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Catherine arched an eyebrow as she met dark brown eyes and a set jaw.

"You have got to be kidding me."

Catherine continued to stare at her, daring her to look away.

"No." The brunette gestured with her hands. "No way in hell."

"Ah, come on, Sar," Greg begged, "be a sport."

"Yeah, come on, we've all done our dares. Even Catherine held Grissom's spider for a whole minute."

"That," Sara spat, "was a completely different situation! I would gladly hold the damn spider!"

"Which is why we didn't dare you to do that. It's supposed to be a challenge. You're supposed to be out of you comfort zone."

"Yeah? Well, congratulations- you sure achieved that."

"What's the matter, Sidle?" Catherine grinned wickedly, "Scared?"

Sara glared, seething through her teeth, "No."

The redhead was clearly enjoying this. "You sure?"

The younger woman scoffed, "Oh, no, I forgot to tell you, Catherine; I crave you, I need you, you light up my life- today is my dream come true." She rolled her eyes. "Get over yourself."

Catherine's smile fell and she frowned a little, something investigator Sara did not miss. She felt a pang in her chest and looked down in guilt for a moment before straightening. Her heart was pounding, and for good reason. Short of physically escaping the break room, throwing up her defensive walls was the only protection she had against the older woman and her long hidden feelings. So, once again, she just had to go and mouth off- like always. Still, she hated to think she had hurt her colleague. The dull ache that had long ago taken up residence in her heart began to throb. But could she do this? With Catherine? Kiss Catherine? In public? Knowing full well that nothing would come of it? Then again, when was she ever going to get another chance like this? She sighed.

"That was uncalled for." She spoke to Catherine more than the others, "I didn't mean it…like that."

Greg interjected. "We were just goofing around, Sar."

"I know, I'm sorry." Deep breaths. She looked up and then at Catherine who was now looking away from her. "Kind of a killjoy, huh?" She smiled weakly, trying to make light of her actions.

Catherine moved to push off from the sofa, "Forget about it, Sara. Not a big deal."

"Wait." The brunette reached out to touch the other woman's wrist. "Hang on a sec. Sit."

Catherine eyes found the spot where the brunette had touched, the skin still tingled. Then, met Sara's and did what she was told. Sara smiled softly and then nervously as she turned to the boys. "So…how do we do this thing?"

Greg grinned. "Seriously?"

"As long as Catherine doesn't object." The team looked her way.

Catherine hesitated for one second before she regained her composure. She smiled that dazzling smile that made every man in the room wish they were in Sara's place- and made Sara glad to be right where she was. "Since when do I turn down a challenge?"

"Alright!" Nick clapped his hands. Warrick and Greg exchanged high fives over Nick's head.

"So?" Sara questioned. "Rules?"

The newest addition to the team sat up straight in his seat, eyes wide with excitement. "At least a minute long with lots of tongue! Feel free to get handsy and-" Nick's hand was slapping the back of Greg's head before he even finished his sentence.

"Don't be such an ass."

"Ten seconds," Warrick said, smiling kindly. "Sound fair?"

"Okay," Greg waved his hands in surrender. "You're right, no tongue. But maybe…open mouth? Because otherwise its just like kissing your sister."

Silence. Everyone stared at him. "What?" he asked, looking from one disbelieving face to the next. "What?"

"What kind of freaky family you got, dude?"

Greg opened his mouth, but Nick held out a hand, "Never mind. We don't want to know."

"So," Sara brought them back to the original topic of conversation. "Ten seconds?"

"And partially open mouth," Catherine broke in, eyeing Greg who suddenly felt like he was suddenly back in the principal's office. "As long as that works for you, Sara."

For her part, Sara gulped and then nodded mechanically as her mind ran on overload. Oh, God. How was she ever going to survive this? But now she was determined. If she could do this, maybe she would finally be free of the enchantment Catherine always seemed to have on her. She cleared her throat and tried to sound collected. "Does that sound about right?"

The boys nodded. "Go for it, man- I mean err…girl."

She looked at Catherine, buying time. "Alright with you?"

Catherine threw up her arms in a relaxed gesture. "Let's get this show on the road."

How can she be so damned relaxed? Maybe because this is just a game for her and you're the only one who wants this to be more than make believe. Sara shook her head to banish the thoughts and nodded, turning from her seat on the sofa to face the older woman. Her trembling fingers tucked hair behind her ears anxiously, while Catherine bit her lip to calm her nerves.

Did she look like a stampede of elephants was making is way through her stomach? No. She had long ago learned to hide her emotions and opinions behind a charming smile. But inside?

Then Sara gave her an awkward smile that melted her worries away and gave her that boost of courage she needed. "Geez, Sar, don't be so stiff."

She scooted closer to the brunette until their thighs were touching. She put one hand on Sara's waist and as she raised an eyebrow, the other hand came to cradle Sara's head, resting on her neck. "Ready?"

The breath on her skin at Catherine's whispered word made her hair stand on end. Was it too late to change her mind? Something told Sara that there was no going back now. She nodded once, afraid of what would come out if she tried to speak at this point. She watched those sparkling eyes grow closer to hers and then her gaze dropped to the other woman's lips.

Catherine stopped with only centimeters between them, and waited. After all, Sara was supposed to be kissing her, not the other way around, though she doubted their audience would care either way.

Sara found her eyelids growing heavy with the intoxication of Catherine's scent. Had she ever seen, smelt, touched something so beautiful? Her heart beat faster, she forgot to breathe, her voice failed her and the rest of the world fell into shadow; and that was just when the redhead walked in the room. But kissing her? Before she could lose her nerve, she closed the gap between them, hesitated one moment longer, then pressed her lips to Catherine's.

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