Good morning Upper East Siders.

As everyone knows, Saks fifth avenue announced Friday that they will be featuring Waldorf designs. Our must-have fashions for the season. Sources say the stores may have the upcoming line as early as next week, although they will not be available to the public until next month. While we are all very excited, rumor has it that the Eleanor Waldorf (Founder and Designer of Waldorf designs) has relocated her and her family to our very own U.E.S. Rumor has it, that her offspring will be attending Constance for senior year. If she is half as gorgeous as Waldorf's creations, it looks like she will be taking this place by storm. Things were getting a little boring around here. I wonder what damage she'll cause. So saddle up little ones and girls, guard your men.


Gossip Girl

Blair Waldorf sat on the edge of her seat, looking prim and proper in her cream white halter top summer dress. Complete with a thick, pink belt that hugged her stomach in a way that showed off her curves. A green and pink floral head band had been fastened in her perfect, cascading chocolate curls and green peep-toed shoes doted her pristine, pink toe nails. Listening to a pre-selected Lady Gaga play-list, she closed her eyes and mentally started counting down the seconds until the plane was set to land safely on the ground.

Blair had never really been one for commercial flying. I mean, why put yourself thousands of miles up in the air with people that far below you? And yet, here she was, about to land in New York of all places. Her mother had decided to transfer here and Blair couldn't be any more distraught. She hated Americans. While she was American herself, she grew up in France and would kill herself before she was ever considered as one. In her eyes, all Americas were arrogant, filthy, drunken bastards that, most of the time, happened to be morbidly obese. Not only was she going to have to associate with these creatures, she was going to have to attend school and make friends with them. Her life as she knew it was over.

Not to mention she had a slight fear of heights. Not that she would ever admit it out loud. She would rather die than have someone consider her weak. She was a Waldorf, Waldorf's were anything but weak.

With that last thought, her plane skidded onto the runway. Taking a deep breath, bracing herself for the monumental change that was bound to occur. The Waldorf Heiress officially stepped into the scandalous life style of the Upper East Side.

Chuck Bass sat behind his desk at Bass Industries, stretching out lazily with a grin set upon his face. For the first time in his life, Chuck was actually looking forward to school come Monday. He had it all planned out. He would go to school, use his free period to hold his conference calls, and after school, head off to be CEO of Bass Industries. Life couldn't be sweeter at the moment. Well, maybe it could be a little more fulfilling, he mused silently.

He was debating which bar to go to after work to relieve some stress when his blackberry beeped signaling an incoming update.

Gossip Girl here and with a picture of the stunning Waldorf heiress herself. If her personality is anything like her looks, then it looks like Queen J better watch her back…and her throne. Only time will tell what she has in store for us. I for one am dying to find out. I'm sure all of the guys are as well. What do you think C? Conquest worthy? Oh and scratch what I said about holding on to your men, girls. From what I can see, you won't have a choice.


Gossip Girl

Chuck smirked when his caught his name. Of course Gossip Girl would measure the girl by his standards! Most of the Upper East Side did. When he hit the attached file button, his breath caught in his throat. There she was, stepping off the plane. He paused, wondering if he had ever seen anything more beautiful in his life. She had on huge cream sunglasses and a very conservative dress that stopped at her knees. Her long, porcelain, toned legs went on forever. She was small, no taller than 5'2. The woman in the photo was petite and skinny, but not disgustingly so. She had curves in all of the right places and she obviously knew her way around high end fashion. She reminded him of a little China doll, the epitome of perfection. There was something about the way her long dark curls tumbled down her back that made his hands twitch. Yes, was all he could think. Yes, she was very conquest worthy.

He hit the end button on his phone, only to press speed dial two immediately afterward. Holding the phone to his ear, he paced back and forth, waiting for an answer. The person picked up after the second ring, thankfully.

"Yes Mr. Bass?" the man stated nervously.

He wasted no time in answering the man.

"Robert, get me everything you can on the daughter of Eleanor Waldorf."

With that, he hung up the phone. Maybe he could use a new personal assistant. Chuck smirked, mentally mapping out his brilliant plan. He would give it a week, tops, before she was rumbling around naked in his sheets.

