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Epilogue (four years later)

"Congratulations, Stanford Graduates, class of 2012!"

I looked over at Edward and smiled. We'd been together for almost five years now, and we were still going strong.

After our first date I decided to delete my blog, deciding that since Edward and I were together there was no point in it.

I was apprehensive when I told Edward about the blog, but he just laughed claiming that it was 'a nice display of my undying love for him'. I just rolled my eyes.

I always told myself that I wouldn't be one of those girls who based her life decisions on a boy (for example, I wouldn't go to the same college as my high school boyfriend.) But in the end, it worked out for me this way. Edward and I both got full rides to Standford, and I've never been one to pass away a good opportunity. I majored Literature while Edward is medicine.

The first year was the hardest. We argued a lot and were almost to the point of break up. But after that Edward and I flew into a steady rhythm and it was all smooth sailing from there.

I still kept in touch with Alice on a regular basis. She was across the country at NYU with her beloved Jasper, who she had married last spring.

But as I looked around at my fellow graduates I knew something was changing.

I had been contemplating asking Edward to marry me for quite some time. I know it was supposed to be the mans job, but it was the 21st century, a woman could do what she'd please.

So as I watched Edwards smile and laugh with our friends, I knew that tonight, I would ask him to marry me.

EPOV. (shocked?)

"Congratulations, Stanford Graduates class of 2012!"

I threw my hat in the air as were my fellow peers, smiling and laughing. I looked over at my beloved Bella and she smiled back.

If I had known that meeting Bella would change my life like this, I'd have moved to Forks a whole lot sooner.

Bella was my world and I had been contemplating on asking her to marry me for quite sometime.

I'd been putting it off, saying it wasn't the right time, but now as I was watching her, I knew it was right.

I'm asking Bella to marry me.


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