woo me, but it was entirely another thing to rub in his face that I had someone who consumed my every waking thought waiting back home for me.

"And I am sure they miss you as well." His assurance of that did nothing but enforce my excitement to get home to my awaiting family.

"I am sure they do." There was no doubt in my mind that my family missed me. Though I knew they had one another to occupy their time until I got home, I also knew that the family just didn't feel complete without each and every member together. Though everyone had their hobbies, their superfluous careers that they each enjoyed and their mates they loved so much, it wasn't the same if we couldn't enjoy fully without each other to share it with.

He studied me and took my hand as we stood making our way to the river. "You will give my regards to your parents, correct?"

I grinned thankful that my parents had approved of my trip abroad to visit my friends here. "Of course. My mother will probably want to hear all about how you and Huilen are doing." My mother, of course, felt extremely indebted to Nahuel and his aunt for what they did for us in the clearing just barely over 16 years ago.

He seemed happy with my reply and helped me into the boat waiting to take us downriver to the nearest civilized area where we could then ride to Rio de Janeiro for my flight.

"Well, you will have much to tell her. I hope that next time we can make the visit to your home and explore the wildernesses that you love and speak so highly of."

I smiled warmly at him and nodded. "That would be wonderful. I'm sure it would be fun to have you as a hunting partner for a little while. It's fun hunting along side a horse-sized wolf, but the conversation can be a little one-sided until he phases back."

Nahuel's eyes danced with laughter as a low chuckle escaped him. "It would be nice to see Jacob and the other wolves again. The imprinting compulsion you spoke of is very intriguing."

"It can be very annoying too." I scoffed slightly, rolling my eyes for dramatic effect. Of course it was only annoying when he would be too agreeable or too obstinate in what I wanted or needed in my life.

"Well, my dear, Renesmee," he began, turning to look at me fully, his eyes full of an emotion I couldn't name or really recognize. "If it's ever too annoying for you, you always have a place here, with me." As he finished his statement, his eyes seemed to smolder slightly. He was, no doubt, trying to convey the intensity of his intentions.

I nodded. "I know." I hated leaving it so open-ended. But I didn't want our farewell to be yet another conversation about the boundaries and scope of our friendship. It wasn't that Nahuel wasn't a good match for me. In actuality, he was perfect for me. But there was something missing when we touched. There wasn't the surge of electricity in the air when he and I hunted side by side. There wasn't a desire for more when our hands would brush.

If I couldn't love Nahuel, a match perfectly suited for me; then whom could I love?

The first of the plane flights home brought me to Houston, Texas. I smiled, seeing the bright sunlight, the nearly bleached white-blue expanse of sky from outside the terminal windows. I was ecstatic knowing that I would soon be leaving constant sunshine and heat for the cold damp wildernesses of Washington State. Though my family had moved a few times since my birth, we, for the most part, stayed relatively close to the Olympic peninsula. In fact the farthest we'd moved was New York. Currently, we all lived in Hoquiam, a small town not far from the La Push Reservation and Jacob.

The thought of La Push alone was enough to make me smile and turn on my cell phone. I grinned seeing the various messages I had missed being so far out of cell range in the deep jungles of South America.

Miss you. From Jacob. That alone made me glance at my watch so I could count down the hours, minutes, and seconds between not and the very moment of our reunion.

Call us if there's any change on the flights. From Esme.

Love you, call when you get time. From Mom.

Hope you took lots of pictures! From Alice.

There were more, at least one from every member of the family. It made me smile that I was missed just as much as I missed them. I sent one mass text out to everyone hoping to appease all of them until I was in their presence.

Miss you all too. Flights are still on time. Took tons of pictures and video. Nahuel and his aunt send their regards as well as Zafrina and the others. I can't wait to get home.

I wondered for a brief moment who would be there to pick me up at SeaTac in Seattle. No doubt Jacob, and both my parents. But some small part of me hoped that the rest of the family would be there, too. I was truly lucky to have a family that loved each other and me so completely, and fiercely as mine did.

Even though sometimes, it was a bit difficult to live in a house full of four sets of perfectly matched lovers. Each couple, though distinct in personality and pairing, all shared one common thread, love and our choice of lifestyle as it were.

Sometimes it was hard to fit in as the youngest, the odd girl out amongst them all. But to their credit, they never once made me feel left out or that somehow I didn't belong. I was a part of them, each of them, though only biologically linked to two of them. Each member of my family influenced some piece of my life, some opinion or personality quirk. The idea alone made me smile knowing that I was not only coming home to my best friend but to the family that I adored so much.

