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"Lord Kuriza!" The metallic door opened as Jeice, a member of the Ginyu Force, bolted into the room. His face bore nothing but severe grim.

Kuriza sat up from his bed and stared blankly at the white haired male. "What do you want? If it's something important then leave me alone. You should be reporting to my papa, not me."

Jeice appeared unsettled after realizing that Kuriza was in his final form. He shuffled his boots and avoided eye contact for a moment. The young lord was not pleased with Jeice's stalling so he cleared his throat loudly and scowled. The member of the Ginyu Force knew that he had to be the bearer of bad news. With a sigh, the red alien strode towards his master's offspring and sat next to him. "Lord Kuriza…" Jeice paused and took a deep breath. "Your father has… decided that it is time for you to become an elite."

The small Icejin leapt up from his bed and stood on top of it with a victory pose. "Yes! Finally I-" Kuriza realized his outburst and glanced down at Jeice. He was astounded by the small boy's reaction and froze, too scared to comment or react. Jeice was expecting outrage not excitement. Being an elite is a tough job. With a plop, Kuriza sat down on his bed mattress and stared at his fellow elite with a stern air. "Tell daddy… Thank you."

"Ah…" Jeice replied before shaking his head in order to delete the recent scene from his memory. He sat up and started to slowly head for the exit. "Yes sir. And uh, I'll inform him of that. Hehehe..." Jeice reached his hand out to open the door automatically and rushed out of the room in panic.

After the door closed, Kuriza flicked his tail happily. "Perhaps I shouldn't get so carried away." He shrugged and got up from his bed. Kuriza folded his arms behind his back and headed over towards his window with a smile. He finally got his dad's attention. He was proud to be following in his father's footsteps. Suddenly a small but clear voice rang throughout Kuriza's mind.

(Your father will not be in this world for long. You must show him more of your power before it's too late.)

"W-What? Who is that?" Kuriza stuttered as he turned around and hastily eyed his surroundings, trying to locate the voice's location. "You sound familiar." He noted to nobody.

(I have spoken to you before. I have made you what you are and what you shall become.)

Kuriza, still trying to find the voice, started to search all the corners of his room in hysteria. He knelt down, grabbed his bed sheet and gazed under the bed. "I don't understand! Are you threatening my dad?"

(Quite the contrary. Your father will perish due to his soon-to-be murderer. You will have to get stronger in order to avenge him.)

Kuriza froze with widened eyes. Almost like he was hypnotized, Kuriza let go of the sheets and leisurely sat up, staring at nothing but the blank wall in a daze. "M-My dad is going to be… k-killed?"

(You may not be able to stop it, but you can take responsibility in destroying the man who will slaughter your father after the deed is done.)

Kuriza kept staring forward, his eyes dilated and his body trembled. "D-daddy… I will avenge him after his death…" He echoed.

(Yes. But you mustn't tell your father. If he is to know, then you will be accused of insanity. Do all you can to train and learn from Freeza. Only then can you rightfully take his place after his massacre…)

Kuriza chuckled darkly, his eyes still dilated. "I will get stronger. And after papa dies, I shall become the next heir to his empire!" Kuriza laughed to himself as the voice in his head faded away. The voice seemed so convincing to him. How could he not take the mysterious being's word?

Suddenly a knock sounded from outside of his door. Kuriza snapped out of his odd behavior and scurried onto his bed. He cleared his throat, folded his hands and put them on his lap neatly. "Come in." He called politely.

The door slid open and a curious icejin strode into Kuriza's room. Kuriza tilted his head in confusion. "Ah, hello there Kuriza." The purple icejin greeted with almost no emotion. "It's good to know that you're still alive. However, I'm looking for my brother. Do you know where he is?"

"Um…" Kuriza squeezed his two hands together firmly, still in the same position as before. He tried not to look awkward. "Sorry, but… Who are you?" He asked with innocence.

The purple alien was dumbstruck. "You mean you don't know me?" He asked nonchalantly.

