It was perfect to be out in the wilderness that day. They had all gone for a good long hike in the morning and had come back for brunch. The only two who had actually enjoyed the hike were Leo and Malcolm. Karen, Will, Jack and a very pregnant Grace complained the whole way and back. By the end of their hike Malcolm carried Karen on his back. Jack flapped is arms vertically preventing his perspiration from getting out of hand, Will contaminated the air with his bug spray and Leo dragged Grace behind him. What had planned to be an entertaining and exciting morning tuned over and slapped Malcolm in the face. Karen whined and whimpered as she hung on to Malcolm's broad shoulders. They had gone up at least two miles up the Hudson Highlands State Park and they were calling it a day.

The birds sang, squirrels chased each other, butterflies danced in the air and Karen cried.

"Karen, can you keep your mouth shut for at least 10 minutes?" Malcolm shook her as he carried her on his back.

"I will if you get me out of this hell hole. I'm sweating in places never thought possible!" She complained yet another time.

"Why are you even complaining? You're not the one carrying a freaking boulder on your groin." Grace bit out.

"My gorgeous body aches all over!" Jack whined as he dragged his body to a boulder.

"Ok, Enough! This hike was supposed to be fun for all of us! I know I am exhausted as well, but I haven't complained at all. Why complain any longer when we know we are on our way back to the cabin?" Will made it a point.

"As bad as it's going to sound Will's right…ewww that's gonna repeat!" Karen rolled her eyes.

Karen looked away from Will's eyes and laid her head on Malcolm's shoulder. She could still feel his gaze on her, but she ignored the feeling and played with her husband's hair. Malcolm enjoyed when Karen ran her fingers through his hair. It made him loosen up after a long day at the office. Yet Malcolm could feel Karen's body tense up as she looked away from the group. He though to himself for a moment; then looked over at Will. He caught Will staring to where they stood then quickly avert his eyes. He thought nothing of it and led the group back the van that would drive them back to the cabin.

Malcolm directed the driver as the rest boarded the van. Jack and Grace were the first to dive in and slip their shoes off. Leo and Will went in after and went to the very rear of the van. Karen waited for Malcolm and watched as the dark clouds came rolling in. It was all so sudden; it had been so sunny just seconds before yet now it was dark and gloomy. She shivered at the thought of having to be stuck in the cabin for the rest of the day. Malcolm caught her off guard and she flinched at the feel of his hand on her arm. She pursed her lips in reassurance and they joined the rest in the van.

On the way to the cabin Jack and Malcolm spoke to Grace and felt what seemed to be her unborn infant kicking. Jack was grossed out by the though of any human being living inside someone for nine months. Malcolm was amazed about the whole miracle of life. Malcolm had wanted a child of his own, but he knew that Karen would bite his head off if he even mentioned the idea of them having a baby. He thought that maybe after 5 years of marriage she would have at least thought about having a baby around their home.

"So Karen, when are you and Malcolm thinking of having a kid?" Leo asked from the back seat.

"Never! That's out of the question." She looked out the window.

"Is this your choice or both of yours? You know Malcolm deservers a say in it too." Grace asked.

"Then he should have it! It's my body! I'll be the one suffering… no thank you!" she sunk into her seat.

"Aw Kare, there is no need to get mad…" Jack patted her knee.

"Get away, Jackie…" she buried her head in her knees.

Malcolm brought her into his arms to comfort her. He knew that family conversations got under her skin. No one could really blame her; after having a morbid childhood she certainly didn't want to raise her own family. Although, Malcolm him self had seen Karen when his sister had given birth. In a crowd Karen would deny her tender side, but as soon as she and her new nephew were alone she'd rock him to sleep and sing to him. Malcolm knew better than to push her into something she didn't want at that point. Hopefully she would change her mind he hoped. He just didn't want to rush her in any way. It did take her a while to finally come out and say they were a couple when they first started dating. It took him a year and a half after they began dating to pop the question and when he did he was like a giddy school boy asking his crush out. When she said "Yes!!" he left so light and free spirited. At the wedding she looked so stunning in white although, white… was not very believable for a woman in her 30's and previously married, but he loved her. She had charmed her way into his family and well he'd charmed his way into Karen's little clan.

"Come on, sweetie…" Malcolm nudged her noticing she had dozed off.

She simply wrapped her arms around his neck. Malcolm scooted off the seat and out into the gloomy atmosphere. He lifted Karen into his arms; walking up the stoned path way. The rest followed behind as Malcolm had seconds before. Malcolm handed Leo the keys since his arms were pretty occupied. Leo turned the key and the sent of the enclosed house brushed by them. Leo walked in first as if wanting to be the first to get a glimpse of Malcolm's cabin. Grace walked in first, then Jack and Will, Malcolm then carried Karen in.

