The tension in the air hung like a threat of a bomb between them. The air around them chilled as the heat they generated dispersed. The look of pure shock on Dean's face gave away his feelings and it made her feel even worse. She shivered from the cool air on her naked flesh.

"Mortal?" His simple one word question was enough to send the temperature plummeting again. She simply nodded, her own voice choked with apprehension. "When were you going to tell me?" He asked his eyes hardening with barely concealed anger. She tore her eyes from his gaze and looked down to her hands playing with the sheet covering them both.

"I just did." Her reply wasn't the correct answer; his anger flared.

"You knew for weeks now and you didn't say anything; why?" He clenched the sheet around him, his knuckles going white with pressure.

'I didn't want to get your hopes up; it might not work. The process isn't easy and I might just die from the strain of it. Where would we be then?" She asked heatedly. He rose from the bed and grabbed his boxers and pants pulling them on and buttoning them. He turned to her then and he wanted to soften as he took her in. She was beautiful sitting there; sheet pulled up to cover her breasts, her hair tangled, lips swollen and eyes soft. He had just made love to this woman and already they were arguing again.

You shouldn't have lied to me." He said trying to keep the hard edge in his voice. She looked down again and didn't say anything, the awkward silence hanging between them. He grabbed his shirt and pulled it on heading out the door; her eyes locked on the door feeling even colder.

Dean came down the stairs trying to fix his hair when his eyes met with those around the table. Sam, Rose, Ella and Bobby turned from table strewn with maps and books to look at him. He rolled his eyes and came to stand next to them looking at the table.

"So what's our plan?" He asked gruffly ignoring the looks in their eyes. Bobby cleared his throat and started to explain what they had come up with. The plan was risky and called for an all out assault on the field; the epic ending to the final war. Dean explained as calmly as he could about Amelia and how she could become mortal. Rose and Ella exchanged looks before Ella spoke up.

"The implications of that are dangerous for her and us."

"Meaning?" Sam asked cautiously. Ella bit her lip and looked at Dean again.

"For a Redeemer to become mortal; they have to die and before their last breath is taken, a spell has to be spoken."

"I can see how it's dangerous for her but what are the implications towards us?" Bobby asked looking at Ella and Rose. Ella closed her mouth and took a few quick breaths before turning away; Rose spoke up in her place.

"The easiest explanation for how it works is this, when a Redeemer is fatally wounded; it's like an atomic explosion. The force given off is pretty powerful and can probably kill all of us if were too close." Dean clenched his jaw and turned his head to look at the stairs; Amelia still hadn't come down. The silence in the room was deafening as he turned to look at Sam; their eyes connecting and the message passed between them.

"We do it." They all turned and saw Amelia at the foot of the stairs dressed. "We do it but we figure out how to use it to our advantage." She said again slowly locking eyes with Dean. Bobby, Ella and Rose nodded their heads and then turned to the map again. Dean turned fully to Amelia taking in her appearance; she had an edge to her. Her eyes slipped from his and she turned and walked out the front door; he followed her to the door and watched her walk across the yard and disappearing behind a pile of rusty cars. Dean sighed and turned around when he stopped short; Rose standing there looking at him, her arms crossed.

"She'll be fine. What's wrong with you?" Her eyes critical as she took him in; he suddenly felt nervous.

"Nothing." His voice cracked roughly.

"Liar; I know you two argued about this. I can read my sister fairly easy; do you think this is easy for her?" Dean took her in and then shook his head in response.

"She still should have told me."

"Probably but the decision was still hers to make and she made it. We've been around for a while and it's not easy knowing that you're going to your death and this time you might not just wake up in a different body. To give up eternity for a few short years as a mortal is a decision she has never had to make. When it happens; she'll be weaker, unable to protect herself the same way. It's all going to be different for her; it'll never be the same but despite all of that, she's going to do this, for you." Rose shifted her eyes to the yard behind him and watched Amelia emerge once again and look towards the sky. "You should go talk to her." She gestured her head towards Amelia and Dean turned his head and spotted his girl. He grabbed his jacket and went out; the colder air hit his skin and he threw his jacket on walking his booted feet towards her. Their eyes connected and she bit her lip looking at him.

"I'm sorry." She said quietly. "I never meant to hurt you by lying; I just was unsure of…"

"Of what?" He asked.

"Of what we were." She answered simply and took another step towards him. He shifted his eyes to take her in; her smaller frame and hair dancing around her shoulders from the slight wind. He nodded in understanding before asking his own question.

"So what are we?" She stepped forward and gripped his large hand in her own.

"Forever; can you handle that?" She asked a smile tugging at her lips.

"I think I can manage." He smirked pulling her closer and laying his lips on hers; moving them slowly and drawing her breath from her body. They pulled apart and walked towards the house where Sam met them on the steps.

