Hinata sat on the exam table in her father's lab with a thermometer in her mouth. Her normally bright eyes wer dull and her skin, pale. The thermometer beeped, letting Donatello know that it was finished taking her temperature. Donni gently took it out of his daughter's mouth and looked at the reading. "101.7, you have a fever sweetie," Donni said, washing off the thermometer and sticking it back with the rest of his medical equipment. "Common, let's get you to bed."

Hina jumped off the table and picked up her new little blue Burmese kitten named Kado, which means gateway in Japanese. Donni had given him to her for her tenth birthday, following Leo's example. Following her father out of his lab, Hina nearly tripped over Aura's new Siberian husky puppy she got from Raph. Aura had named him Nari for his thunderous bark, since Nari meant thunder. It was loud and deep, even though the puppy was only three months old. Looking up at Hina, Nari barked loudly startling a sleeping Kado that was nestled in Hina's arms. "Hush, Nari," Donni commanded. Nari just gave another bark.

"Come, Nari," Aura said, seeing that he was bothering Donni and Hina. The puppy took off, hearing his master's call.

"Common, Hina," Donni said gently, leading his daughter into her room. Upon arriving in her room, Donni spotted Ren's new kitten, an orange tabby named Kamin, or joyful, sleeping on Hina's pillow. Donni picked up the sleeping kitten and set him on the floor, waking him up. He looked up angrily at Donni. "Don't look at me like that, go find Klunk," Donni ordered. Klunk was Mikey's orange tabby of seven years and had unofficially adopted Kamin as his own kitten, much like Mikey had adopted Ren.

Sticking his tail up in the air and swishing it back and forth, Kamin made a dramatic exit, not unlike one Mikey or Ren would make. Laughing to himself, Donni pulled back Hina's blanket so she could climb in. Putting Kado on the bed, Hina climbed in. Donni kissed her forehead and tucked her in. "Can I get you anything?" he asked.

"Can I have some tomato soup?" Hina asked. Donni smiled.

"Sure, honey," Donni said, handing Hina her teddy bear he gave her for Christmas last year. Donni smiled and left the room. Going into the kitchen, he saw Mikey cooking lunch.

"Hey, Mike," he called. Mikey turned around.

"Hey, Don, what's the news on my niece?" he asked.

"Sick with a cold. She wants tomato soup."

"Doesn't she always?" Mikey laughed. He passed by Donni on his way to the cupboard and grabbed a tomato soup can and tossed it to Donni, who caught it easily. "Here ya go," he said.

"Thanks, bro," Don said, going over to the stove to start making the soup. Soon, the kitchen was filled with the sweet smell of tomato soup. Donni took the pot off the stove and carefully poured its creamy contents into a bowl. He set it on a tray and started to make a grilled cheese to go with it. Donni wasn't the best cook in the family, Mikey held that title, but Donni could make pretty good tomato soup and grilled cheese. Once the grilled cheese was a nice golden brown, Donni put it on a plate. The plate was then put onto the tray. Pouring a glass of milk, Donni placed it on the tray as well.

Picking the tray up, Donni started to make his way out of the kitchen only to almost run over his hyper little niece as she ran in. With the skill only a ninja could have, he avoided her at the last second, swiftly lifting the tray over Ren's head. Bringing it back down, he smiled to see not a drop off the soup or milk spilled. "Be careful, Ren," he scolded as the young girl cuddled into her father's side, obviously looking for attention.

Making his way to Hina's room, Donni set the tray down in front of here. "Here you are," he said. Hina sat up and started to eat slowly. After a while of silence, Donni was going to leave when Hina caught his attention.

"Daddy, do you always wear a coat in the city?" she asked. Donni sighed and sat back down. He had waiting for her to ask that. He was surprised that she hadn't asked before now.

"Well, sweetie, not everyone would… accept us," he said, hoping that would satisfy the girl. His hopes were in vain.


"Because… people can be afraid of things that are different, you see. Your uncles and I are very different from the people above and they might fear us. We do this so we don't scare them," I explained.

"That's stupid. You aren't scary," she said, giggling.

"I'm not?" the terrapin asked in mock surprise as he took the tray away from Hina and set it on her night stand. A playfully evil smirk came across his face and he gave a mock roar as he started to tickle the young girl's stomach. Hina burst out laughing and started kicking and squirming. After a while of her father mercilessly tickling her stomach, Donni stopped, smiling brightly at her daughter. He noticed the sleepy look in her eye. "You know what the best medicine for a cold is?" he asked. She shook her head. "Sleep." Hina, getting the hint, nodded and laid down. Donni once again tucked his daughter in and hugged her. "Love you," he said, kissing her cheek.

"Love you, too, Daddy," Hina said. Donni smiled and got up, turning out the light, activating her night light. Going into the main room, he sat down on the couch. Leo was sitting in the recliner with Kari laying on the floor next to him, coloring. Akira was curled up next to her. Every now and then, Kari would show her father a finished picture, and each time the girl would receive praise and a warm smile. Donni noticed a large pile of pictures next to him and three more spread out next to the girl. Once Kari noticed her uncle, she gathered up on of the piles and came over to him.

"Here you go, Uncle Donni," she said, handing him the pile. He smiled at her.

"Thank you, Kari," he said. He looked through the pile and smiled.

"Hina sleeping?" Leo asked, helping his daughter crawl into his lap.

"Yeah, I'm sure she'll be out for the rest of the day." Leo nodded.

"It's just a cold?" Donni nodded.

"Most definitely. She'll be better in no time," Donni assured his brother. Leo nodded as Donni turned back to watch the history show Leo was watching.