Title: Familiar

Author: AppleL0V3R

Fandom: Naruto

Pairing: Uchiha, Itachi and Haruno, Sakura

Chapter: One – Familiar

Rating: T

Type: Story – Incomplete

Summary: Familiar: well known, commonly seen or heard, and easily recognized OR a supernatural being, often taking the form of a cat or other animal, that supposedly acts as a witch's assistant.

Word Count: 481

Disclaimer: If you've heard of it before then it's obviously not mine.


Familiar: fa·mil·iar (fa-milly-ar)


1. Often encountered: well known, commonly seen or heard, and easily recognized.


2. Acquainted with something: with a thorough knowledge and good understanding of something.

Not that one either.

3. Friendly: in or characteristic of a close personal relationship with somebody.

No way.

4. Impertinently intimate: unduly friendly or intimate in a way that is seen as presumptuous or impertinent

Hell no.

5. Familial: relating to or involving a family

Tch. yeah right.


1. Intimate friend: a close friend and companion

That's another hell-to-the-no.

2. Lay member of monastery: CHRISTIANITY a residential worker in a monastic community who has not taken a vow.


3. Household attendant of pope or bishop: CHRISTIANITY a domestic servant in the household of a pope or Roman Catholic bishop.

This is hopeless

4. Spirit helping witch: PARANORMAL a supernatural being, often taking the form of a cat or other animal, that supposedly acts as a witch's assistant.

Ah-ha! There it is.

Onyx eyes dropped to the first paper in the packet that had been handed out in class and sure enough the definition matched. Sighing he looked back to the laptop screen and double-tapped on the underlined definition that seemed to be a link to another site that would most likely give him more information on the mythological creature. Another window popped up and within a second the page had loaded. Stroking his middle finger over the hypersensitive pad till it got to the enlarge button that was always in between the minimize and close buttons and double-tapped once more. As the window enlarged itself another window popped up earning a frustrated growl from the male as he closed the pop-up.

Why the hell did his teacher have to assign such an assignment to the class? It was an English class not a Mythology class. And why was he the only one to get a mythological creature for his definition? He glanced at the packet once more eyeing the directions with distain.

Use the slip passed out to the class to complete this assignment. You must research and turn in a paper of the word and the specific definition designed for it. NO TRADING OR PICKING A DIFFERENT DEFINITION!

He would get Kakashi back for this.

Still he shifted to get more comfortable on his cloud-like king sized bed and set to work on researching his assignment. At least it wouldn't be hard to turn in a paper over it.

This idea did come from my other story, Change My World, so it's like it in some aspects but hopefully not a duplicate of it. That's definitely not my goal. I did get the definitions from the dictionary. I hope you like it. Sorry for the shortness. Thanks for reading. Review please. Criticism is forever welcome.