Chpt. 1

Light gazed at the detective, who was holding her captive, for only a moment before she averted her eyes toward her big, glowing computer screen, of which was flooding with useless information and false sightings of dangerous criminals. She sighed slowly, and then heard the jangle of the shackles clasped around her wrist, which only reminded her that she was a prisoner.

'Why me?' she thought, fingers dancing across the keyboard. She was the main subject for a murderer, a deceiving one at that, but she didn't want to be. Then again… there are a lot of people out there who didn't want to do things, but they did. She groaned at the thought of being falsely accused and thrown into a cold, hard, unforgiving prison cell. The bitter cold she would feel when the nights were bleak, the loneliness that would be ripping through her chest… she shuddered and tried to think of something else.

She decided to let her thoughts run wild. Somehow, they led to the day that thoughtless detective chained them together with those shackles mentioned earlier. Privacy is out of the question, and Light had a compelling urge to bring her hand so hard against his face, the bruise will never leave. She sighed at the unrealism her fantasies held, for she would love to see his surprised expression when she took her toll on his face. He will rue the day he messed with Light Yagami.

"I would like to know what Light-Chan is thinking." A murky haired, slender man spoke. 'Speak of the devil.' Light thought as she lifted her head to respond.

"I was thinking of the satisfaction I would feel if I were to strike you, Ryuzaki." As she said this, the expression on his face never stimulated an influence. 'Emotionless as always…' she thought as the man deliberated. The man, known to them as L, was a very curious looking guy.

His hair was jet-black and swaying this way and that like an old oak tree. His pale ceramic skin served as a unique contrast from his foggy shade of hair, and it fascinated Light to a certain extent. His eyes were deep, dark, and almost tempting. If he actually slept, removing the shadowy circles, he could possibly look attractive for once. He had no color in his cheeks or his lips, but his lips looked so soft from a distance, which made her marvel. He wore a plain white, long sleeved, shirt. No logos', no prints, not even a tinge. Cobalt faded, straight jeans draped his legs, and no shoes covered his feet. She wondered if his feet ever got bitter. The way he sat and stood, was more like a bend, or like he was hunched over.

Light looked like any typical schoolgirl. She was exceptionally stunning. Eyes like liquid gold, shimmering in the warm light of the sun, if she ever was permitted to see the sun, face like a gorgeous porcelain doll, lips smooth like the surface of a rose, hair flawlessly settled on her petite shoulders like silk. She wore the school uniform that consists of a long sleeved, colorless, button-up polo, a brown tie fitting loosely around her neck, and a brown, plaid, skirt, revealing the majority of her legs. Her shoes were a size 7 brown slip-ons, and here socks were a bright white. It seemed she was just what the doctor ordered. Perfect. She didn't believe as a result she was lovely. She denied it.

Little did she know, L thought the complete opposite? He didn't demonstrate it of course, because he didn't know it. He also denied it.


Though they both were in denial, they continued their daily lives as if these ponderous thoughts, by no means, crossed their minds. She thought she hated him with a passion. He thought he didn't mind. Their lives at this point may as well be a convincing game of pretend.

Light also hated the severe boredom that she had to live through each day. It was at all times the same agenda:

-Wake up

-Find useful information


It was the same every single, solitary, unproductive, day of the week. Light longed for variety, even if she had to spend the day with L, even if she had to bring L with her, even if she had to go on a… date with him. She longed for it all. Sometimes, she even dreamed of it; witnessing the glorious sun, letting it beam down on her awaiting face. So much had been neglected from the last occasion she had gotten the last glimpse of that great, blazing celebrity in the heavens.

All that could be heard, unfortunately, was the piercing sound of the many keyboards in the room. It drove her NUTS. Each little stupid ~tappity- tap- tap~ convulsed yet another shooting annoyance through her coursing head. Closing her eyes seemed to assist her. L glanced up from his work, and then sighed heavily.

"Light-Chan mustn't be falling asleep on the job." L alleged lazily, as if she was some dim-witted annoyance. Those words burned at her, and she countered in the same arrogant manner,

"I'm not sleeping. Obviously, you wouldn't be familiar with such an action. It shows." That seemed to work, because his eyes widened ever so slightly before he sighed in defeat. A smirk found itself on her expression, despite the fact that it wasn't long before she truly did fall sound asleep. L noticed this and groaned.

By this time, the rest of the investigation group had wandered to their quarters, leaving L to fend for himself in company with a slumbering adolescent. 'Wonderful.' He thought to himself in a sarcastic manner. He rose from his seat and waltzed over to Light in a lethargic fashion. He tried to wake her with a gentle shove.

"Hmmm…" she complained. L decided to take a different approach. He started shoving her, and whispering wake up calls to her. She twitched once, and then whispered a random spill of words. L, now totally and completely perplexed, just started nudging her and watching her react. Sometimes was she said was brainless, and sometimes it was comical. It was a new source of entertainment for L. Then he thought of something clever. 'Interrogating people when they're asleep can be very affective…' L thought to himself as he thought up a matter.

"Are you Kira?" L asked, hopeful his effort would work.

"Thumbs down…" she mumbled in response.

"Who is?" L pressed further, unwavering. He was certain to get an answer.

"I dunno…" her voice trailed off. 'Or so I Thought…' L contemplated the accuracy of his plan. He decided to ask a question he already knew, for a placebo.

"What's the answer to eighty-one squared?"


"What is pi?"


'She knows what she's talking about.' L thought to himself. He thought up some ridiculous questions. One question overwhelmed every one of them, so he decided to ask it. Might as well amuse himself now than afterward, for he knew he almost certainly wouldn't get the possibility to do this another time.

"Don't you hate me?" he instantly knew the answer, and thought it ludicrous to ask it. She didn't reply for a time.

"Don't you?" he asked once more. L thought the entertainment was over, and made a sound of complaint, but just as he was about to leave her there, she said something. Something out of the ordinary…

"It's… the… opposite…"

"So you don't hate me?"

"It's not…" She shifted, more or less, as she spoke.

"It's not what?"

No answer.

"Don't leave me… L." she practically begged in a whisper.

For the next hour, L just stared at her, examining her actions and movements as she slept. He pondered with great intensity, and began to gnaw on the surface of his thumb. Light twitched here and there, but the major fixation was on what she was muttering.

Now, Light wasn't one to talk in her sleep, but from time to time it happens. L just caught her in the process, and she was stating the most bizarre things.

"No…" she whispered.