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The next day I found Edward Cullen sitting outside my house puffing on a cigarette. He held my hand as I told Em everything that had taken place that night.

Em had been pretty angry to see that I had already given Edward two black eyes, so he had broken his nose.

Edward didn't really mind that much, he insisted that I took care of him, since it was my brother who'd broken his nose, and taking care of Edward only really consisted of listening to his dramatic claims of dying from the pain and kissing him when he demanded, which was quite often.

Rose eventually softened Em up enough to at least let Edward inside the house, and he was pleased that I was at least spending more time at home then.

Alice told me that her and Jasper had spent the night together, and even though I didn't tell Edward I was pretty sure it was him who gave Jasper all those bruises, Jasper took it well though and I supposed that he was too blissful to really care.

I never did go behind the diner, much to Edward's relief. Instead, the night Edward decided on which college he wanted to go to he brought me up to his bed and I spent the night there with him.

I suddenly found myself spending most nights in Edward's bed, at his insistence and to Emmett's frustration.

Emmett still glared at Edward but Edward would just smile cause they both knew they'd get in trouble with me if they started fighting.

Edward left for college, he didn't go far and he visited on weekends but I still missed him. When he did come though, I found myself missing the rest of the world, because Edward just kept me in his room whenever he did visit.

Emily Stanley got pregnant and left town, it was rumoured that Tyler Crowley was the father but he denied it so nobody said a word more on the matter, well not to their faces.

Jasper Hale went to college, he didn't visit much and the last we heard he had moved overseas and was working there. Alice did eventually get over her devastation and moved to Chicago where she married and had three kids.

Rosalie and Emmett married pretty soon after Edward went to college, they left Forks, because Rosalie begged Emmett to take her away from there and Emmett was working at a garage, his son Matthew was planning to follow in his footsteps and all.

They had three boys and finally had a long awaited little girl, but Rosalie died during childbirth. Emmett was a more affectionate father then my own and they were doing just fine.

Edward became a doctor and never left Forks, more out of desire then necessity. I became Mrs. Edward Cullen, which was as equally out of desire.

We never did have any children but pretty soon after Rosalie's death Emmett sent his daughter Lily to live with us and she ended up staying with us.

We lived in Edward's old home, which we had inherited after Esme and Carlisle's death.

And I remember standing out on that porch, with Edward's arm tight around me and Lily held against my hip, the house was different now, quieter without Esme and Carlisle and Alice's chattering.

But we would fill it with our own chattering I had determined and as I stepped over the threshold. Despite how little Forks had changed, still filled with it's judgements and assumptions, I had changed and I was no longer just that girl on the porch.

One day it would be Lily asking those questions on the porch as I baked cookies and I could only hope that the town troublemaker didn't one day sit out on that porch and tell her he wanted her.

No matter how well that had worked for Edward and I, I was still pretty sure Edward would break his nose.

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