"This is a tale of a boy of a girl of a man of a wife."

- Little Comets

This Is A Tale… or This House Of Black

"Bella!" …"Bella!!" A blonde boy ran across the shore of the black lake. The black haired girl he was calling to, turned to face him.


"You…" He stopped in front of her and leaned forward, hands on his knees, trying to catch his breath. "You're…you're not really gunna be a Death Eater are you?"

'Bella', rolled her eyes. "Monday, I don't see why you care. You're leaving." She huffed.

'Monday', looked at her with sad eyes. "Bella." He stood straight.

"Don't start…"

"You'll regret this choice for the rest of your life if you become one of them. You could do anything Bella…anything you wanted. But if you do this, you'll destroy yourself."

"…At least I won't be alone." She looked away from his brown eyes.

"Is that why you're doing this? Because I'm leaving?"

"…We both know, no matter what you say…I'll join them if you leave. And you'd always want me not to."

Monday watched her carefully. "Tell me what you want me to do Bella, and I'll do it."

"I want you to stay here…you can't just…you can't just leave." She mumbled.

"I'll talk to my dad. He's more reasonable than mum." He tried to smile. "Even if we're still going…I'll find a way to stay. I can't let you become a dollie for Voldie. I'd never forgive myself."

Bella turned back to him and threw her arms around his shoulders. "You're really the best friend anyone could ever want."

He chuckled. "I know."

Bella pulled back and hit his shoulder playfully. They walked together now. Of course they would go their separate ways once they reached the castle.

A Slytherin being seen with any other house members may as well have been the worlds biggest sin.

But since first year when Bella had met Monday they had always been best friends.

They had met in the library. Bella had accidentally dropped a book on his head.



'I'm sorry!'

He had stood up, rubbing his head, smiling. 'Ah it's alright. Accidents happen. Definitely woke me up though.'

Bella had been amazed at his attitude. When a Slytherin accidentally did something all the others thought it was some big plot.

'I'm really sorry.' Bella had mumbled again.

'It's really okay.' He noticed the emblem on her robes. 'Slytherin uh? Heh you'll be the first one I've met with manners.' He grinned, not at all bothered by her house.

'Hey I'm Monday.' He held out his hand.

'Monday?' She took his hand.

He chuckled. 'I was born on a Monday and my parents couldn't think of anything else.' He explained.

'Oh…I'm Bellatrix.'

'Bellatrix what?'

'Black.' She gritted out with an air of saying something unpleasant.

They released hands. 'Oh really? I hear you're all great with magic. Amazing duelists. Is it true?'

'Well…from what I've heard…yes. I haven't had a duel yet though. I thought we only learned that in second or third year.'

'Usually." He scratched at his blonde curls.

'…What's your last name?' Bella asked curiously.

He seemed to remember something. 'Oh! Sorry! It's Honey. I'm Monday Honey.' He grinned.

'That's…unusual.' Bella smiled.

'But that's the way I likes it.' His grin widened.

And it went that way for five years.

They had their lunch outside when they could, near the Black Forest. Studied after class if no other Slytherins or Ravenclaws were in the room. Both tried out for the Quidditch team. Both made seeker.

Monday being non-violent could actually make the Slytherins attack themselves on the field. Bella, was naturally competitive. So she was the opposite. After their matches they'd meet in the back of the library and tell each other how well they did and there were no hard feelings.

Bella and Monday both were great at dueling. Monday wanted to be an Auror when he was out of school. And Bella would follow him.

There was never any real doubt in Monday's mind that they'd be best friends forever. Until he heard the rumor about Bella becoming a Death Eater.

He had been disappointed in her and annoyed with the boy they were all following. He figured she'd act out when she found out he was leaving. And this was her ultimate form of trying to show she did not care, when she honestly did. What better why to throw everything away than to be one of them.

Tom Riddle, that bastard was the worlds biggest liar. He was a half blood and he hated the other half bloods. Pretending to be pure blood…and people bought it. Monday knew Tom was a half blood because he'd asked the head master about it.

Bella was being pulled in by him, and Monday would have none of it. He'd promised Bella and himself he'd always protect her, no matter what it took. And Monday Honey always kept his promises.

When he'd chased down and asked if she'd be a Death Eater…he knew she'd be honest. And she was right. If he left she was always going to become a Death Eater, and he was always going to want her not to. So if his staying kept her safe…he'd stay.

[AN: First HP story! It'll be a Bella/Dora fic. If you don't like it then please don't read it.]