"Feel free to do whatever you want gang. There are movies in the Den, food in the fridge and the bedroom upstairs. I'm going to go lay Karen and be back in a bit. Get everything settled." Malcolm left them in the comfort of their home as he took Karen to rest.

After Malcolm had taken Karen upstairs Leo and Will went to the kitchen. Leo noticed Will rather distant and excited. He observed Will as they got refreshments to take out to the den. There was something going on yet he couldn't put his finger on it. Had he met someone that he actually enjoyed being around? Although, Will had never really been fond of Leo, they knew too much of each other; more than they would like to in fact.

"So, Will anything new? How's life?" Leo asked.

"Well I got a promotion at the firm. I have an assistant now." He smiled widely.

'Oh well that explains the anxiousness…" Leo answered dully.

"Yeah…" He walked out with refreshments in hand.

Malcolm laid Karen on the bed and pulled the covers over her body. He watched as she stared out the window in a dream state. He wondered what might have been going through her head. He was concerned that there might be something that she wasn't telling him. He debated in thought if he should bring it up and ask or to just leave it. He placed his hand on her thigh; she smiled as the gesture comforted her. She scooted a side and patted for him to lay next to her. He removed his shoes and lay in the spot across from hers. They looked into each others eyes for a while. She ran her petite hand over his rough cheek. A light smile came over their faces as to say "I love you.". They had been together for so long they no longer spoke to express themselves to each other. Any small gesture of tenderness towards each other was enough to ignite a dark night sky. Each day that went by they learned new things from each other; whether it be meaningful or insignificant.

"Is everything ok?" Malcolm's voice filled the room.

"Why do you ask, honey?" She replied stumbling over her words.

"You seem quiet and kept to yourself lately. Is something bothering you?" Malcolm sat up.

"Nothings wrong really, Malcolm." She smiled pursing her lips.

Malcolm pouted his lips and turned away from her in a playful matter. She shot up from her spot and onto his shoulders. She ran her fair skinned hands up and down his shoulders as she kissed his neck. She knew it was his game, but she loved trying to make him forgive her in their game of love. She sat up wrapping his arms around his neck and kissed the side of his face. He quickly turned his face and their lips made contact. Shocked she pushed back at the sudden contact. He turned himself around and got hold of her. Lowering his lips she met him half way and passionately kissed as they lay on the bed. She sighed into his mouth as their tongues made contact. Malcolm's hand moved down her smooth flat stomach and made its way under her purple, skin tight shirt up to where her breast sat in perfect shape. In urge she arched her back to feel the contact of his palm with her flesh. Karen sat up removing her shirt and bringing Malcolm back down with her.

The rain began tapping on the window. The storm had finally made its way to them. Karen loved the rain. Listening to it relaxed her and made her more care free. Making love in the rain was another to add to the list to why she loved the rain. She shut her eyes as Malcolm's lips made their way up her neck and to her ear.

"I love you…" he whispered ever so gently.

Her body would inhibit with Goosebumps every time with out fail as he whispered into her ear so sensually. She smiled and whispered the same back.

"Kare, lets make a baby…what do you say?" Malcolm asked as calmly and still as he could.

Karen's body tensed up with the thought of children. Whit a push she stopped him from kissing her any further. Her heart raced as she made eye contact with him. What was she to say? He knew the answer would be "No", but she understood that at some point she'd have to give in. She just couldn't see herself caring for a tiny human that would need her 24/7. Pleasing Malcolm was enough than anybody could handle.

"Malcolm… I can't… I don't know what I'd do." she swallowed back tears.

"No honey, I'm sorry. I should have known the answer already…" he stood up and arranged his clothes.

"Malcolm… don't start please… I don't want to be fighting with you." Karen placed her knees in front of her body.

Malcolm no longer spoke and silently walked out of the room. She stared at him in plain shock. For the first time he didn't fight back. What was he getting at??? It wasn't fair that she was being pressured all of a sudden by everyone. So if Grace jumped off the Chrysler building then she had to follow? She stood up and rushed to the door.

"Well you know what? Be silent all you want! Screw you!" she yelled down the hall.

Will was coming out of the bedroom he reside in and saw Karen's red face and the anger seeping from within her. He stopped at her door at stared at her with an awkward look. She raised her brow and wondered what he looked at so intensively. She then remembered that she and Malcolm had been fooling around and she wore only a bra on top.

"What Will like you haven't seen a woman in a bra." She huffed.

"Grace, but there is a big difference with you two." He walked down the hall.

"What are you talking about?"

He turned around impulsively and brought her into a deep powerful kiss. Karen attempted to catch her breath, but Will continued to kiss her. Her arms reached up to stop him. She negatively shook her head as he move forward in attempt to capture her lips again.

"Will, no stop. I can't. Leave it in the past please. Don't do this again. I'm married and I love my husband to much to do this to him." Will's eyes glistened as Karen spoke.

"How can you leave what we had?"

"Leave what in the past, Will?" a voice behind him asked.