Wind Chasers


LEMON ALERT this entire chapter is lemon so don't like don't read

Best I Ever Had

Kira stood watching Kylee as she helped her band repack the equipment that had been brought for the show that night. Watching her was something she had missed about being with Kylee, she had always moved with cat like grace, if she was being herself and wasn't being watched by the press. Every move had a purpose, if it wasn't necessary it wasn't executed. After a few more minutes of giving directions some her cell phone rang. Talking briskly Kira could see the excitement that was in Kylee's eyes as she hung up the phone. The hyper young girl jumped off the small stage and strode over to Kira, reaching down to take the girl's hand in front of her entire crew.

"You sure that's a smart idea? This will have hit the press by tomorrow you know." Kira said, barley moving her lips

"I don't care anymore. Sure I'll probably lose some of my fan base but the ones who are true to the music will stick with it." Kylee said, leaning in, giving Kira a kiss that lingered slightly as the cat calls went up in the small room at the cyber café.

"GO KYLEE!" one of the girl's yelled, giving the two girls a thumbs up as the rest of the group just smiled at them before trying to continue on with the packing yet watching very inconspicuously.

"Now that we've made a nice little scene for the papers tomorrow I want to your mom. I missed my second mom. Besides she makes the best post practice snacks ever and I bet she still does." Kylee said, her eyes lighting up at the prospect of food.

"Yes," Kira said, laughing as they started towards the exit arm in arm "her snacks are the best, though Hayley's do come a close second. You'll have to try some of her's sometime to."

"So this is your usual hang?" Kylee asked, for the first time really stopping to look at Hayley's Cyberspace before nodding in approval. "Not usually us but it'll do since we've both changed so much."

"Us?" Kira asked, unlocking the passenger side of her car for Kylee before climbing into the driver seat in time to see Kylee nod her head.

"Yeah, if you'd like to try again that is. I talked to my manager and we've decided that I could use a few months off the road, to let me write the music I want to write and see how it'll float with the masses."

Kira smiled at that, it meant the real Kylee was still under all the pop glitter she had covered herself in the past few years.

"He also said he'd like to hear all of 'The Wind Chaser's' original works on demo tapes as soon as we can possibly manage. Apparently one of the band mates recorded our little duo and sent it over to him." Kylee said, her eyes returning to the old grandeur sparkle that Kira loved.

"All of the original stuff? That'd mean we'd have to finish some of them." Kira said, excited at the prospect of getting the older music out and heard.

"It'll be worth it Kira. Think about it our original dream will be finally realized!" Kylee was excited, this is what they had wanted years ago.

"Yes it will if we can ever manage to dig out all the old 'Wind Chaser's' works. I've only got two of the six binders." Kira said, watching Kylee more than the road as she drove.

"I've got the other four. They're in my room at mom's somewhere." Kylee said, knowing Kira would be a better singer than she would have ever been on her own.

"We'll get to those tomorrow. Tonight we need to get caught up. Any one special in your life ?" Kylee asked, having noticed the four males that Kira had been hanging with during her show.

"No; a good group of friend's but no one special." It was the truth; Tommy wasn't anything serious he was an energy release.

"I missed you Kira." Kylee said suddenly after a moment's silence that had filled the car. "It's been two years I thought you had given up on me."

"I almost had." Admitting that tore Kira to the heart, it wasn't something she was proud of.

During their conversation and the silence that filled the car they had arrived at Kira's house though neither of them made a move to exit the vehicle at first.

"Come on." Kira said, smiling at Kylee as she took the girl's hand in her own to give it a kiss "Mom's defiantly cooked something; let's go see what we have."

Hearing the door open Kira's mom shouted out a greeting letting the girls know she was in the kitchen. Her mother apparently had been on a baking spree as there was a huge plate of cookies and a cake that was in the oven.

"Baking spree mom? You feeling ok?" Kira asked, taking a cookie before handing the plate to Kylee who took one as well.

"Of course I am. Let's just say a little bird told me Kylee was in town and I know how you girls love a snack after a gig." Was all her mom would say as she grabbed a cookie for herself before going into the living room to watch a movie she had laying on the coffee table.

Kira grabbed the plate of cookies before nudging Kylee up the stairs and into her room, setting the plate of cookies on her desk.

"Go ahead and get a shower, I'm gonna dig through some of the old song files see what demos we can find that we did." Kylee said, going to the desk and opening the bottom drawer recognizing the binders they had decorated, pulling two out and beginning to thumb through them as Kira pulled off her outer shirt, tossing it on the bed and grabbing her towel that was hanging on her bathroom door before slipping into the bathroom, leaving the door opened a crack so Kylee would be able to get a good view.

Starting the water Kira finished removing her clothes before stepping under the water's warm flow pulling her hair down from the loose pony tail that held her hair back allowing the water to hit her hair massaging it into her scalp, turning so her frontal body view faced the open door feeling Kylee's eyes turn to her as she showcased herself in her full glory, smirking when she heard the footsteps and the arms pushed open the door to the bathroom allowing Kylee entrance to the small bathroom. Kira locked eyes with her as she slowly undid the top button on her shirt, as she took her time with each button playing with the button holes as the button slipped through. Revealing through the parted shirt she wore no bar, her nipples perked up as the cold air hit her, letting the shirt slip through her arms and hit the ground. She took the same amount of time and pleasure undonning her jeans and thong before joining Kira in the shower spray, pulling Kira to her in a tight kiss, intertwining their limbs as much as possible and still stay standing. Kira's hands strayed, claiming a nipple in her finger, toying with it as it rolled through her fingers before claiming it with her teeth, sucking hard, causing Kylee to arch back reaching back for a wall for support as Kira sucked harder, swapping nipples but still playing with the other with her fingers.

Kylee's hands had begun to wander as well but started at the other end of the spectrum, starting with her thigh and working her way up to Kira's clit, rolling it as she had her nipples but tugging harder, earning a hiss from Kira who had bucked back into the opposite wall.

Hands wandered, words of love where shared until Kira's passion had reached a peak as she sank to her knees before Kylee kissing first her left thigh and then her right before kissing the girl's shaven mound licking around her clit before taking the triangle bud between her teeth sending a spasm through Kylee who's legs were starting to give out. Kira gave one long bite and Kylee came hard, the waves rolling through her as her orgasm crashed down on her.

When Kylee reached, wanting to bring Kira to the same heights her girlfriend grabbed her arm holding her off.

"No, not now. Later maybe but not now." Kira said, pulling Kylee to her feet before putting some soap on a rag, taking her time to clean the girl in front of her, running the wash rag over her shoulders and breasts, tweaking them slightly before traveling south, only cleaning her up much to Kylee's disappointment.

"Rest now love, we'll have plenty of time later." Kira said, seeing the disappointment seep through Kylee who allowed herself be dried off with a warm towel thoroughly before being put in a pair of pajamas and slid into Kira's queen bed, laying in her lover's arms.

"I missed you Kira . . ."

Kira cut her off with a hard kiss before pulling back slightly.

"I know love. I know, rest please." She said, patting down Kylee's hair and kissing her forehead before allowing sleep to claim her.

AN: I must say this fic came together fast, took me about five days from start to finish but I like it none the less so let me know what you thought about it please and do you want a sequel? Starting on another Kira based fiction but it's going to be non romantic centered, I have limited internet access so I may have the fic finished before I can start posting it like I did on this one. Also do you like it better to wait until the fiction's finished for it to be posted or do you want it (if possible) posted chapter by chapter?