Hug Me Until You Drug Me


Ecstasy coursed through our unified entities, muffled gasps and smothered moans were the only other sounds that brought the hut to life in the midst of the blizzard that ranged outside. It was the chill that blew about our drenched bodies that really told us we were still alive. It was the heat that radiated from the rhythmic clash of his nude skin against my bare body that told me I was here, now.

It didn't matter; the crime we committed was brilliant either if it was luck or skill that allowed us to mesh so divinely—lust. I bit my bottom lip to keep from crying out—I'd never let him win by allowing him to hear. My hand wondered behind me to grab a lock of his untamed mane as my back arched away from his moonlit glimmering perfection. I was programmed to be a good, sweet, innocent girl but his washboard abs were enough to undo all nineteen years of that.

Regardless of the situation, whether we were fighting for control or content, his hands were always all over me. Currently, he guided my hips up and down; every now and then he'd lift his to meet me for a burst of bliss. I knew right when he'd pull out his favorite move, when he'd take our sin to its deepest level.

We were bond for hell for our meaningless merge, I knew it, but did he?

His throbbing within me must have corresponded with that beating of his heart—his heart that I didn't care for, that I needn't posses, that I didn't even know actually excited. I had to let out a gasp when he made his signature thrust forward, going deeper than any other time, as he rearranged us so he was upon his knees and I on all four like the animal I had become.

Shame sizzled withing my rumbling ribcage as I silently cried out when he reached to fiddle with my sensitive nub. Surges of something that made me feel closer to heaven than I ever would be always submerged me at the end.

Gods, how did I become like this? Primal, passionate, yet apathetic. He meant nothing to me just as I meant nothing to him. We just went through the emotions for hedonistic needs but never for the heart…

No, I did, that was my motive for all the vices I now collected. Not to fix it, not to heal what he broke—what she scared—but just to make it stop…

To. Make. It. Stop.

... damn the tears that always blurred my vision after it was all done...

You hold me close naked, I don't feel a thing
Your zippers are the cherry, but I don't feel anything
Your mind is stranded down now, I am closing you in my arms
And I prefer overweight than plastic any day


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