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It was a dark and stormy night…

Because that's how all these types of stories start out. All dark and stormy with bright flashes of lightning and thunder so loud one would think that thousands of bombs were going off simultaneously.

Anyway, it was a dark and stormy night in the city of Santa Barbara. Trees were swaying threateningly to this way and that giving off the impression that at any moment they would crack and come crashing down. Water was pooling in the streets daring any car brave enough to drive through it; turn around, don't drown. Debris flew from every direction due to the harsh, whipping winds that were tearing through the air. Every television set in every household urged every resident to evacuate the area; come on folks, get the hell out of town or-

Actually, it was a fairly calm night with a nice, light breeze flying through every now and then but, come on, how dramatic and exciting is that? It's more interesting to stick with the whole 'It was a dark and stormy night' approach.

Oh, you want the truth you say? Are you sure? I must warn you the truth isn't very entertaining. Absolutely no pizzazz to speak of.

You still want the truth you say?

Well, if you insist.


Carlton sat at his desk holding his head in his hands. He was exhausted and a certain pain in his ass wasn't helping matters at all.

"Come on Lassie-pop, it'll be fun. Are you still mad about the last time? Look, if it'll make you feel any better I can promise you that this time there will be no pink boas or drunken drag queens singing 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun'."

Carlton sighed. He knew the pseudo-psychic wouldn't let up until he said yes and he was beginning to think he had no way out.

"Go away Spencer. Besides, even if I wanted to go, which I most certainly do not, I can't. I have a mound of paperwork on the Harrison case that needs to be finished." Carlton said as he sighed again.

He really didn't want to be dealing with Shawn at the moment. He had spent over three weeks working on that damn Harrison case, going over every last tiny detail with a fine-tooth comb and not finding anything to nail the suspect with. Then in walks Shawn Spencer who solves it in less than three hours.

Thomas Harrison, a wealthy businessman, was found dead in his uptown Santa Barbara home by his maid a little over three weeks ago. Of course, Carlton's first thought was to go after Harrison's ex-wife. She had motive, means and no alibi. Harrison divorced her two months prior and while Harrison walked away with his millions back to his lavish four story mansion, she got nothing. Zilch. Nada. Carlton had seen it all before, the whole 'ex-wife kills wealthy ex-husband for blah, blah, blah' shtick. He'd spent over three weeks trying to figure out how she did it and how to pin her for it but then Spencer showed up.

He walked in and about three hours later they had Harrison's business partner, Steven Barker, in cuffs. It turned out that Harrison and Barker were leading a drug smuggling ring off the coast and Barker got a little too greedy when Harrison refused to pay him more than twenty grand a month.

"Come on Lassie, please? Please, please, please, please, please, plea-"

"Spencer!" Carlton growled finally shutting the man up. "If you do not get out of my sight within the next five seconds I swear, consequences be damned, I will shoot you."

"Oh real mature Lassie, pull your 'I have a license to kill you' card. Well, you know what?" Carlton watched as Shawn plopped down on his desk and folded his arms before he continued.

"I have a license to pout and stare at you until you cave and I'm gonna use it. Gus, back me up here. Gus?" Shawn turned to find that Gus had wandered away to talk to Juliet.

"Gus!" He whined. "Can't you text your girlfriend with vague responses while she gets more and more annoyed like every normal guy in America does?"

Juliet, who had been laughing at something Gus had said, looked over at Shawn and shook her head while Gus rolled his eyes. "Shawn, just because you're afraid to have a meaningful conversation with another human being doesn't mean that every man is like that." He said as he walked over to where Shawn and Carlton sat. "Now hurry up or Juliet and I are leaving without you."

Shawn turned back to Carlton and asked him to come along one last time hoping he'd cave and say yes. That, of course, was wishful thinking.

"Spencer, for the last time, no. Now leave."

"Can't you just stick the paperwork with Buzz like you normally do?" Shawn asked.

Carlton shot him an indignant look. "I don't always shove my paperwork onto McNabb."

Buzz, who just so happened to be walking by, promptly turned in the other direction and scurried away mumbling something about his hand being all cramped up from all the paperwork Carlton had already given him that week. Carlton stared after him for while before turning back to the three.

"That proves nothing."

Shawn sighed knowing there was no way the detective would give in. He really wanted Carlton to come along. Last time was a complete disaster and he'd promised Carlton that he would make it up to him but Carlton wasn't giving him the chance. Honestly, he just wanted to spend some time with the guy. Ever since last year Shawn had been having some not-so-platonic dreams starring the SBPD's Head Detective and he was tired of sticky sheets and cold showers, he wanted the real thing. He knew it wouldn't be an easy task and, Shawn being Shawn, he was up for the challenge – pun definitely intended – but damn it all, Carlton just wasn't being helpful.

"Fine Lassie, I'll leave you with your boring paperwork but you won't get out of going out with us so easily next time."

Just as Shawn turned to leave a loud boom resounded throughout the station as someone slammed the entrance doors open. A hysterical teenage girl, no older than sixteen, came running through the station with tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Uncle Carlton!" she screamed as she came around the corner and Shawn turned in time to see Carlton shoot up from his seat.

"Shayla?" Carlton said as the girl threw herself into Carlton's chest crying and speaking rapidly.

"Shayla? Slow down sweetheart, I can't understand you. You're going to hyperventilate, just breathe. In through your nose and out through your mouth, come on Shay." Shawn listened in awe as Carlton spoke to her with a calm, gentle voice and watched as he rubbed her back with one hand and her left arm with the other trying to calm her down.

Though she still had tears leaking from her eyes she was considerably less hysterical. When Carlton realized this he tilted her head up to get her to look at him before he spoke.

"Okay, now what's wrong Shayla? What happened?" His voice sounded calm but Shawn could see the fear and nervousness in his eyes.

Shayla sniffled a few times before she stuttered out a response. "Th-these men, four of them, came barging into the house a-a-and dad told me to run – you and dad always say that if you guys t-tell me to run that I shouldn't ask questions, just run – so I did…"

She stopped as more tears came streaming down her face and Carlton rubbed her arms. "It's okay Shayla, keep going."

"I heard g-g-gunshots and I heard him scream but I kept running. I…I think they killed my dad Uncle Carlton." She said and sobbed as she flung herself into Carlton's chest once more.

Gus and Juliet gasped and looked away while Shawn just stood there taking everything in.

Carlton stood still; jaw dropped and eyes wide, holding Shayla in his arms for a few moments before he gently nudged her to sit in his chair.

"Okay, I want you to sit here with – no buts – I want you sit here with these two," He paused as he pointed to Shawn and Gus. "while my partner and I go check it out, okay?" Carlton waited for her to nod before he turned to Juliet and told her to grab her gun.

Shawn watched as Carlton and Juliet quickly left the station and after a few moments, he and Gus turned to Shayla.

"I'm Shawn and this delicious bar of dark chocolate here is Gooble Gobble Gibbers…but you can call him Gus." Shawn paused as she chuckled wetly and muttered a quiet 'hello'. "So, you're Lassie's niece huh?" he asked as he sat down on the desk in front of her.

Shayla sniffled a bit before she responded. "Well, Carlton's not my real uncle. He and my dad have been best friends for a pretty long time so my dad asked Carlton to be my godfather. I just call him my uncle because – wait, Lassie?"

Shawn smiled. "Well, that's just one of the many nicknames I've given to him over the years." He said and watched as Shayla shook her head and mumbled something he couldn't quite catch.

As the three talked a little more Shawn couldn't shake feeling that Carlton wasn't going to like what he'd find at Shayla's house.

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