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"Naruto," Sasuke growled as his boyfriend pulled him through dark, twisting alleyways, the cold night air stinging his unprotected face, "There had better be a very good reason why you woke me up at 1 a.m. and dragged me out of my nice warm apartment. And by a good reason, I mean some had better be in their last dying throes."

Naruto glanced behind him for a moment and met the raven's irritated gaze with his own exited beam. "Oh it is, I promise. Do you really think we could have lasted ten years together if I didn't know better than to wake you up unless it was important?"

Sasuke gave him a doubtful glare. "Well you sure didn't at first!"


"Hey Sasuke!" Naruto yelled, bursting into his boyfriends bedroom and pouncing on the bed, jostling the raven awake. "Guess what? They came out with a whole new ramen flavor! Isn't that-"


"-Ouch! Sasuke! Why did you just hit me with a lamp?"



End Flashback

Naruto shivered a bit, and it wasn't from the cold. "Yeah, won't make that mistake again! Anyway, this is even better than ramen!"

Sasuke stumbled a bit, shocked. 'Did Naruto just say something was better than ramen?'

Naruto ignored the stumbled and turned a familiar corner, leading his boyfriend down into the abandoned subway and through the stone door before taking off down the only lighted pathway.

"Naruto, what-"

"In here!" The kitsune pushed him through a roughly carved doorway Sasuke was quite sure hadn't been there a week ago and pulled him into the center of the room.

"Wha-?" Sasuke gaped, staring around the room in shock. The walls were painted a soft, sunny yellow. Pictures of teddy bears and flowers adorned the walls and a small pile of stuffed animals were lined up on top of a wooden table that had low bars on the sides. But the most shocking piece of furniture stood in a corner of the room: a beautifully decorated crib. Sasuke turned to look at his wildly grinning boyfriend, placing a shaky hand on the wall to steady himself. "Naruto… what… what is all this?"

Blue eyes took on a soft glow as their owner strode forward to wrap his arms around his lover, pulling him close and burying his nose in the soft raven hair. "This is the room for our baby."

Sasuke stared up uncertainly at his boyfriend. "Naruto, we're both males. We can't have a baby."

"Actually you can. With my help, of course."

Sasuke spun around quickly to see the redhead who had stepped into the room behind them, a gentle smile painting her face as her hand lay lovingly over her stomach.

"Moegi?" Sasuke questioned weakly, feeling faint. The eighteen-year-old stared back at him with humor lurking in her eyes, ears twitching and tail moving with a graceful swaying motion. A lovely smile lit up her pretty face.

"Sasuke, years ago you saved the lives of me and my friends. You have always treated us kindly and have made Boss- I mean Naruto- so happy. Think of this as my gift to you. I would be honored if you would accept me as your surrogate."

The raven nodded his head slowly in assent, feeling his throat clog with emotion.

"Good!" Naruto cheered, wrapping his tails around his shell-shocked boyfriend, "Because it's already done! That's the good news I wanted to tell you- we're going to have a baby together! I gave Tsunade both of our… well you know," Naruto blushed shooting a wary glance at Moegi and ignoring her amused snort, "and she put everything where it needs to go, and there you have it! We won't know exactly who the biological father is, but I figured that isn't really important anyway. In a little under nine months we'll have our own baby. Isn't that great?"

Sasuke stared at the two grinning faces for a moment before feeling his legs give way and his eyes roll up in his head. A wry smirk appeared on his face at the sound of his boyfriend's panicked yelp while warm arms tightened around him to keep him from plummeting to the ground.

"Sasuke? Sasuke! Man, if I had known you would faint I would have told you to sit down."

Sasuke opened his eyes to gaze into the joyful blue ones staring down at him.

'Naruto… I love you.'

The End

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