Alice POV

I kept my concentration steady. I was stalking down a young mother deer for dessert. I saw her next move and countered it with a nimble thrust. Now her neck was a clear shot. I opened my mouth, ready to taste the fast warm flow of thick blood, but something stopped me. The deer ran away as she saw my troubled face. I was having a vision you see.

And a happy one as you might add.

Pictures in my head started a movie for me. I grinned in delight as I saw a baby, about nine months old on our porch. A dumpy sort of woman was in front of the it, soothing the baby's crying. The mother herself was crying. She gave the child one last slobbery kiss, and dropped a note on the babies basket. Then she ran.

Edward , who was standing at least half a mile away, gasped. He dropped the mountain lion's carcass, and ran to my side. His face held grave features. I looked into his topaz eyes. Will Carlisle and Esme keep the baby?

Sadly, Edward shook his head. " We have no home for that child. If it stays with us, it'll be damned to hell. Just like the rest of us".

Typical Edward, always talking about hell. He snickered. I gave him one last look and ran to Carlisle.

I read " Bella Hale", and I absolutely ADORED it !!! And when ever I read Twilight, I always wonder, " What if the Cullens adopt a human, other than Bella??" And Huzzah! Here's my version!! Ps Jules is a GENIUS!!!! Ill make a LONGER chap next time i was giving ya a sneak peek

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