I jumped slightly when my phone chirped lightly, startling me from my thoughts as it signaled another message. I grabbed it, seeing Jacob's number displayed. Somehow it didn't surprise me that he would be the first to reply. I'm sure next to my parents he missed me the most during this prolonged absence. Our usual everyday talks had been severely limited to once a week on Huilen's satellite phone. Perhaps the old adage was true and absence made the heart grow fonder. Whatever it was, my heart leapt just knowing that in a few short hours I would be face to face with not only the family I adored but also the best friend I could have ever asked for.

Can't wait to see yo,u Ness. Rez isn't the same w/o you.

I had to hand it to him. He really did always know what to say to make me feel completely at ease. I realized then that I didn't just miss Jacob, but that I missed La Push and all the wonderful things it held for me. The friendships I'd made over the course of my life, the wolves, the other imprinted girls, the tribal elders like Billy.

Other things, though, like the smell of the seawater from the ocean park on one of those rare sunny days, the cramped living room at Billy's house, or the smell of Emily's baking in the afternoon that made me crave to be home, to be around the familiar more than the drive to explore places I'd never seen.

I know. I miss the Rez, too. And you. I'll be counting the hours 'til then.

No sooner did I send the text that my phone began to buzz with an incoming call. I rolled my eyes. "You are the world's biggest dork, Jake."

"Oh shut up." The familiar rasp of his voice brought a smile to my face once more as it came to me over the thousands or so miles apart we were.

"Okay, then," I said, then closed my mouth. I could project my thoughts through touch and with a telepathic father to boot I could go weeks without speaking.

After a solid three minutes of dead air from my end and a string of sighs, cajoling and expressions of annoyance, Jacob finally gave up. "You are completely frustrating sometimes you know that?"

I let out a sharp laugh that made a few heads turn in my direction. "Sorry, but I just couldn't resist. Anyways, to what do I owe this pleasure of your call?" I lowered my volume so as not to attract too much attention from the humans surrounding me. As it was, a little girl sitting across the way from me was staring intently at me, her expression showed the scrutiny of her thoughts. I gave her a little half grin and she blushed, burying her face into her mother's shoulder.

Jacob stuttered for a moment, "Um well, I—uh—missed your voice."

I snorted a little, "You'll be able to see me in less than twenty-four hours and you're calling because you missed the sound of my voice?"

"Is that a bad thing?"

No certainly not. Especially when I missed his just the same. "Not one bit. Satellite phones have come a long way, but still, your voice sounds even better now that we're on the same continental shelf."

"Yeah, not many cell towers near the rainforests of the Amazon."

"Nope." I replied, playing with the end of my shirt rolling the soft blue cotton fabric between my fingers.

"Anyways, I didn't just call you to tell you that I missed you. This call actually has a purpose to it."

"And that purpose is?"

"I have a couple surprises for you when you come home."

Oh, this was new; it wasn't often that Jacob tried to surprise me, other than at the usual times of Christmases and Birthdays. "Surprises? Good ones, I hope."

"Yeah I got some good news and something to show you. A couple of some things," he mused. I hated when he hinted but didn't divulge, the jerk. I huffed and he chuckled at my annoyance. "Trust me."

"So you're going to tell me that there are surprises, but not what they are?"

"Exactamundo mi amiga," he said trying rather horribly to fake a Spanish accent. It made me snicker just imagining the silly grin on his face.

"Then what is the point of saying anything?"

"Good question. I guess it is just an excuse to call you, really."

I figured as much. But that tidbit of information still made me smile and my stomach and heart do a little conga-line. Why did he have to affect me so much? One little admission and my heart's all a flutter and my stomach is doing so many somersaults it's like it is trying out for the Olympic gymnastics team. I. Am. Hopeless.

"But honestly, there are surprises, and I'm not telling you what they are, so just trust me."

I did trust him. He knew that much. I trusted him with my secrets, my thoughts, with my life. "You know I trust you. But you've made me curious and I still have more than three hours until I land in Seattle."

"I'm aware," he replied unapologetically.


"You love it."

I rolled my eyes and grinned. I did love that he didn't always give in when I wanted something, though that love of his stubbornness can turn to annoyance at the drop of a hat. "Meanie."

"Oh, and now we've regressed to kindergarten. Awesome. Glad to see the Amazons taught you some class." He teased and I laughed heartily.

"I really did miss you, Jake."

