It was a cold night in New York. The sidewalks were empty and the streets were not as packed with cars as usual. No one wanted to be out on this cold of a night, not even Leonardo, but he knew that he was going to go insane if he didn't get out of the layer and get some fresh air. He had asked his brothers to come with him, but they had said no. So, he had gone out alone. He kept moving, trying to keep his blood follow up when he saw four small girls in an ally across the street. They were looking through the garbage, obviously looking for something to eat. Leo crossed the street, unseen, and perched himself above them on a fire escape. He listened in to their conversation.

"Hikari, I'm cold," the smallest girl said. She had short hair in an almost boyish cut that was a greyish-brown. She wore glasses and had hazel eyes. The jacket she was wearing was about two sizes too small and her jeans had holes in them.

"There's nothing I can do," the girl who must have been Hikari said. She was the tallest and hadshort, snow whitehair. Her eyes were a cloudy grey. She was wearing an ugly brown trench coat about six sizes too big for her.

"But I'm really cold," the short haired girl said.

"Quit whining, Ren," another girl said. She had short, grayish-black hair and her eyes wherea really dark gray, almost black. Her futures made her look a little Japanese. The girl was wearing faded jeans and a winter jacket. She looked at the shivering girl and thought for a moment. Rolling her eyes, she took off her jacket and wrapped it around the smaller girl.

"Thanks, Aura," Ren said, softly. She shoved her arms through the sleeves and zipped up the jacket.

"Hikari, when are we going to find something to eat?" the fourth girl asked. She had brown hair and eyes. Her jacket was very light and her black pants were too thin to give the girl much warmth. Hikari sighed.

"I don't know, Hinata," Hikari answered. She looked at Aura. "Where's your coat?"

"Ren has it," Aura answered simply.


"'Cause she was whining and it was giving me a headache."

"Are you sure you don't actually like me, Aura?" Ren asked, smirking.

"Me, like you? Pffft. No way." Leo could tell Aura was trying to hide her feelings. He smiled. She reminded him of Raphael. Raph never showed his feelings, but they were easy enough to decipher when you knew the turtle well enough. Leo looked at the girls and felt bad for them. Silently, he climbed up the fire escape and went to the opposite side of the roof. Pulling out his shell cell, he called Raph.

"This had better be good, Leo. I'm watching wresting." Raph growled into the phone.

"Get Mikey and Donni and meet me by the old butcher shop on First Street. I found four girls and…" Leo was cut off by Raph.

"Never thought you would try to set us up with someone, Leo."

"It's not like that. They're homeless little girls. I might need some help getting them to a homeless shelter." There was silence on the other end as Raph thought it through. Leo then heard Raph call his other brothers. He heard his three brothers talking. After a minute, Raph spoke.

"We're coming, with trench coats. Be there in a few." Leo went back to watching the three girls. He could tell they were tired and wanted to eat a warm meal. After two minutes, his brothers arrived.

"Where are they?" Donatello asked. He was wearing a trench coat and hat along with Raph and Michelangelo. Donni held out another trench coat and hat to Leo. Leo put on the disguise before answering.

"Down in the ally looking through the garbage for something to eat."

"How old are they?" Mikey asked.

"I'd say not even ten," Leo answered.

"Are you sure you want to send them to a homeless shelter?" Donni asked. "The shelters here are so busy. They don't need more kids to look after."

"Where do you suggest we take them, Don?" Leo asked. There was an edge to his voice.

"We could take them home with us," Mikey suggested. Raph smacked his little brother upside the head. "What was that for?"

"You're talkin' nonsense, Mikey. Like Master Splinter would allow that" Raph said.

"Maybe he would," Mikey shot back. "We could call him."

"Why would you want a bunch of drooling brats hangin' around the layer anyway?"

"They're sweet kids who are looking for a home," Leo said, defending the four small girls. "We could at least keep them until we think of a plan."

"I like that idea," Donni said.

"I don't," Raph said. "Let's just drop the little ankle bitters off at a shelter and go home." Donni looked at his shell cell.

"It's too late to drop them off anyway," he said. Leo pulled out his cell again and Raph sighed in defeat. Master Splinter answered on the second ring.

"Hello, Leonardo," Master Splinter answered.

"Hi, Sensei. I was out when I noticed some little girls in the ally. They look as if they don't have anywhere to go. Can we bring them home, just until we figure out what to do with them?" There was silence on the other end. After a minute, Master Splinter answered.

"Yes, my son. I shall prepare some tea, they must be cold."

"And some food? They're looking through the garbage for food."

"Of course, Leonardo." Leo said bye to his master and hung up. He looked to his brothers.

"Shall we go get them?" Leo asked. Mikey and Donni nodded. Raph wasn't as enthusiastic.