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~ Normal ~

"Ikuto! Kukai! Nagihiko! Kairi! We're home!" Souko walked through the door, puling a suitcase behind her. Aruto followed, carrying a huge box.

"Boys?" she shouted again. There was no answer.

"BOYS!" she screamed. Almost immediately, the boys filed in a straight line at the bottom of the stairs.

"That's better," Souko smiled innocently.

"So, why back so soon?" Ikuto raised an eyebrow.

"I can't come back to see my boys? Oh you've grown so much!" she rustled Kukai's hair.

"Hey! I just combed that!" he complained.

"But he probably hasn't washed it since last week," Nagihiko chuckled.

Souko immediately removed her hand, rubbing it on her coat.

"Honey?" Aruto called from behind her. She turned around, "Can I put this down now?"

"Oh yes! Just throw it down." He obeyed, sighing in relief.

Souko turned back to the boys, "So you know, the Hinamori's I was talking about in the postcard? Well I invited them and their daughters for dinner tonight!"

All four boys looked at their mom curiously, "The Hinamori's?" Kairi asked, playing dumb. They had never told their parents that the daughters had once lived in their homes.

"Yup! So you have to be on your best behavior. Don't make fun of the girls. Their fragile."

Ikuto and Kukai snickered. Fragile? They didn't think so.

"Their coming over soon so you boys wash up and change," Aruto ordered.

They nodded and headed up the stairs slowly. Souko looked up at Kukai and called out.

"Oh and Kukai?"

He turned back and looked at his mom curiously.

"Wash your hair."

There was a moment of silence, "Okay fine," he said reluctantly.

~ Later ~

Ding Dong!

"Oh! Here they are! Boys, boys! Come here!" Souko waved her hand.

"Mom, it's people. Calm down," Kukai said.

"Did you wash your hair?"


~ On the Other Side of the Door ~

"Girls. Remember…."

"Be on our best behavior. Don't make snide remarks, be calm, don't hurt the boys because they are fragile," Amu interrupted.

The others laughed quietly at the word fragile. They were the exact opposite of the word. More like rough and perverted, which was Ikuto of course.

"Good, now that you got that down," Midori turned to the door as it opened.

"Midori! Tsumugu! Come on in! Dinner's ready!" Souko smiled and invited them inside. She turned her attention to the girls, "Hello," she smiled, "These are my sons. I hope you get along well."

All eight teens laughed to themselves quietly. They were beyond getting along well.

"I'm sure they will, can you show us to the dining room?" Midori smiled.

"It's this way," Souko returned the gesture, leading to the room.

Once they were alone, Ikuto turned to Amu, "You never told your parents?"

"Nope," the pinkette shook her head, "What were we supposed to say? Hey Mama, Papa! Guess what? In the three months you were gone, We got the house taken over by my ex-boyfriend, stayed at the Tsukiyomi residence for about a month, and our boyfriends are they Tsukiyomi brothers!"

"Well, that does sound a bit bad," Nagihiko admitted.

"A bit? My dad cried over the fact that I was going on a group study date with a few guys and girls," Utau rolled her eyes.

"Well, you know why don't we just tell them now?" Kairi suggested.

"Because that would be the end of our life," Rima muttered.

"Yaya's still young and wants to eat candy," the brunette frowned.

"But you kno-" Kukai started.

"But nothing. We are going to pretend that we just met and that is final. Are we clear?" Amu glared.

"Fine," the boys agreed nonchalantly.


"Kids! Dinner's ready! You can chat later! The sobas going to get cold!" Souko shouted from the kitchen

"We're coming!" Kukai called.

Rima walked side-by-side with Nagihiko and whispered to him," Finally, something other then miso soup and rice."

~ During Dinner ~

"So girls, tell us about yourselves," Aruto said, picking up his chopsticks.

"We go to Seiyo High," Rima said.

"And actu-"

"Done!" everybody turned their heads to the source of the simultaneous yelling.

"Seconds please!" Kukai and Utau shouted once more. They both looked at each other, smirks planted on their lips.

"Done already pop star?"

"I should say the same to you soccer boy," she replied.

