"Fuck this," Chuck growled crossing the space them in one stride. Pushing her petite body into the vanity behind her as his greedy lips crashed into hers with a primal need. A smirk gracing his lips as pulled her closer, feeling her respond to his touch. He wanted this and she, she needed this.

Blair froze in shock as she felt her body hit the hard surface behind her. Before she could even wrap her head around his change sudden in demeanor, he was on her. Gripping her upper arms tightly, he crushed her small frame to his toned chest as if his very life depended on it. She felt his lips press harder against her own, trying to force a response from her rigid body. Do something! Don't just stand there, she chastised herself.

She drug herself out of her stupor as she felt his tongue sweep out across her bottom lip, demanding entrance. Hesitantly, she relaxed into his embrace. Moving her mouth against his, she parted her lips to grant him better access. The tension left her shoulders as she melted into the demanding kiss. Feeling the electric hum through her veins, she placed her hands on the back of his neck to bring him closer.

He groaned into her mouth, sending vibrations into the back of her throat as her fingers grasped at his hair. Releasing her arms, he slid his hands down to the hem of her dress and under the red and black lace material. He grabbed her hips and hoisted her small frame up to sit on the edge of the vanity. He stepped in-between her legs as his hands bunched her dress up around her waist. She moaned against him as she felt his hands caress the sensitive skin of her thighs. The burning was back. The raging inferno consumed her body, mind, and soul. The delicious feeling of scorching hot flames licked at her womb, creating an unquenchable thirst that she had never felt before. Her insides clinched with want. For what, she wasn't sure. The only thing she knew was that her body needed this, craved this.

Wrapping her legs around his waist, she tightened them until their chests were touching. She shivered in delight as she felt his erection press against her. His kissed her passionately, devouring her lips in a battle of dominance. She could feel the desperation behind his frantic movements. She understood the dark need he was trying to fulfill, he was afraid she would run. He wasn't going to allow her the opportunity to try. The message was clear. He was claiming her, marking her body as his own. She submitted to him, offering him to take what he desired, to find his solace within her.

Chuck torn his lips from hers, gasping for oxygen as he buried his head into her neck. She hummed in appreciation as she felt him press light, gentle kisses across the hollow of her throat. Her mind lost in a heavy fog of hunger. It was nice, peaceful even, to not have to think. It was as if her brain had completely shut down and she was lost in a wind whirl of lust filled touches. Complete silence, incapable of doing anything other than feel the pleasure that he was creating inside of her. Her body stilled and her breath hitched as she felt his fingers brush over her panty covered center. His intention was obvious. He planned to fuck her, here, and now. Her minded snapped out of the thick, serene haze that had settled over it. No. She refused to lose her virtue in such a tasteless act! She had more class and more respect for herself than to let him take her in the back room of a dirty club.

"Chuck, not here." Blair stated breathlessly, finding her voice. She moved her small hands to push against his chest lightly. She almost sighed in relief as she felt his exploration of her body come to an abrupt halt. He laid his head upon her shoulder, taking deep breaths against her throat to calm himself.

She ran her fingers through his chestnut hair to sooth him. As much as she wanted him, wanted this, there were so many things that had to be resolved before that could happen. After what felt like hours, he raised his head to stare into her chocolate eyes. So many unanswered questions lay between them. So many things left unsaid. Meeting his gaze, she felt her heart constrict. The raw emotion in his green orbs left ungraded. The longing, confusion, desire, fear…swirled openly for her to see. His carefully built walls had crumbled around him. He was completely vulnerable, allowing her insight to his inner turmoil. He wanted to be able to trust her, but he was unsure, she could tell. She watched him, imploring him to answer the questions burning in her chocolate orbs. He opened his mouth to say something, but closed it as he shook his head.

"You can trust me. I won't judge you." Blair encouraged softly, allowing him to search her eyes for any form of betrayal.

Chuck snorted. Anger flashed through his orbs before the metal door came barricading down again, shielding his thoughts from view.

"Not here," he stated coldly, mirroring her words back at her.

