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Light POV

Ryuk was hiding somewhere. Probably couldn't take the drama. I knew I was going to die that day. It was blatantly obvious. But I could see L, frantic and panicking, leaping out of the helicopter. I also knew that I loved him, but that I was Kira… and L wouldn't care for me. It didn't matter if I died or not.

L's face was torn between anger and sadness, practically screaming my name. I remembered that dream, the one where we were falling. "Don't leave me L." I looked straight at him, and made sure he heard. "I love you."

The tears were already falling, the pain already forming, eyes already growing to realization, before she bent my arm back and snapped it. I screamed, even though it did me no good, and the pain was searing. L screamed before it even happened. "NO!"

L took a step forward, and Misa cocked the gun slowly with her thumb. I was dead for sure, I already knew that much. But L wouldn't be able to cope, because I already knew he loved me in some way. So I smiled. "Don't leave me L, don't leave me." I murmured to myself. I didn't mean it how you think. He could leave me here to die for all I care, lord knows I deserve it. I don't want him to leave my mind, my heart.

"Never." L shouted. "I'll never leave you."

I my smile weakened as the sobs ripped out of my chest. "You don't understand, L!" I shouted. "I don't deserve you! I want to hate me for what I've done!"

L was obviously confused. "Why? What do you mean?"

"I mean that I'm…"

Misa snickered. "That's right. Tell him who you really are."

L furrowed his brows. "What?"

I shook my head, deciding he'll hate me anyway. "I'm Kira. It's true. All of it, Including the, 'forgetting I'm kira' part. I'm Kira!"

L paused everything for a moment, his expression blank but thoughtful. Then his world visibly dropped, as he dropped to his knees and cried, his shoulders shaking from the sobs. He put his face in his hands.

"I want you to know that I love you, L. I don't want to be kira. Please don't cry, just hate me." My broken arm throbbed when Misa punched it, to show her anger at my words. I didn't care.

L shook his head. "Light, I don't care if you're kira. I really don't. And that scares me. I love you Light, but too much for my own good." Light smiled. Of course he'd be blunt about it. "And you aren't dying today."

Misa chuckled. "Oh yes she is."

She seemed to have forgotten that the drugs only lasted momentarily. I admit it, I also forgot, but now I have to figure a way out of this… I slowly raised my arm that wasn't broken to find the gun, not letting Misa notice. I made everything fast. Grab the gun, turn around, sprain her wrist in the process (bonus!), and point it to her head. L ran up behind me and held my waist. "Nice move." He whispered.

"Thanks." I whispered back. Misa smirked, and giggled like a psycho maniac.

"I still have the note, dumb ass."

Light smirked.

"But I got the gun, and it takes forty seconds to kill me. In those forty seconds, I will be kicking your ass. Now what?"

Misa was silent. L whistled. "Damn…"

Misa was arrested for attempted murder, and for being the second kira. Light was interrogated later, and only smaller charges were pressed against her. She only killed criminals who killed. All of the criminals she killed would've been given the death penalty anyway.

Light's arm healed over time, and L made Light his assistant detective. Light did one thing on her own, of which she told L before she did it.

She gave up the death note, along with all the memories of even owning it.

Ryuk, who was watching everything unfold, laughed his raspy, mysterious laugh, and sighed. "It was fun while it lasted." He mumbled to himself.

L and Light sat together, holding hands and watching 'The Ring'.

Light giggled. "Well, I think we've won the 'strangest couple' award."

L smiled. "I suppose so."

Light leaned on L's shoulder. "You know you don't have to talk like that when you're around me."

L quirked a brow and said, "And what am I supposed to talk like?"

Light thought for a moment. "Improvise. Try talking like a rapper."

L chuckled and asked, "A rapper? Really?"

"What? Try it. Try flirting with me like a rapper would."

L paused for a minute, then put on a smooth face of an actor. "Aye gurl, no disrespect, but… damn gurl. There's just one thing, one thing I gotta discuss wit you… no disrespect."

Light laughed. "I didn't think you'd actually do that."

L smiled. "Anything for my fiancé'."

Light blushed and playfully slapped his arm. "You're too good for me, Lawliet."

"Am I?" he asked, capturing her lips.

Light put her arms around L's neck. "Yes. You are."

L continued to kiss her, passionately, and nipped her bottom lip. They lay down on the couch, and when L moaned, Light sat up.

"Not until after the ceremony. I already told you that."

L blushed. "I wasn't…"

"But you wanted to." Light told him, smirking.

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