"Pop star? Soccer boy?" Tsumugu said, dropping his noodles.

"How did you know that Kukai loves to play soccer?" Aruto said.

Utau's eyes widened as she looked at Kukai, who was shocked himself.

"It was a lucky guess? He does look like he is a soccer fan," Everbody else nodded rapidly.

"Well, I guess that is true," Souko nodded. Everyone sighed of relief before turning to Utau and Kukai angrily.

"Nice move," Ikuto muttered.

"Sorry, reflex," Kukai whispered back.

"Just don't do it again," Amu whispered fiercely.

~ Laters ~

"I have to go to the restroom. Excuse me for a moment," Amu stood up, pushing her chair back in. She walked over to the living room and walked up the stairs to the restroom.

"That's funny," Souko said," How does she know where the restroom is?"

"I think she might be searching for it," Kairi lied.

"But on the second floor?"

"Who knows?" Nagihiko smiled.

"I guess so. I made pudding for dessert, does anybody want any?" Souko stood up, hurrying back to the kitchen.

Five minutes later she came back, carrying several cups of pudding on a tray. "Let's take this to the living room shall we?" Everybody nodded and got out of their seats, all except for Ikuto.

"Son? What's wrong?" Aruto asked.

"I'm just going to wait for Amu," he replied.

Rima glared at him, her eyes saying, 'Don't you dare try anything.' Ikuto nodded while sighing,

After everybody was safely in the living room, looking at past pictures of the Tsukiyomi family, Amu walked in the dining room.

"Living room," Ikuto said before she could ask.


"So Amu, I was wondering where you might want to go on our date next Saturday," he said, obviously smirking.

"Wait, I thought you said Sunday. I'm a bit busy on Saturday," Amu explained.

"I'm busy on Sunday."

"Oh come on," she pleaded.

"I'm busy," Ikuto shook his head.

"Pretty please with a cherry on top?"

"I might rethink it but…." He trailed off.

Amu sighed and put her hand on her forehead, "Fine. Only this one time." She leaned down and kissed Ikuto's cheek quickly.

"Now it's going to be on Sun-" Ikuto said, but was interrupted.

"Amu-chan?" Tsumugu screamed.

They turned their heads to the other side of the room. There was Tsumugu, in all his astonished glory, holding an empty pudding cup.

"Papa!" Amu backed away from her boyfriend.

"Honey? What's wrong?" Midori came from the doorway, a curious expression on her face.

"A-Amu-chan just k-kissed that b-boys c-cheek!" he exclaimed.

Rima and Utau shook their heads from the living room, it was an action caught by Aruto and Souko.

"Kids," Souko said, "What on earth is going on here?"

"Uh….He'll/She'll explain!" everybody shouting, pointing to eachother.

~ After the Whole Mess of Explaining Things ~

"So you mean to tell me that you lost our house for about 2 months?" Midori said.

Amu nodded.

"And you let these girls stay here for the time being?" Aruto clarified. Nagihiko and Kairi looked away, guilty.

"So for about a month there was four teenage girls and four teenage boys?" Souko simplified.

"That's about it," Kukai grinned.

"No!" Tsumugu dragged out, shouting. "I'm running away!" he ran out of the living room and into the kitchen. Everybody watched as he looked around opening cabinets and drawers.

He ran back and asked Aruto: "Where do you keep the junk food?" The blue-haired man pointed to the space behind the refrigerator.

"And the trash bags?" Souko pointed to the cabinet below the sink. "I'm running away!" he shouted again, gathering the food. He dashed up the stairs and wandered around. "Where's the bathroom?" he called out.

"Um, fourth door to the left," Souko replied.

"I'm running away for real this time and nobody stop me!" he yelled, slamming the Tsukiyomi bathroom door.

There was an awkward moment of silence before Midori turned around and gave Souko an apologetic smile. "Sorry about that. He'll come out eventually."

"That's what your father does?" Kairi asked.

"Don't ask," Amu shook her head.

The adults turned back to the teenagers, "So anyway, about this little event. We thought of a pretty suitable punishment." Midori grinned widely.

"….We're running away!"

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