She wanted to argue and demand that he answered her now, but she knew it would prove to be a mute point. She sighed softly. She could respect that. He hadn't said no, just not here. She wondered vaguely if that was how he interpreted her response. Did he take her words as a refusal to sleep with him? Or an acceptance at a later date?

Placing on last kiss on her bare shoulder, he took a step back, untangling himself from her arms. There was a sense of finality about the way he stood, shoulders squared, emotions hidden. The conversation was over. No real sentences had been spoken, but the implication lingered between them. Another unspoken agreement had been made.

Later. The word rang clear and loud through their minds.

Knowing that he would tell her when he was ready, she gracefully slid to her feet and straighten out her dress. His eyes softened at the sight of her. She was sure that she looked like a complete mess after their heated encounter. Turning to look at her reflection, she began scrutinizing herself. Thankfully, her hair had been teased already. The only thing indication of their tryst, were her red, freshly kissed, swollen lips. She blushed as she thought about what almost happened. She had been prepared to give her virginity to Chuck Bass, the most notorious 'rake' of the upper east-side. What the hell was wrong with her? Sure he was attractive and there was obviously chemistry between the two, but did that mean she could just throw herself at him like some sort of desperate slut?

She caught his eyes through the mirror. He had that look in his eyes again. The only that made her insides squirm. His orbs darkened with hunger. It was a warning of what was to come. It was a reminder that he was the lion and she was the sheep. She broke his gaze, embarrassed over her weakness around him. She directed her eyes self consciously at her shoes. Her skin creating goose bumps, aware of his lust filled orbs penetrating her back. Her eyes snapped back to his reflection as she heard his designer shoes move closer toward her. He stood behind her, curiously eyeing her mirrored image, like she was a puzzle that needed solving. He reached his hand out slowly to trace the creamy flesh between her shoulder and neck. Her eye lids fell shut as she felt the electrical current run from his fingers tips to her skin.

"Blair…" Chuck rasped, a hint of pain weaving through his voice.

A loud knock echoed around the room, interrupting whatever he was about to say.

"Blair Bear? Are you in there darling?"

Blair sighed in frustration, with her father, with Chuck, most of all herself. She had been so caught up with the intimacy of her moment with Chuck that she had forgotten all about her birthday party, just on the other side of the door. Guest of honor or not, a party in her favor was the last thing she wanted to be a part of at that moment.

She opened her eyes to find Chuck regarding her intently. If she wanted him to be honest and open up to her about his parents, then she would be a hypocrite to deny him the same in return.

"My dad," she answered. "His name is Harold. He flew in for my birthday."

"I see. Shouldn't you be spending time with her father instead of hiding out inside of a dressing room with me?" Chuck inquired, his hand stilling against her shoulder.

"He didn't come alone. His significant other accompanied him," Blair explained bitterly.

"Your father cared about you enough to fly across the world to be with you. So what if you have to endure the company of his wife, at least you have his love and attention."

"My father abandoned me. He didn't care about my feelings when he had an affair with one of my mother's models." She clarified, "male models. He didn't once stop to think how it would affect my life."

"Why are you telling me all of this?" Chuck asked, his mind reeling. She wasn't spilling her deepest darkest secrets, but she was attempting to trust him.

"How can I expect you to trust me Bass, if I don't trust you?" Blair teased lightly, a semi smirk played across her lips.

"Blair?" the voice called again.

"Touché," the brunette boy nodded. He glanced at the door before stepping away from her.

"This conversation is far from over," she insisted.

"I would be an idiot to assume otherwise."


With a slight nod of the head, she turned her back, and walked out of the room to meet her awaiting father. She couldn't help but feel like something had changed. The usual tension between the two of them had shifted slightly. She couldn't say if it was a good change. It was definitely different.

Chuck stared longingly at her retreating form. He frowned when he heard the door snap shut behind her, leaving him alone with his self loathing thoughts once again. There was something about her. He couldn't put his finger on it. She was unlike anybody he had ever met before. She was beautiful, feisty, witty, and charming. She was like a breath of sunshine, illuminating the darkness around him. It was refreshing to want somebody, to have somebody want him, that wasn't a gold digging whore.

