Wind Chasers

Fandom: Dino Thunder

Focus: Kira Ford and Kylee Styles

AN: This story is a present for Jud, so enjoy big bro! It started as a one shot and just…sorta mutated so stick with it and no I haven't stopped posting on 'Everything Burns' just working on two at one time.


Chapter One:

Kira Ford felt like all the air had been knocked out of her as she stared at the poster that was now attached to the door of Hayley's Cyberspace.

Kylee Styles performing live!

Free of Charge

Saturday the 18th August 2004

Kylee Styles. Now that was a name she hadn't heard in a long time, nor was it someone she allowed herself to think about in more than small time bursts. It was a name she loved and loathed at the same time.

Kylee Styles, internationally known singer, pop star and song writer. Kylee Styles, her former best friend. Kylee hadn't always been well known. Once she had been just like Kira, trying to be discovered but that was three years ago, sophomore year. They where fifteen, sophomores with plans to take the world by storm under the name 'Wind Chaser'. They preformed for the junior/senior prom that year and where a big hit.

Reaching out blindly Kira ripped the poster of her former friend from the door, spreading it with an anger she thought she had buried years ago.

Turning around Kira pulled her keys back out of her shoulder bag, opened the door to her small compact car, got in, starting it and locking the doors on auto pilot turning on the CD player as she reversed her car, heading back towards her mother's house.

The haunting melody of Within Temptations filled her car, driving thoughts from her head as she drove the forty minutes to the out skirts of town, pulling into her driveway. She didn't realize she was shaking until the steering wheel, which she had a very steel like grip on, started to shake even when the engine was cut. A glance in the mirror told her that her mascara was smeared beyond repair as the tear stains showed on her cheeks in thin, long black streaks. Digging into her bag she pulled out a bottle of water and a pack of Kleenex wiping the ruined mascara from her face, before applying a new coat, making her eyes shine a little more. A glance in the mirror told her she was presentable, just for the off chance her mother was home.

Entering the dark house told Kira that her mother wasn't hope, something she was happy for as she was sure she either looked a mess or was going to be creating one. Turning quickly through the maze that was her parents' house she took the stairs two at time until she reached her door which was covered in pictures of anything from her mother and little sister or her favorite bands cover album.

Entering her room it looked like it was still how she left it that morning; expect her mother had made her bed. Grabbing her CD case from a desk drawer she rummaged through the massive thing; finally reaching the section reserved for Kylee. All three of her studio recorded albums where there but that wasn't what Kira was looking for, instead she reached for the oldest of all of Kylee's stuff, back when they where the 'Wind Chasers'. A friend of their mothers had created the CD cover in a few shades of pink, something Kira despised after Kylee was discovered. She hated anything that reminded her of that girl, the very reason hundreds of pictures of them where locked up in a box in the top of her closet.

Her hands still shook as she opened her CD player and placed the CD inside of it, letting the CD player catch it before hitting 'Play.' The first song was purely acoustic the only one on the album aside from an acpella that was the last track on the album. She listened to the CD intently as it had been years since she had heard the CD, she hadn't forgotten any of the lyrics or melody's but it was like hearing it for the first time again.

It took her the good portion of an hour and a half to listen to the album, relearning her songs as it went. When the final song came on, the acpella version of 'True Love' her resolve broke to not touch the boxes that where in the top of her closet. Crossing from her desk chair to her closet she pulled open the double doors that held her clothes and began digging through shoe boxes that where on the top shelf, pulling down three boxes crammed with photos.

One box was a nice emerald green, it held their random friendship pictures, pulling the lid off of the box she dumped the pictures onto her bed and began rummaging through them, taking out the picture of the first day they had met, at a guitar lesson at Reefside High School, their freshman year, it was taken by the instructor. The second picture she pulled was of them in their Biology class, a casual arm around each other's shoulder. The third they were on Kylee's front porch practicing their guitars, laughing over something one of their mom's had said. In all she pulled sixteen photos from the first box, it was the first of the three sets of collages she was planning. It wasn't something that she had before Kylee left, the obsessive compulsive behavior but it had started shortly afterwards something to keep her mind busy that was also when she started writing her deeper music, things she had hidden in a three ring binder in her desk so she wouldn't destroy them if she ran across them by chance.

The second box was a dark ruby red, a color they had been obsessed with at one time. All the photos starting with the formation of 'Wind Chasers' where placed in this box, every practice, every gig, every new guitar. They made it a practice to take pictures of every gig, from getting ready to the after gig slumber parties that became habit among them. This was the happiest box if one where looking back on them, making Kira only be able to narrow down her selection for the collage to a mere forty photos.

The third box was the one that literally ripped Kira's heart out anytime she looked at them now a day as it was the set she most treasured and yet hated at the same time. All it took was one night after their biggest gig to date that changed their friendship from something between two innocent best friends to a deeper love for each other which would later mutate into a very passionate love for the other. A beep from Kira's phone dragged her from her thoughts, flipping it open she pressed the 'Accept' button for the text.

'Yo, Terra where you at?' –Trent

Her eyes widened as she remembered why she had gone to Hayley's in the first place, the group had a study session for Dr.O's test tomorrow. Quickly typing out a reply of 'ran home be there soon' Kira flipped the phone closed before grabbing her messenger bag, sliding her phone into it and heading towards her car.