[AN:Finally another chapter! Sorry it took so long...I just had zero ideas.]

"This is a tale of a boy of a girl of a man of a wife."

- Little Comets

This Is A Taleā€¦ or This House Of Black

"Sirius, you asshole! Why did you do that?"

"His hair was messy. He needed a cut."

"Sirius, who cuts somebodies hair in the middle of the night?"

"I do Orion. They just so happen to call me the Midnight Barber."

"...The Midnight Barber?"

"Oh yeah."

"Whatever you better not do that to me."

"I do do it to you."


"Yep. I go in your room when you're sleeping and go at that mop of yours."

"...My hair just growns very slow..."

"Haha! What you think it stays that length naturally?"

"How dare you. How dare you do that to me."

"Oh whatever cousin. Get out of here. We got work to do."

"Tsk! Go report back to Bella."

"I'm going, I'm going."

"...That's you shaving people's head at night?"

"Not shaving, just trimming."

"So you cut Dorea's and my own hair?"


"Haha! We got ourself a Midnight Barber! Have at it then if you're good at it."

"Thanks Bella."

"Not a problem. Anyways....what did you and Orion find?"

"The Death Eaters are moving. Mr. Riddle is back on the rise."


"There's been a battle in the Department of Mysteries."

"Any deaths?"

"Only Death Eaters Bella."

"I see...keep watch around the borders of the forest. If theirs anymovement by them around the castle...move in and make every attempt to get the Ministry members to break the treaty."


"....I didn't mean to cause all this trouble."

"Don't worry Dorea. There's no way you could have known."

"I know but I should have at least taken what I found with me!"

"It's to late to think about that now. I'm sure Riddle would have found that information one way or another."

"You're to kind Bella."

"Only with you."