A virgin! He couldn't get over the fact that someone as breathtaking and sexual as Blair would still have their virginity intact. Strangely, instead of wanting to push her away, he wanted to be the person she gave it to. She was untarnished, untouched, it was alluring. She was completely unaware of her perfection or of its affect on the males surrounding her. The thought of another man touching her had been his undoing. He had lost control in his haste to claim her, make her his. He didn't want anyone else to have her. She was his. She belonged to him. He wanted her to understand that, needed her to see. He would ruin the enigma that was Blair Waldorf for all other men. He would make sure that if she so much as touched another man, she would think of him. He had to have her.

Remembering the small gift wrapped box in his breast pocket, he cursed himself. He had forgotten to give her birthday present to her.

"Daddy?" Blair called as the door closed behind her. She just wanted to leave. After her moment with Chuck, the thought of him sitting at home alone, while she was out enjoying herself with friends was too much for her to bear. One thing she had learned about Chuck Bass, that he's not incapable of feelings, he's just not sure how to handle them. Resolving that she would leave as soon as she got the opportunity, she followed the hallway back into the main room. She ignored the faceless people around her as she walked up the stage and took her throne at the end of the table.

She was lost in thought. The loud music, people talking, bright lights, all faded around her. She had been with the same man her whole life. In all of those years, he never once looked at her the way Chuck did. He never made her feel desired or sexy, never made her feel wanted. She had wasted a large part of her childhood being groomed for him. It was tiring, trying perfect, always striving to be better. Perfection was an unrealistic goal. When she was with Marcus, she would constantly fight to keep his interest, to gain his attention. With Chuck, he just gave it to her. Every time she walked into a room she could feel his eyes on her. He wanted her, she knew that. She also knew that once he got what he wanted he would dispose of her, sexually at least. She would hope they would still be friends. She didn't really know, considering he wasn't friends with any of his previous conquests prior to bedding them. A part of her was thankful for that, she wasn't sure how she would feel if she slept with him and then had to hang out with him and someone else he had slept with. It would be like a constant reminder of his escapades. Was she really considering losing her virginity to him just because of the way he looked at her? No, she was considering it because of the way he made her feel.

Blair had waited eleven years for her and Marcus to 'be' together. Look where that got her. She had been completely faithful to him, stood by his side loyally through the good and bad times, while he was too busy thrusting himself inside of his whore of a step mother to even notice. She gave up everything for him and he just threw it back in her face.

The brunette female wanted to know what that felt like, to be lost in throes of passion. At eighteen, she was too old to wait for notions as silly as love. Her hormones wouldn't allow it. Her chastity had become a burden that she didn't want it anymore. New Year. New country. New Blair. So what if Chuck had fucked half of New York, at least that meant he knew what he was doing right? Right. She was going to do it. She was going to have sex with Chuck Bass. No one would judge her if they found out, it was normal to be sexually active while in a relationship.

Once her mind had been decided, she couldn't get rid of her virtue fast enough. Her plans on how to accomplish her new mission of 'seducing Chuck Bass' came to an abrupt halt when two blondes happily plopped down beside her.

'Hey B! Where have you been?" Serena asked curiously.

"I'm not really feeling too well. I went out to get some fresh air," Blair lied, offering a small smile of reassurance to her best friend.

"Oh, are you okay?" the blonde questioned, concern filling her eyes.

Blair offered her a slight nod in return.

"Your dads been looking everywhere for you," her friend informed her casually.

"I am aware, I've been avoiding him. When you see him could you tell him I left early and that …?"

"You can't leave early! You're the guest of honor!" Serena exclaimed, astonished at the thought of someone leaving their own party.

"Please S." the brunette begged, giving her best puppy dog eyes.

"We cut the cake first," the blonde sighed, put out that her friend was leaving.

"As long as no one sings 'happy birthday' you have yourself a deal," Blair laughed, happy that she had gotten what she wanted.

"Great! I'll be right back," Serena smiled, before disappearing in the endless sea of people.

