Disclaimer : No own Inuyasha or Vampire Knight

I just had the greatest idea for a short story..... No Bashing! Because it is 4:20 where I am and i'm tired damnit...... Crossover! One shot

Warnings.... This is messed up comedy, Male preg, Punting babies....ect

Characters : Inuyasha, Sesshomaru, Naraku, Aidou, Kaname, Zero, Rido, Yuki, & Rima

Title : The punting of babies.

Inuyasha had just gone into labor and the mid-wife was no where to be found. Because of this Sesshomaru had to deliver the baby. Placing Inuyasha on the floor he prepared to do the birthing. Nervousness quickly taking over his normally calm form. Seeing the crowning of the babies head Sesshomaru prepared to pull the child out. Sliding out of Inuyasha's body the baby was caught by Sesshomaru. Freaking out when the babie moved Sesshomaru accidentally tossed the child. Yelling at Rido to catch the baby, and Rido misunderstanding. Punting the baby instead the baby flew in Zero's direction.

"Zero lets play punt the baby!"

"Ok" Zero replied.


Baby sailing towards Aidou he got in position for a power punt. Kicking the baby with full force the baby sailed forward and attached itself to Kaname's face. Using is powers to control the wind flung the baby in Naraku's direction.

Catching the baby Naraku turns to make off with the baby.

"It's my baby now..... KU KU KU.... Mine I tell you.... KU KU KU..... MINE...GRRRR!"

Moving to jump out of the window but was stopped as Yuki entered the room. Grabbing him by his ear Yuki tore the baby from his arms.

"kukukukukukukuku...........oooooooooooooooooooo..... it was mine." Naraku meakly said.

Glaring at the 7 GROWN men in the room she stated " I'm telling Rima!!!!"

Gowering the boys becan to beg forgiveness.

"Nope not enough................. RIMA THEIR PUNTING THE BABY!" She yelled.

Next you heard 7 groans as Rima quickly entered the room.

"Who's first?" She questioned, whip in hand.