"We have three days." He said confidently and watched as Amelia released her hand from his brothers and walked past him sliding her hand onto his shoulder before entering the house behind him. The two brothers stood in silence for a moment till Sam asked the question that had to be answered.

"How do we do this Dean?" Dean shrugged his shoulders and sighed.

"I'm not sure Sammy but it's probably going to be messy. We need to think tactically and hopefully we can survive this, short of saying yes." Sam nodded and then climbed down the steps to stand next to his brother.

"I'll go get the gear." Dean nodded and then stepped up to enter the house. Upon entering he saw Ella and Amelia discussing tactical positions for the field and Rose leafing through a book with Bobby. He stepped over to the table and looked down at the map the girls were discussing.

"We can expect quite a few of demons plus the horsemen and Lucifer." Ella said quickly.

"Well we just need to be prepared for that and hopefully it won't be as bad." Amelia replied glancing up at Dean and then addressing him. "We need whatever weapons you have that can help us deal with the numbers. What do we have?"

"The Colt, the knife and then a whole shit load of guns that we can load with rock salt. Bobby, Sam and I can take up cover here and help clear the path a bit with rifles. Give you girls a chance." He said pointing to hillier terrain behind the clearing. Ella nodded and spoke.

"We also need to be prepared for being down there; we for the most part can defend ourselves and expel the demons from their hosts with little trouble but if the horsemen are there, we might have a problem keeping on top of the demons. Sniping from the hills will definitely help us but we need to make sure they can't get to you guys; I think devil traps should help." Amelia nodded and then walked over to Rose and Bobby filling them in as Sam entered the house with two duffels filled with guns and salt rounds.

"We gotta make more if we plan to attack from there." Dean said as Ella and he walked over to Sam helping him set up the salt round production. The next few days passed in a blur of activity as they prepped salt rounds and guns, practiced self-defense techniques, researched and prepared spells and incantations. Castiel stopped by every day trying to offer support and information; Michael and the angels were aware of the meeting and were planning on showing up, this news caused more stress to enter the Singer household. As the hours ticked by and the threat of Lucifer, Michael and the horsemen loomed nearer; Sam and Ella started to spend more time together eventually leading to stolen kisses and glances. Dean and Amelia would spend their nights lying in bed entwined and talking. In the morning they would kiss and spend time trying to immerse themselves in each other's bodies without thoughts of the pending battle.

On the morning of the third day; the house was quiet as they all prepped for that night. The plan was set, the meeting was inevitable and the fight for the apocalypse was at the end. Clothing was chosen for warmth and flexibility and silent looks of apprehension were exchanged. Sunset came all too swiftly and nerves were high. Dean grabbed Amelia and pulled her into their room they had inhabited. He pushed her up against the door roughly taking no concern for whether she was comfortable. He locked eyes with her and leaned in slowly, taking his time running his lips over hers. Her lips were like liquid fire on his that sent heat spreading throughout his whole body. This would never get old for him. His hands swiftly lifted her against him as he pressed her closer to the door; her gasp of pleasure vibrated from her chest to his. She gripped him tighter to her, swiftly throwing her hands into his hair as she pressed her hips to his harder. His groan made her smile. The kisses between them became scalding as the desperation of their acts became frantic. Her shirt was ripped from her body and his swiftly joined; their growing needs became almost animalistic. Dean removed his hands from her thighs and moved to the front of her pants trying to get them undone as she pressed hot open-mouthed kisses to his neck and chest, taking special care to touch his marks.

"I understand this isn't a good time." Castiel's deep growling voice interrupted them. They froze and dean lifted his eyes to her face but her eyes were glaring at the angel.

"Clearly!" Dean yelled roughly still holding Amelia to the door; both their lips swollen and their flesh heated.

"Yes, well, we have to be going." Castiel replied averting his eyes from the couple.

"The apocalypse is so inconvenient." Amelia replied sarcastically as her grip on Dean became tighter.

"Mhmm." Castiel replied swiftly while nodding his head. "I'll be waiting downstairs for you." He spoke quickly and then he was gone.

"Please tell me he's gone." Dean replied darkly still holding and staring at Amelia.

"Yeah." Was her reply before his lips crashed back onto hers swiftly, igniting their bodies all over again.

Twenty minutes later they arrived downstairs looking composed and once again glum. Everyone was gathered in the study; armed and ready for the battle that was to come.

"I'll send you each in pairs to the field; we have little time before it begins." Castiel said swiftly before sending them off; starting with Amelia and Dean.

There was a jolt through their bodies before they felt the breeze on their faces. Amelia gripped Dean's hand and pulled him in for another kiss before swiftly pulling away and walking towards her sisters who had just arrived; Dean set off for the hills, not looking back.