"Nate what suite does Chuck stay in?" the brunette questioned, turning her attention to her best friends boyfriend.

"1812. Why?" the blonde boy challenged. Blair smirked at him as if to say 'really?' Pulling out his wallet, he flitted through it until he came across a sleek, bronze, piece of plastic. He grabbed the card and slid it across the table. "Ah. Here. It's a copy of his room key," he offered.


"Don't mention it." Nate insisted, "No really, don't. Serena would kill me if she found out I was encouraging him."

Blair let out a soft chuckle as she reached for the key and slipped the cool plastic into the band of her thigh high.

After Blair cut the cake, satisfying her best friend's wishes, she slipped out of the party unnoticed. Hailing a cab, she made her way to the Palace.

Chuck Bass had many attributes, being patient was not one of them.

He had left the soirée minutes after Blair had rejoined the crowd, unable to stay in the secluded room any longer. Every time he looked at the vanity, he could see her. He imagined what it would have been like, to take her against the aged wood. Realistically, he knew that sitting straight up, with your ass hanging off the edge of a hard surface was probably not the best way to lose ones virginity. He had more respect for Blair than to take her in such a primal manner. She deserved more than a quick fuck in the back of a club he owned. That didn't stop the assault of fantasies from invading his mind, each one more detailed than the last. He couldn't help it, she just looked so delectable pressed against him, hair mused and lips full. He wanted her, in his sheets, in his bedroom. Not 1812, Blair was no whore. He wanted her in his home, in his bed.

Chuck had been sitting in his suite for less than forty minutes before he decided that he couldn't wait any longer. He had to see her, had to talk to her. Pulling out his phone, he called Arthur to have him bring the car around. He grabbed his blazer, slid his mobile into the pocket, and headed down to meet his awaiting limo.

The ride to Fifth Avenue seemed to take longer than usual. He was nervous. As much as he liked to believe that Blair was different, he was scared that she would treat him differently once he opened up to her. She had been forthcoming about her family. It would be unfair to deny her the same courtesy. He would answer whatever questions she had to ask. He just hoped that he would get to keep her afterwards.

He let out a visible sigh of relief as his limo came to a stop outside of building 1136. He took a few deep breaths as he waited for his driver to open the door.

Once he stepped onto the curb, he turned to Arthur and dismissed him for the rest of the night. He wasn't sure how long it would take and he didn't want to have his driver on call all night. As much as he detested the idea, he would call a cab if he had to. Nodding a farewell and goodnight to Arthur, he made his way through the lobby and up to Blair's apartment.

He walked out of the elevator, through the foyer, and up the stairs silently. Although he didn't think it mattered either way, the loud 'ding' that echoed through the house upon his arrival had already alerted his presence.

"Miss Blair not home Mister Chuck. She go to big party, be home late." Dorota informed him from the bottom of the stairs.

"I'll wait." Chuck stated.

"Second door on right," she smiled.

He nodded his head in a form of thanks, dismissing the maid as he continued down the hall to Blair's room. Pushing the door open, he smiled. The powder blue walls immediately calmed him. He looked around the room, curiously. He had never pictured her private quarters being blue, but somehow, mixed with the soft creams and pale pinks, it screamed Blair Waldorf. The fire burned brightly, allowing light to shine dully throughout the room. Discarding his blazer, he laid it on the chaise nestled in the corner. He walked around the room, taking it in. his fingers skimming across the different fixtures. He paused at the copy of 'The garden of Eden,' written by Ernest Hemingway,' sitting on her desk. Most females read modern day love stories, and then again, she wasn't most females.

Chuck sighed loudly as he sat down on her over-sized silk bed. It smelled like her. Lost in thought, he let the soothing sent of vanilla wash over him as he waited for her to arrive.

Blair stood outside of room 1812, staring at the door with a plastic Tupperware container in her hand. She had been standing there for ten minutes trying to gather the courage to go inside. All possible scenarios had run through her mind. What if he turned her away, she didn't think he would, but you could never be sure when it came to men. Her biggest fear, what if his bed was already occupied for the night. Sure she had seen it on film, but she didn't think she could stand to witness the act of him having sex with somebody else in person. No matter the outcome, she wasn't going to get much done standing around outside of his apartment.