"Good, now quit sweet talkin' me because I'm not tellin'." He paused and there was the sound of muffled voices and what sounded like someone getting smacked upside the head. "Listen, I've gotta go but I'll see you at the airport. Okay?"

"Okay, I'll be counting the minutes until I can see you again."

He sighed and replied, "Me too. Miss you 'til then."

I laid my phone down after that, unable to wipe the stupid grin off my face as I watched the rest of the lively airport swirl around me.

For a Monday morning, SeaTac was unusually quiet. The expected flurry of humans going on business trips and vacations were few and far between this wonderfully overcast morning in Seattle. I scrounged through my bag for my phone as I walked briskly towards the security checkpoint.

I heard their voices first, above the low clamor of humans grumbling about the TSA's policies on shampoo and shaving cream as I passed the metal detectors. My head shot up as I surveyed the scene in front of me.

My family.

Not one or two. No. All of them. My immortal grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, my parents, and three eager wolves all waited, smiles plastered on their faces as I stared in dumbfounded amazement at them all. I really had missed them. I could feel my face flush as I smiled widely. I took a quick look around making sure no human was looking and then dashed to them with inhuman speed.

My parents engulfed me first, their cold marble arms feeling like steel girders molding to the shape of my shoulders and my waist. "Mom, Dad…" I whispered, squeezing them closer to me.

"Welcome home honey," mom whispered in my ear.

"I missed you," I whispered back.

"We missed you, too, love." My father said, releasing me with a smile.

I smiled up at him.

"Out of the way, Edward, let me get a good look at my favorite niece."

I rolled my eyes, "Emmett, I'm your only niece."

"And that's why you're my favorite." He beamed back at me swooping me up into a near bone-crushing hug.

"Em, remember I do need oxygen occasionally." I choked out as he laughed, letting me go. I swatted his hands away as he ruffled my hair, effectively making a good amount of curls come loose from the tie I'd secured them in.

After I'd smoothed my hair, Rosalie was next, hugging me fiercely. "Go easy on him, he missed you more than he'll ever admit. I'm so very glad you're home, though. We all missed you."

I went through the line of people, my loved ones all wanting a hug. Carlisle smiled warmly and pressed a kiss to the top of my head. Jasper hugged me tightly to him and spun us around making us both laugh, and Alice appraised me with a smirk before opening her arms to me. Esme held me close for a moment and I sighed, "Missed you lots, Grams."

She beamed at the nickname I hadn't used in years. I preferred to call the entire family by their given names to keep up the familial pretenses, even though we didn't endeavor upon the same tired roles of adolescent academia.

The wolves were next, Leah pulling me close and grimacing slightly at the scent of my family in my hair. "Missed you, kiddo." If Leah knew one thing about me; it was that I hated being called kiddo.

"Missed you too, Lee-lee," I teased, receiving a soft smack to the arm.

I broke the hug, seeing a warm smile on her face. When Leah smiled, there was no denying how terribly beautiful she was with her deep russet colored skin and brilliant smile that for once reached her warm eyes.

I turned next to me and smiled brightly at Jacob. He simply grinned back and we moved to hug one another. We both moved in the same direction a little too fast, and too eager after being separated for so long. The sound of our foreheads smacking together as he had bent down to pull me into his embrace wasn't entirely what set my family laughing at the scene. It was the subsequent pain and mortification that set in quickly thereafter that made my father choke back a laugh and Emmett boom his guffaw. We both stepped back rubbing our foreheads and laughing at the absurdity of what happened. Something so ridiculous as bumping foreheads while trying to hug one another was just so us. I rolled my eyes at the continuing rumble of chuckles around us.

He shook his head and pulled me tight to his chest, hunching over so that my face was pressed into the crook of his neck. I closed my eyes at the warmth that spread throughout my body. I wasn't sure if it was entirely from the few degrees difference in our body temperatures or the fact that I was so close to him and pressed so tightly to his chest that breathing might become an issue soon.

Lack of oxygen aside, his warm embrace was such a welcome comfort, but there was an edge to it. Something was crackling beneath the surface that confused me because I could not recognize the sensation. It was completely unnerving and I couldn't find it in myself to want to let go. I nuzzled his neck inhaling his scent of earth, evergreen, freshly baked bread and just the faintest hint of motor oil.

My arms were tight around his neck as his arms held me locked in the embrace that felt far too good to be just between lifelong friends. The faint sound of a throat clearing made us both remember where we were, and that we were most certainly not alone.

My cheeks felt inordinately hot from the flush that seemed so permanently etched into them. For a fraction of a second, I could have sworn I saw a smirk upon my father's face. Too embarrassed to look his way again, I greeted Seth with a warm hug feeling a set of deep black-brown eyes boring into my back.

