There aren't many Kuriza fanfics on Fanfiction… Perhaps only a couple… Well today is the day that I shall change that. If you don't know who Kuriza is, then I don't blame you. I want all who are prepared to read this to first look up Kuriza, Frieza's son. Without further ado… Let the story begin… Also note that since this is the first chapter, I plan on making it shorter than it should be…

"Father," A young alien child looked up at his dad, his eyes glimmering from the explosion that just occurred outside of the enormous ship. The boy saw that his father was mesmerized by the display glowing through the unbreakable glass, so he tugged onto his father's long lizard-like tail with uncertainty.

The alien-child's father widened his eyes in slight surprise and then lowered them upon his own kin with a questionable expression. The alien conqueror, unfolding his crossed arms, turned towards his only son. "What is it Kuriza? I'm busy."

Kuriza, no older than six earth years, looked down upon his feet. How could he hold a conversation with his father, when he clearly has almost nothing in common with him? The boy holds a strong resemblance to his dad however. When Kuriza and his dad are in their true forms, they both have the same body shape and structure. But there are slight differences… Kuriza is white and crimson with a needle-like head while his father is white and purple with a smooth cranium. Oh how Kuriza wished that him and his dad could get along as much as they looked alike.

"Get on with it." The boy's guardian pressed on and stared at him with red, ruby colored eyes that both father and son shared.

Kuriza glanced up at his dad, wishing that he had kept his mouth shut. It was too late now and the sentence must be finished. With knots tying themselves in his chest, Kuriza managed to speak clearly with a confident but yet serious face. "Lord Frieza… Why do you kill so many innocent people?" The boy then inwardly shrunk away, hoping that his father would not scold him for his weak demeanor.

Frieza, the ruler of many, kneeled down to his son's eye level. With a cold and solid expression, Frieza gazed deeply into his son's eyes. "Kuriza." Frieza murmured. "You have my family's blood pumping through your veins. Our history is full of killing and domination. Merciless murders and deceitful deeds run through our family tree. You must understand that you will have to someday be that kind of dictator. It is your destiny as it is mine. Now, this is the going to be the first and last time that I talk to you about this. Be grateful that you're not your uncle's son. He would not tolerate your behavior and would have no patience for you in training. I shall teach you to become a great and powerful overlord like me whether you like it or not. This discussion is over." Frieza rose from his kneeled position and stared into Kuriza's eyes for a moment. Afterwards, Frieza walked towards the metallic door that leads to the living quarters of the ship, and then paused. "Tomorrow… You will start your training." The white and purple alien then stepped into the other room, the reinforced steel door sliding closed after him.

Kuriza sighed and looked outside. The explosion ended and all that was left was the debris of a gigantic planet that once rotated there. The boy could not fathom how his own family could enjoy such destruction and devastation. Suddenly, a small, unconscious feeling welled up inside of Kuriza. Without noticing his own thoughts or actions, the alien youth smiled crookedly as he stared out of the window, its scenery full of carnage and doom…