Taking a deep breath to gain confidence, she pulled the key out from under her dress and slid it into the key pad. She waited until the light turned green and opened the door. Silence greeted her as she walked into the room. Placing her key back into undergarments, she made her way toward the bar. She sat the container she had brought for him on the counter, before she searched the rooms for Chuck. Finding no trace of her boyfriend, she frowned. Where could he be? Her eyes lingered on the bed. So many women must have lain on those sheets, sweat covered underneath him, writhing in pleasure. Ava's face entered her mind. Shaking her head in contempt, she left just as quickly as she came. If she never had to return to that room it would be too soon.

Blair sat in the back of the cab, slightly disappointed in the night's events. She didn't know where he was, but at that moment she found that she really didn't care. So what if he was off fucking some other female. It wasn't like she had a right to be jealous. She had her chance, albeit it wasn't ideal, she still had it. Just because she had decided to sleep with him, didn't make him aware of the fact. She was being ridiculous. It had been a long night and she clearly wasn't thinking properly. She would sleep on it; hopefully she would be in her right mind come morning. America was affecting her ability to make clear headed decisions.

She nearly ran to her room once the elevator opened to her house. Slipping her heels off, she left them in the foyer for Dorota to put away later. She took the stairs two at a time, eager to crawl into bed. Tomorrow would be a new day a better day. She slowed considerably at the sight of her door ajar. That was unusual. She pushed the door to her bedroom open silently, her heart jumping into her throat at the sight of Chuck Bass sitting contently at the edge of the bed. How long had he been waiting there? He was breathtaking, the fire illuminated his features. He looked so out of place in her haven, but at the same time it was as if he belonged there.

He must have felt her staring, because seconds later his eyes snapped up to her frame in the doorway, before gluing them to the wall in front of him.

"What would you like to know?" Chuck inquired, avoiding her chocolate orbs. If he was going to be honest, he couldn't bear to look at her while doing so.

"Tell me about your parents," she stated softly. She moved from the door frame to take a seat on the bed beside him.

"They're dead. I know you know this, so why bother asking?" he sighed,

"I would rather hear it from you. There is a lot of speculation to be made when a third party is involved." Blair commented, her eyes never leaving his face.

"My mother passed out shortly after I was born. My father died a few months after is wedding to Lily."

"What were they like?" She pressed, taking note of the way his jaw clenched.

"My father was a very cold business man. We rarely spoke to each other."

"And your mother?"

"I wouldn't know, he never told me about her."

Silence fell over them, thick with tension. Both lost in their own thoughts. Several minutes passed between them before Blair spoke again.

"Why?" The implication was known. Why did he hide it from her? Why didn't he trust her? Why the secrecy?

"I hate pity more than anything." Chuck answered honestly, eyes trained in front of him. "Everyone treats me like a black sheep; they're not sure how to act around me. You're the first person to challenge me. You don't pretend, you are who you are and you won't let anyone tell you differently. When you look at me I don't see that knowing look in your eyes. I guess I just didn't want that to change. It was nice to have finally met someone who liked me for me, not just because of my money, my power, or because they felt bad for me."

She stared at him, her heart breaking for the man in front of her. She could picture him as a child, trying to gain approval from his father, wondering why he never had time for him, if there was something wrong with him. She understood how that felt, the constant disappointment of being let down time after time, of never being good enough. She was starting to realize that there were many layers to Chuck Bass. He was shallow, egotistical, and sleazy, but underneath the façade he wore, he was just like her. Broken.

Her hand moved of its own accord, caressing his cheek as she pulled his eyes up to look at her. His guard was down again. Emotion swimming through his emerald eyes on display, he was no longer hiding from her. She wanted him like this, vulnerable. She had never been more certain of anything in her life.