With the initial pleasantries of hellos out of the way we all dispersed and headed to baggage claim, discussing the trip in little detail. I would save the best stories for the house tonight. Ones that involved the game I hunted, the spectacular vistas I saw, and the amazing cultures I encountered on my travels.

While waiting at the metal carousel for my bags, I turned to Jake, who was staring at me, as he always was.

"So what's the latest pack scandal?" I asked, and his eyes grew wide, shifting to Leah, then back to me.

I turned to her and she grinned, arching one perfect black eyebrow at me. "What?" I certainly didn't miss the silent communication between Alpha and Beta.

"I imprinted."

"No kidding. Seriously? What's his name? Is he Quileute? Makah?" I pressed; this was definitely something to shout from the rooftops. I couldn't be happier that Leah finally had gotten her own happy ending after everything she'd been through with Sam, and the drama that surrounded my birth.


"Oh God, he's not a toddler is he? That would make three wolves who've imprinted on children." I rambled, and Leah shook her head laughing at me.

"No. She is definitely of age, and her name is Amber. She's a grad student at U-Dub."

She? Leah imprinted on a girl? My face froze in what probably looked like abject shock. Needless to say I was shocked, surprised, and, quite frankly, more than a little thrilled. This was fascinating news!

"Why? When? How?'

"She was the research assistant for my microbiology class, which I dropped as soon as the first class ended, you know, to avoid the whole conflict of interest thing. She's remarkable and brilliant. She's studying the effect of rare blood disorders. Wants to be a hematologist."

Smart and remarkable. She sounds amazing already. "Where is she from? Around here?"

"No. She's originally from New Mexico. Las Cruces. Her parents still live there."

"Wow, you imprinted. This is amazing."

"You aren't surprised about it being…"

"A girl? Yeah, I'm definitely surprised. But at the same time, I'm not. Oddly enough, it makes some strange sort of sense. Happiness fits you Leah. I like it."

"I am happy. It's weird, this whole imprinting thing. Really weird."

"I bet. Seeing it happen to the others and now yourself. Is the feeling mutual from her end?"

"Umm, I think so. I mean, I can't be sure." She paused, giving my father a rather pointed look. "But all signs that I've seen point to a definite yes so far."

"This is really kind of awesome."

"Awesome? Ugh." Seth groaned, "You don't have to deal with seeing your sister make goo-goo eyes at another girl," he whined and I laughed at him. Leave it to the un-imprinted Seth to be all annoyed by his sister's happiness.

"Look at it this way, Seth. You can tease Sam for turning your sister against men." I told him and his spirits visibly lifted.

"Hmm, that's true."

Leah gave Seth a withering look then turned her attention back to me. "Jake's been the most supportive, though. Quil, too. Even Sam, though shocked out of his skull, has been kind about it."

"Yeah, it's not every day that you learn that your ex-fiancée likes girls," Seth jibed playfully, getting a smack upside the head from Jacob.

"Not girls plural, Seth. Just one. Just wait until you imprint, I swear you will be just as bad as the rest of us."

"Yeah, Sethy, all the cool kids are doing it." Emmett boomed, smacking him on the back.

Seth rolled his eyes and scowled at Emmett. "Whatever."

"When do I get to meet her?"

"Next weekend Billy's doing a bon fire in honor of you coming home and the whole she-wolf get's an imprint thing. She's coming to La Push for the weekend. School just started again, so she's been busy."

"Graduate school is very involved, so it doesn't surprise me."

"I know. I'm excited for you to meet her. She had a rather interesting discussion with Carlisle."

"She met the family already?"

"Yeah. When I told her that vampires existed she told me to 'prove it'. So I called Esme and asked if it was okay that I brought her by."

"She's lovely and very intrigued by the existence of the supernatural in the world," Esme added and I grinned.

"What did she say about the vegetarianism?"

"She had a lot of questions, naturally," my father replied. "But she took them all in stride. I think there's something seriously abnormal with your generation. Nothing seems to scare any of you anymore."

I laughed. "Dad, when are you going to admit you're just not that scary anymore?"

I smiled at his returning laugh and looked at Leah, "Has anyone been less than receptive?"

"Mom at first, she couldn't understand it for the first fifteen minutes, but she's cool now. She even joined PFLAG."

"Wow. And Charlie?"

"He grinned and said congratulations but I think he'd rather not know the logistics of why I've suddenly fallen madly in love. He's still not used to the fact that his step-children aren't exactly human."

