The man beged. "Please, she won't like this, and you know she will find out"

"That's exactly what I want". A voice was heard in the darkness and after someone pulled the trigger.

"Mmmmmmmm…" said Tony looking at Ziva's and Gibbs's desks.

"What is it Tony?" McGee finally asked.

"Nothing, just here thinking, you know, things like: why am I so handsome or why my partner and my boss aren't here yet, BOTH of them. But forget it, I wasn't thinking about anything or anyone".

"OK "answered McGee and turned back to his computer. Tony made a paper ball and throw it to the probie's head. "Hey, McSilly, I was trying to start a conversation".

"About what? "he asked.

"About what? Weren't you listening to me?" Tony said putting a what the hell is wrong with you face.


"Nevermind, but I was saying that it's odd that both Ziva and Gib… " the elevator doors opened "Oh hey boss, you're kinda late" he said watching Gibbs coming out of the elevator and after him Ziva.

"I know" said Gibbs staring at him. " Grab your gear"

"What do we have? " asked McGee preparing his gear and grabbing his gun.

"John Booth, dead guy found east of the Potomac, he was…" answered Gibbs looking at the file in his hands before Ziva cut him.

"…a Navy officer working at Mossad" she completed.

"Yes" Gibbs looked at her. "And, apparently, director David is coming here for the case" Ziva stare at him with a shocking expression on her face.