Slowly, she brought his face down to hers, pressing her lips timidly against his. After a beat, his body relaxed as he began to kiss her back. She let her hand fall to the top button of his shirt, popping it open. His breathing hitched as her fingers shakily ran down his chest, stopping every few seconds to release another button. Her hands ran up bare chest. Grabbing each side of his collar, she pushed the soft material off his shoulders. He paused to slide his shirt off his arms, letting it fall to the floor. She pulled him closer. Deepening the kiss as her hands roamed over his naked flesh. He groaned under her soft, trembling palms. Spurred by his noises, her hand brushed against his belt coyly, tugging at the leather. His hand clamped around her wrist, preventing her from moving forward. He broke away breathlessly, desire shinning through his orbs.

"Are you sure?"

Unable to form words, she boldly placed her lips on his again. His grip on her wrist lessened, giving her permission to continue. She felt a jolt of satisfaction as the belt gave way. He stood from the bed, hauling her body up with him, his mouth never leaving hers. He wrapped his arms around her, dragging her petite body to press snugly against his chest. She felt the electric charge rush over her skin as hesitantly unzipped her dress. He stepped back, breaking the kiss as he pulled the lace down her frame. His eyes roamed over her creamy skin, committing every detail to memory. Clad in her pale pink and yellow under garments, she fidgeted nervously underneath his intense stare. She watched him as he discarded his shoes and socks, before freeing himself of his slacks. He stalked toward her fluidly, embracing her. He kissed her lightly as he tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. She smiled into his lips, thankful for the distraction. He scooped her up into his arm and deposited her gently onto the bed.

Her eyes followed Chuck as joined her on the mattress. He brought his mouth to hers once again as he nestled himself between her legs. Tingles ran up her spine as his hands ran across her soft exposed skin. She squirmed under him as the thick burning haze assaulted her senses. Need coursed through her body as she felt him remove her bra and palm the untouched tightly stretched bundles. He tore his lips from hers, panting, as he placed soft open mouth kisses across her chest. She could feel his length pressed hot and heavy against her thigh. She moaned; her eyes closing of their own accord as his mouth found her nipple. Desire pooled between her legs as he teased the sensitive flesh lightly. His hands moved to her hips, pausing over the hard piece of plastic tucked into her stockings.

She opened her eyes when she felt him pull away. He was staring at her, an unmistakable question burning through his half lidded gaze.

"I wanted to surprise you," Blair panted.

A smirked played across his lips as he sat up. He un-clipped and rolled off her thigh highs, one at a time, caressing her milky thighs tenderly. Her breathing became erratic as he hooked his fingers into the waist band of her underwear. He placed soft kisses down her stomach as he slid the silk material down her legs. Slipping off the bed gracefully, he stared down at her naked body as he searched the pocket of his slack for a condom. Finding the square aluminum package, he pulled off his boxers and crawled back onto the bed. Her eyes widened at the sight of him. No way. No way in hell. Panic gripped her stomach as he settled himself above her once again.

Chuck ran his fingers through her hair. "Relax," he ordered, pulling her mouth into a heated kiss.

She tried not to think of what was happening; choosing instead to focus on the delicious sensations she was feeling. She wanted this, she knew it the first time was never good. She kissed him back. Unsure of what to do with her hands; they went to his hair. Her body jerked suddenly when she felt his finger run across her sex. He hissed lowly as his fingers slipped easily over her fold, she was slightly embarrassed by her wetness. His fingers teased her opening, dipping in and out, but never entering her fully. She gripped his hair as the heated coil in her womb tightened.

"Chuck," she whined, unable to take anymore.

Ripping the foil, he rolled the condom onto his length. He slid his finger inside of her, sliding it in and out in slow deliberate pace. She could feel something building inside of her, consuming her. He slipped in a second finger the first preparing her, stretching her. She almost growled in frustration as she felt his manhood prod her entrance. She was half tempted to roll him over and take control; it was almost as if he were tormenting her on purpose. She writhed against his fingers moaning as the pleasure swirled around her lower abdomen. Her mind drew a blank as he began rubbing circles over her bundle of nerves.

"Come for me," he whispered, increasing his speed. Her manicured nails raked across his black as her orgasm crashed over her. Intense pleasure curled in her womb, spreading from the pads of her fingers to the tips of her toes.