Kuriza glanced down at his sore hands, which kept tightening. He had no idea why this man was making him feel so uncomfortable. "N-no, I don't think I've ever seen you in my entire life."

The fellow icejin huffed and shook his head in denial. "You father doesn't seem to speak of me too often."

"Why would he?" Kuriza managed to get a slight grip on himself as he pulled his hands away and looked directly into the purple icejin's crimson eyes.

The alien in front of Kuriza chuckled smoothly. "Silly child I'm your father's brother, uncle Cooler."

It took a few seconds for Kuriza to let that info sink in. After a few moments, the red-carapaced boy jumped off his bed and glomped Cooler around the waist. The purple icejin resisted a little but then patted Kuriza on the back of his head reluctantly. Kuriza looked up at his uncle with a grin plastered on his face. "Uncle Cooler! You never visited me before! I only know about you through my dad. He enjoys criticizing you."

"Is that so…" The tall icejin frowned. As Cooler pulled Kuriza off of him, he changed the topic instantly. "You know, I have seen you once before. When you were a baby that is. I wouldn't have recognized you earlier if not for that first and last visit."

Kuriza frowned slightly and looked down at his feet. "Why did you stop seeing me? Was I too incompetent for you?" He asked in grief.

Cooler wasn't expecting that question at all. His eyes widened with mouth slightly agape. He had no clue what to say to the young boy. He never really had a reason to be away from Kuriza. After some quick thinking, Cooler conjured up an excuse. "Of course not." Cooler breathed calmly, putting a hand on Kuriza's shoulder. "It's just that… I've been busy with business. There are thousands of planets in this galaxy and they are so far away. I apologize that I never had enough time to visit you until now."

When Cooler touched Kuriza's shoulder, a wave of nausea swept over him. The small icejin ignored that the best he could as he replied. "Is that true?"

"Indeed it is." Cooler smirked as he turned away from Kuriza and headed out the door. "I need to go find Freeza now. Take care." Upon finishing his sentence, Cooler got intensely serious. He then left Kuriza alone in his room.

Kuriza scrunched up his face as the sickness came over him again. "Why do I feel this way?" Kuriza questioned himself.

(Don't get attached to your uncle. If your father's murderer didn't succeed in his assassination, then your uncle would have soon after.)

The voice came out of nowhere and made Kuriza freeze in place. He was scared but was willing to listen. He couldn't tell if the voice was male or female but it seemed so assuring. However, the tone changed almost every time it spoke. "My u-uncle?" Kuriza stuttered. "But they're brothers. Why would they kill each other?"

(They both feel that they should rule the universe by themselves. They are more like rivals then brothers. Cooler would have grown jealous of Freeza from his success, thus your father's death. But since this other man is going to murder him instead, Cooler will not die by King Cold's hand or destroy his younger sibling.)

"Grandpa Cold would have killed uncle Cooler?" Kuriza stared up at the ceiling in wonderment. He was confused but curious.

(Quite. But you MUST become stronger than your father. You are destined to become great and mighty. You are fated to avenge him and get rewarded in the end.)

Kuriza stared deeply into the bland color of his ceiling. "A reward you say?" Kuriza smiled crookedly. "Then I shall become the greatest of fighters!"

(It is not required, but after your victory and your revenge, you may kill anyone you want. But ONLY then.)

"Okay then…" Kuriza peered over at his window and rubbed his chin. He didn't question the voice out of fear that it would be angry with him. The guiding voice was always correct in Kuriza's eyes. "Who are you?" He randomly blurted out.

(I am something that you will never see but I am always with you.)

The voice faded away and Kuriza shook his head to get rid of the fuzziness in his mind. He sighed and climbed back onto his bed. He folded his arms behind his head and closed his eyes. He saw how his life was unraveling into something important, something useful. Kuriza felt more than excited about his future. Little did he know that the voice he spoke to should not always be trusted.