The next morning at Bass Industries, nothing could wipe the devilish smirk of the young heirs face. He was pretty damn proud of himself, with good reason. This time, Chuck aiming to be ahead of the game had actually worked. He often manipulated people to get what he wanted. Skillfully, he had Jenny, his secretary, set up a meeting with Mrs. Waldorf. From there, he had offered to invest money in her company with no strings attached. Well, there was one condition, not that she paid it much attention. He simply mentioned to her that he was looking for a personal assistant, planting the idea in her head. Almost immediately, she offered her daughter's services as gratitude. She had stated that Blair loved to organize things. He had set up an interview with the lovely young woman at four pm between his meetings.

He checked his watch again for what seemed like the sixth time that hour. Ten minutes. His PI had reported back to him thirty minutes earlier with less than satisfying results. Blair Cornelia Waldorf, daughter of Eleanor and Harold Waldorf. The rest of the information he had received had been useless. The girl was spotless. Not a single thing was out of place. She had attended a prestigious private school in France, had been on the honor roll during her entire academic career, and had a perfect attendance record. In fact, if the girl hadn't been in and out of hospitals and seeing therapists more often than most cancer patients do, she would have seemed quite dull. She had been the queen of her school though, he was sure of it. If she was anything like Jenny, he might have fun with this little game, although he had made it a point to never bed Jenny. The blonde self proclaimed virgin threw herself at him ever chance she got, making her seem desperate. It was quite annoying to say the least. It was much more satisfying to him, if he had to work for it. The thrill of the chase made the end result that much more gratifying. Not to mention, Jenny wasn't as physically attractive as Blair was. After all, he couldn't wait to tarnish her perfect record. Checking his phone again, he realized that she would be here any minute. he scoffed at himself for feeling anxious, Chuck Bass didn't do anxious.

Blair woke up the next morning in an unfamiliar bed after the worst night's sleep in years, having had quite possibly, the worst nightmare ever. That was until she opened her eyes and realized that it had not been one of her night-terrors. She was, in fact, still in hell. She spent the morning mourning her former life.

After grabbing a light breakfast of fruit and yogurt, Dorota, her house maid, gave her a walk through of the days itinerary. Eleanor had already left for the day. Her mother had to meet with the representatives from Saks, file the required paper work to enroll Blair into Constance, and sign off on all of the original pieces the were being altered for next season. Blair's schedule was a lot less hectic. The only thing she had was an unwanted interview with Mr. Bass of Bass Industries at four pm. Her mother had even laid out an outfit for her to wear to meet with him. It was a dress from the upcoming line, she noted, mentally rolling her eyes. While she was not ecstatic about getting a job, Dorota insisted that her mother had demanded it. That she would learn from the experience, promising that she would have fun and that the boss was a "hottie". Her mother had been so taken with him, that she invited him to dinner Friday night.

Blair got ready in silence, showering and brushing out her curls, making sure she was perfect. She slipped into the purple, knee-high dress that hugged her body in all the right places. It was conservative yet high fashion. She matched it with a cream colored headband, pearls, and matching pair of cream, open-toed, slip-on heels with little purple bows. When she was sure she looked immaculate and her makeup was above average, stepped into the elevator.

Breezing onto the street, she slid on her huge, cream Dolce and Gabana sunglasses. Calling for her driver, she waited until her town car came around. Sliding onto the leather seats, she closed her eyes and prayed to god for a miracle.

The door to his office opened at four o'clock on the dot. She's nothing if not punctual, he mused. He seriously wondered if the girl had ever been late for anything.

"Mr. Bass, a Miss Waldorf's here to see you," Jenny announced, a hint of jealousy in her voice.

"Show her in," he stated coldly, his bright eyes threatening his overly obsessive secretary.

Blair side stepped Jenny, effectively breaking the glaring contest that had begun the moment she had arrived. Really! She had no idea what this young girl's problem with her was, but she didn't take nicely to being disrespected. She'd play her game, but she always won. Maneuvering herself in front of the blonde, she took off her sunglasses, glanced over her shoulder and gave one last heated glare before whispering sorry in a sickly, sweet way that said she was obviously anything but.

As chuck watched the exchange, he couldn't help but let out a small chuckle. Quickly covered by pretending to clear his throat. Standing up as Blair walked in, dismissing his secretary all together. Blair had clearly won the minor battle. He waited until Jenny closed the door behind her with a look of outrage marring her features, before he stuck out his hand.

"Chuck Bass," he stated, introducing himself politely. He let his eyes roam over the small, beautiful woman before him. A smirk gracing his lips at her taste in attire, that just so happened to match his cream suit pants and purple ascot.