"Look at me princess."

Funny, she didn't realize they had been closed.

Disoriented and panting she got lost in his eyes, thick with emotion. She watched in a fog as the desire, awe, adoration, all swirled in his bright green pool as they stared into her soul. With their eyes locked, he slowly sheathed himself inside of her. Her eyes clamped shut and she gripped his shoulders roughly as she felt her barrier give way, a small whimper escaping her lips. Oh ouch, that hurt. Once he was all the way in, he stilled. He placed delicate kisses across her nose and cheeks to calm her.

"Breath baby," Chuck instructed.

She took slow deep breaths to sooth her tense muscles. After a few minutes, she felt her body relax and the pain from the intrusion dissipate. Her eyes opened once again to stare at the man above her. Jaw taut, hair disarrayed, muscles strained, he was gorgeous. She wanted to remember him in that moment forever. She was touched by the amount of intimacy he was allowing her. She raised her hand to trace along his cheek, turning his head slightly, he kissed her palm. She smiled lightly as he placed a chaste kiss against her lips. He groaned as she wiggled her hips and wrapped her legs around his waist. She moved her hands down to his for arms, before offering him a light nod.

Hesitantly, as if afraid to hurt her more than necessary, he pulled out gently, before sliding to the hilt again. As much as she knew about Chuck, she knew could tell it wasn't his usual type of fuck. She knew he was restraining himself for her. She found herself wanting to please him, to make him feel the immense pleasure that she had felt.

She rolled her hips, testing, teasing. He buried his head in her shoulder as he bit back a groan.

"Blair," he rasped.

Excited by his response she rolled her hips again.

"I won't last it you keep doing that," chuck admitted embarrassingly.

She met his hips, thrust for thrust, trying to help him reach his peak. He panted against her throat as his thrust became hurried, erratic. She could tell he was close.

"Come on baby," she encouraged, returning his earlier words to him as she tightened her legs around him.

He gasped her name as he came loudly, holding gripping her body against his.

He slumped against her, resting his wait upon her as he tried to catch his breath. She threaded her fingers lightly through his hair as he nuzzled her neck.

Blair groaned in annoyance as the rays of sun filtered through the glass and across her face. Her head was pounding. Ugh. Didn't Dorota know better than to keep the curtains drawn after a night of drinking? She would have rolled her eyes at her inconsiderate maid, had she been sure that she wouldn't die. As it was, she didn't think her headache would allow her such small pleasures. Too tired to get out of bed and close the blinds herself, she decided that she would hide under the blanket. She frowned when she shifted further into the warmth, making her aching thighs painfully obvious. What the hell? Memories of the night before came crashing back to her in a stream of distorted blurs. She hadn't even gotten drunk. She remembered going to her party, her heated moment with Chuck in the dressing room, going to suite 1812, coming home, Chuck waiting for her, they talked and then… Oh. My. God! She did it, she had sex with Chuck!

Her shock was short lived as she felt the bed shift beside her. An arm wrapped around her unclothed waist, pulling her delicate body against his bare chest. She was naked!

"Don't," the unmistakable voice mumbled his breath hot against the back of her neck. "Don't over think this."

Her body stilled as he began tracing invisible patterns across the soft span of her stomach. She squirmed slightly as she felt her insides heat under his hands. He planted soft kisses along the back of her shoulder as his hand slipped lower between her thighs. She moaned as she felt his fingers trace her delicate folds, making her jump slightly at the unexpected touch.

"Were not finished yet," he warned, holding her form to his as he continued his administrations.

"I hate you," she groaned, feeling the desire flood her senses.

He ignored her as he began rubbing her nub in small circular motions, his growing length pressed firmly against her back. She wiggled in his arms as she felt the coil tighten in her womb, soft pleasure filled noises spilling out of her mouth. She didn't think she could last another moment without him inside of her.

"S'il vous plait," she begged.

He slid his knee between her legs as he positioned his erection against her center, holding her body tightly as he buried himself inside her velvet walls in one fluid thrust.

"Funny little feeling"- Rock-n-Roll soldiers