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This is my 2nd BBRAE fanfic and this idea just came to me that even though Raven doesn't give these outrageous smiles like Starfire or Beast Boy, she still has these tiny ones. So I just thought of this idea of Beast Boy calling it her Mona Lisa smile and how it sounded sweet.

But if you ask me, Beast Boy sounds kind of mature in this piece . . .

So without further ado, here it is!

Her Mona Lisa Smile

I loved seeing it.

I loved every second of it.

The way microscopic dimples would form, her lips arched into a tiny smile that was just barely visible to the naked eye. Most people missed it, but not me. I saw it all, and that was probably when I felt happiest.

The smile might not have been from my jokes, but I was glad and content that she was at least enjoying herself and having a good time. When she chuckled, my ears would perk up and I'd glance at her, and smile. A girl like her, who's been through so much and has to struggle everyday to keep things in balance within her, deserves more than this.

I'd gaze at her sometimes, waiting for her lips to morph into that smile. She'd then sense me staring and look at me strangely, send a glare my way, and return to whatever she was doing. Like if she were reading a book. I would be saying something to her while she'd ignore me and when I'm done, she's still reading. Only thing is I know she hasn't turned the page once while I talked to her.

But she's not the only one who can sense things. When I tell her jokes that are at least halfway decent, I can sense her smiling inwardly, even when she tells me how corny they sound. And then, when she thinks no one is looking, she smiles for real, her tiny Mona Lisa smile.

I know of the risks she takes when showing emotion, even when I try to make it seem a light matter. But I wonder, Why can't she tell her other emotions something to help her express how she truly feels about things? There must be a way for her to do that. Right?

But this is the present. The present where inside, she is a quiet, recluse girl of two different heritages, which no human thought possible. The present where her moonlit, porcelain visage is troubled in showing emotions. Hopefully, what I wish for her will happen in the future, where things and people have changed.

I would never admit this to anybody, not even to Cyborg, but I like Raven. It should be pretty obvious by now, but I adore that smile of hers and that's just one of the many things I love about her. Although just once, I'd die to see a graceful smile carved onto her delicate features, brightening everything about her.

But for now, I guess I'll have to stick with that shy, hesitant smile that I have come to accept and love and that I secretly call, her Mona Lisa smile.

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