The Hulk of Women-

The growl of the Impala's engine tore through the rural night air. The speed of the car reached dangerous levels as the two men inside the car were silent. They were bloody and sore. The man in the driver's seat cranked the volume on the radio and wiped the blood of his lip with a swipe of his tongue. He glanced at the other man in the seat next to him; he took in his appearance then sighed.

"Sam, what the hell are we going to do with her?"

The man in the passenger seat looked over and then spoke in a hoarse voice.

"I don't know Dean but we have to do something with her. Let's go to Bobby's, he can tell us what do with her."

"We don't even know what she is and I think that might be a bit more important than what to do with her. You saw the way she moved, it was almost like Wonder Woman, Cat Woman and the Hulk all rolled up into a five foot five package."

Sam laughed quietly while Dean fumed. Of course Dean would be upset, he got his ass handed to him by a girl and Dean never lets things like that go. The car fell silent and the Impala flew down the road toward Bobby's house.

~~~~~ 2 Hours Later~~~~

Dean steered the Impala up a dirt road that led to Bobby's house. Charms and spells littered the dirt path and the surrounding area solely for the purpose of keeping unwanted things out. The Impala stopped up next to the house and an older man stepped out of the white house. He walked towards the car and greeted Sam and Dean.

"Hey boys, what the hell happened to you?" Bobby questioned the two bloodied men.

"A woman." Sam replied smirking as he eyed Dean. Dean huffed and spoke up annoyed.

"It wasn't just a woman Bobby. This chick was like Ali and the Hulk all rolled into one hot chick. You should've seen the way she came at us, she was seriously pissed off."

"Well let's take a look." Bobby said while slapping his hands together and rubbing them. The three men walked towards the trunk of the Impala and looked at each other. Dean opened the trunk and they looked in to find a woman curled up, bound and unconscious.

"Well let's get her out of there boys and into the house. We can tie her up and wait till she wakes up."

Dean and Sam grabbed her out of the trunk and Dean carried her into the house and put her onto a chair and tied her to it. The men all waited for her to wake up; Sam and Dean cleaned up their injuries and got something to eat while Bobby placed charms around the sleeping woman. Eventually, after hours of waiting, they fell asleep out of pure exhaustion.

~~~~ Morning ~~~~

The bright light from the sun woke Sam up, he was cranky and sore and he sure didn't want to be awake. He looked over and found the others still asleep. He shifted his gaze to the woman and found her awake and staring straight at him. He jumped up and the chair tipped over, this action woke up the others. The men couldn't say anything; they just looked at her sitting in the chair. Her dirty brown hair fell over her face and the dried blood caked her skin. Her clothes were torn and dirty but she sat silently. Bobby was the first to jump into action. He stepped closer and spoke.

"Who are you?" He asked again after he met silence the first time. She closed her eyes for a few moments and answered him.

"My name is Amelia Rath."

"What are you?" Bobby asked. Before Amelia could answer a voice in the shadows answered for her.

"She is an angel." The voice spoke. Castiel stepped out of the shadows and looked at the room, his eyes landing on the woman who was now staring back at him with fear in her eyes.