"He should. His own daughter's a leech for God's sake."

I mock-scowled at Jake for the term, but he just grinned and shrugged at me. I rolled my eyes and turned to see the bags beginning to come off the carousel. I saw one of mine and went to grab it but a large russet colored hand beat me to it. "Jake! I can get my own bags, you know," I said, cutting my eyes at him.

"I do know, but I wanted to get them for you, kay?"

Ugh, I hated that the simple gesture made my heart melt just a little. Why does he have to be charming? Chivalry was definitely not dead in the case of my wolf. He seemed to delight in the chance to show off exactly how strong he was. Was it entirely wrong of me to, at least on some level, like it?

Avoiding more snickers and comments from the peanut gallery, also known as my wise cracking uncle, Emmett Cullen. The lot of us walked out to the parking garage to the family cars. Jacob tossed my bags into the back of Emmett's newest off-roading monstrosity. The rest of the family began deciding who was going with whom.

Carlisle, Esme, Edward, and Bella were going to take the Mercedes Kompressor sedan and asked if I'd like to join them. Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie, and Alice all circled the big shiny silver Jeep awaiting for me to decide where I was riding. Seth and Leah had come in her little red Miata two-seater. The only car left was the most beautiful glossy green and most certainly new Ducati motorcycle sitting between the Jeep and the Miata. I stopped to stare at it, noting the second helmet and leather jacket that was unmistakably my size. Was this just one of the surprises that Jacob had for me? He'd been driving his rickety old Rabbit when I left, had the thing finally died?

"What's that?" I asked eyeing the bike forlornly. Call me silly, but it was pretty and it screamed expensive and fast. How could Jacob have afforded this on his own? Even though his job paid well, I'm sure my father had something to do with it. His generosity was always with the best intentions but it could be a real thorn in one's side.

Jake grinned and ran his fingers over the glossy British racing green paint. "One of the surprises."

"It's yours?"

"Yep." It wasn't lost on me that his eyes, filled with gratitude, flicked to where my parents were standing.

"When did you get this?"

"Three days ago."

I hadn't realized I had gravitated towards him and the shiny, pretty bike. I ran my fingers over the black motorcycle helmet, noticing that it matched the one hanging from the handle-bars. "Helmets?" It seemed comical. Both of us were pretty much either indestructible or we healed so fast that safety equipment on a motorcycle was always overlooked.

"Yeah, there are such things as helmet laws and guidelines you have to follow to maintain a motorcycle license. Do you like it?"

"Yeah, it's pretty."

"I wouldn't call her pretty, but yeah, she's pretty awesome."


"It's a guy thing." He shrugged and then his expression turned mischievous, "You want a ride?"

I glanced up at him and nodded. I threw on the jacket just as he hopped on the bike and turned to my family. "I'll see you guys at home, okay?"

My mother was grinning widely, obviously approving of my decision. She and I shared a soft spot for motorcycles. Even though in the Pacific Northwest, motorcycles were more a once in a while indulgence when it wasn't raining. Who really wanted to take a sixty-mile-per-hour bath anyways?

"Be careful, you two." My father requested as we both were about to put on our helmets. It was a stock saying that he did whenever I went off with Jake. Surely it was a subtle reminder that I wasn't completely as indestructible as my family, and even more so Jake, though he could heal faster than anyone.

"Sure, sure." We both said, chuckling at the twin sentiments with the same patronizing twinge in our voices. I put on the helmet just as Jake was revving up the engine. I smirked and wrapped my arms around his waist, molding my body to his as we backed out. Turning as we stopped for a second to get our bearings, I waved to my family, who were all smirking and laughing.

Once we hit the open road I could feel the wind hit the outside of my jacket and jeans, and I was grateful for the helmet with a full visor. Having to comb out the tangles from my hair and picking buts from between my teeth would have completely ruined my afternoon. I watched as we sped out of the city towards the family home just outside of Hoquiam. As much as I wanted to get home, to my room, I didn't want to be separated from Jacob. His warmth seeped in through the cool leather of the jacket and a fresh set of butterflies erupted in my stomach.

It was so completely strange and wonderful at the same time. I was beginning to realize this was going to happen every time we were close from now on. Yet at the same time, some small part of me was secretly thrilled at that. Part of me wanted more of it and even fleetingly I wondered what it would feel like without the bike, with him facing me, our faces level for once, just inches apart. What an odd thing to feel.

I shook the thought from my head and focused on the scenery as much as I could the rest of the way home.

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