Reluctantly, she took his hand, giving him a once over. Blushing at the same realization over their choice of wardrobe. As much as she hated to admit it, her mom had been right. The boss was gorgeous – the very young boss. His dark brown hair, emerald green eyes, and perfect completion were… Oh my God! What was she doing? Checking out her potential boss, let alone her mother's dinner date!

"It's nice to meet you Mr. Bass. I'm Blair Waldorf," she responded, faking a smile.

"Don't mind Jenny. She's a little…infatuated with me," Chuck admitted, sitting down. "Please take a seat."

She took the seat in front of him, looking over her shoulder at the door. Infatuated, huh?That may have to be dealt with. A small smirk spread across her lips, as her mind entertained thoughts of tearing that tiny girl to shreds, limb by limb.

"Something amusing Miss Waldorf?" he questioned curiously.

She looked at him, trying and failing miserably to wipe the smile off her face. "Not at all. Mr. Bass, was it?"

He knew he had missed something, but decided to let it slide.

"Yes. I am sure Eleanor has spoken to you about why you are here?" he assumed. The reminder of her mother did it. The quirk of her lips dropped almost instantly. wiping away any trace of humor.

"Yes. She mentioned that you are in need of a new P.A. and while I would love to help you, I am in no way qualified for the job," she admitted, her dark orbs lowered in faux sorrow.

Honestly she just didn't want a job and if she did, it defiantly wouldn't be here.

He picked up the lie, internally smirking to himself in amusement. "Well, I guess you'll just have to learn."

She rolled her eyes as he went to pour himself a drink, but he caught it. "So, Blair, tell me about yourself. Any criminal records? History of drug abuse? Or boyfriends that I should be aware of?" he inquired slyly, emphasizing the word boyfriends.

"No," she answered flatly.

"To which question?" he instigated.

"All of them." She stopped before continuing. "I have no criminal background. I am from France, not a zoo. I am not a strung out druggy that spends the day looking for my next fix and I don't have nor need a boyfriend, not the it's any of your business," she finished, looking directly in his eyes.

He stared at her intently, silently shocked that she had called him out. Most girls would be swooning over him and here she was, not even a little bit interested.

"Despite what you might believe, if you were my employee it would be my business."

He lowered his voice seductively, his eyes locked into hers.

"Before I hire you, I want to make it clear that there are certain conditions to the job," Chuck drawled out smoothly.

"And what would those be?" she challenged, raising an eyebrow.

"You would have to follow me around after school, keep track of all of my appointments, answer all of my calls, and take care of any personal matters that may need attending to."

"Mr. Bass, your sexual innuendos are highly unprofessional and with that said, I think I'll pass," she huffed indignantly, obviously offended.

She stood up, but as she turned to leave, he stopped her.

"You're hired. I suggest that the first appointment you jot down be the one where we have dinner at your place on Friday a seven."

She was feisty, he liked that.

"You mean to say you and my mother," she corrected, her voice patronizing.

"On the contrary Waldorf, it's dinner with you. Your mother will just be there. Sorry to disappoint princess," he smirked.

Blair huffed and went to open the door, muttering curses at him under her breath.

He smiled. "Have a good day Waldorf. See you Friday."

"Goodbye Bass," she returned, faking enthusiasm, saying "Can't wait!" with the underlying message that she would rather drop dead.

With that, she took her leave, smiling at Jenny on the way out. Chuck Bass was everything she hated about Americans, except he wasn't morbidly obese. No, his shirt fit perfectly against his… Oh god! What was she thinking? She hated him already.

Yes, Blair Waldorf was a worthy conquest, Chuck thought to himself as he watched her hips sway out of his office. Beautiful, intense brown eyes, perfect, chocolate curls…What was wrong with him? He obviously needed to get that drink and maybe find a brunette girl at the bar. Any of the girls would do, in the end they were all the same. Desperate, gold digging, or his personal favorite, slutty social climbers.

Gossip Girl here, to announce that a certain IT girl (Blair Waldorf) was last spotted leaving none other than Bass Inc. I heard that she and Jenny are already fighting over C, not that that matters. Obviously C sees her as worthy, where as we all know he hasn't touched our not-so-beloved queen. I wonder why? I was informed that the girl gives her a run for her money. Any one got any dirt on the new girl? We're all waiting to see what she's made of. You know you love me.


Gossip Girl

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