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Chapter 13

The ambulance arrived quickly, followed closely by a pair of patrols. The police officers took Eli David into their custody and promised to drop him off at the NCIS building to let Vance deal with him and the four agents were put on stretchers immediately since they were all injured. Bashan had already died.

McGee and DiNozzo were rushed into the ER and the doctors disposed them off their clothes so they could start washing the areas that were affected with the ammonia. Fortunately, the two field agents only had nose and throat irritation and a few burns and open sores because of the small amount of time they were in contact with the chemical but the doctors wanted to keep them under observation just in case.

The paramedics were able to stop the bleeding of Gibbs' and Ziva's wounds but the bullets needed to be removed so the moment they arrived to the hospital they were taken to surgery.

When Gibbs woke up he seemed surprised to find Vance sitting on the chair next to his bed. "What are you doing here?" he asked, sitting up.

Leon stood up and grabbed the glass of water from the nightstand and handed it to Gibbs "I have to visit my agents when they're in the hospital, don't I? Well, the important ones. I have to keep my reputation of good director"

Jethro chuckled as he took a sip of his water "Right. Where are Ziva, McGee, and Tony?"

"DiNozzo and McGee are sharing room across the hall and David is in the room next to this one. They're all fine"

"What about the other David?" he said, his voice full of hate.

"Waiting for me, in one of the interrogation rooms, to go tell him what's gonna happen to him. He looked confident. I think he wasn't aware that his Deputy Director hates him; he quickly, and I gotta say cheerfully, agreed when I informed him that Eli was being arrested and prosecuted here. He even said he wouldn't send a lawyer because he deserved it and he apologized for the damage he caused" Vance answered, pacing around the room.

Gibbs raised his eyebrows and replied with a smirk "Now, I want to meet that man"

The director smiled "Sure you do," he walked towards the door "I should go. Miss Sciuto and Dr. Mallard wanted to see you but they stopped at DiNozzo and McGee's room. They should be here soon"

"Wait" he called "You said Ziva was in the next room?"

Vance nodded "The one on the right" before he left he warned him "Don't go see her yet, Gibbs. I know the doctor ordered you to stay in your room"

"I wasn't planning on doing that, Leon. You need to trust me"

"I do" he responded and finally left.

Gibbs waited a few minutes after he left, and then he got out of bed and out of his room, pulling his IV bag with him. He searched the hall for nurses or doctors but it was empty; luckily for him. As he passed his agents' room he heard laughter and couldn't help to smile; he was extremely happy to hear them make that content sound.

"Tired of the hospital, already?" her voice asked, making him turn around.

"Ziva? What are you doing out of bed?" he said, concern palpable on his voice. Her leg was in a cast and her arm had a bandage; he could tell that she was in pain but he knew how stubborn she was.

"I could ask the same question" she stated and slowly made her way to her room after grabbing his arm and pulling him with her as she walked "But you asked first. I needed to stretch my legs. I can't stay in a hospital room for too long, it bores me"

"You can't stretch one of your legs" he commented as he helped to get in her bed.

She smiled "Stop being overprotective, I'm fine. The bullets did not hit any arteries or bones"

He took a seat next to her bed "It doesn't matter. You need to rest"

"If I need to rest, then why were you coming here?" she inquired. She knew she had got him there.

Gibbs shifted uncomfortably on his seat "I…I…just…"

"Wanted to talk to me?" she finished for him.

"Yeah… but we can talk later, you know"

"What do want to ask me that makes you so uncomfortable?"

He hesitated before asking "…How… no, why did you leave with him after the sniper shot at us?"

Ziva looked away, not wanting to meet his eyes. She knew he would ask her that but she didn't have the exact answer. So she said what she felt "He's my father; even though he does not act like it and does not care he is. I… wanted to believe that he could change. I thought that if I did what he wanted he would see me as his daughter. But I was completely wrong. He, changing, is impossible… I heard what he told you…"

"Ziva…" Gibbs knew what she was talking about.

"… That he used me as a pet. I have to admit that it hurt" tears flooded her eyes.

"What happened after he took you?" he inquired, grabbing her hand, encouraging her to keep talking.

"He made me get in his car, to talk I thought, and then we stopped at the embassy to pick up Bashan. That's when I suspected something was wrong. The look they gave was… it made me very uncomfortable. I don't know how we got to the warehouse, because my father hit me and I as unconscious," she felt him tense, probably because of anger, but she continued "After a while, Bashan came in with some food and he told me that he was using him, blaming him of Booth's murder and somehow he gained my trust. My father obviously discovered us talking and he shot him on the arm and, later, me, on the leg. I believed everything Bashan told me, I did not even think that he was acting, not even when my father took him out of the room and he returned with his arm bandaged. He distracted me…"

"How did he distract you?" Gibbs asked, leaning forward.

Ziva met his gaze and the tears she had been holding up rolled down her cheeks "He told me you had arrived. That thought erased everything from my mind. I didn't notice him pulling out a gun because I was too busy thinking about you… hugging me. Kissing me. I missed you very much. At that moment I realized that I was actually scared of dying. I wanted to see you again. I wanted you to end the whole thing, I knew you could. I was afraid." she stopped talking to wipe the tears off.

"I'm sorry" was what Gibbs replied.

"For what?"

"I wish I could say something to ease your pain but I can't. I don't know what to tell you"

"Why don't you tell me how you felt?"

He nodded and moved his chair closer to the bed "I… was afraid too. I was afraid that he'd get what he wanted. Kill us. I was afraid to lose you. You know, perfectly, that I'm never frightened. But this time… I was lost. Though, I didn't let anyone notice that but I felt useless. I blamed myself because you, all of you, are my responsibility and I failed protecting you. When McGee and DiNozzo called and told that they knew where you were I couldn't help to feel euphoric. I assured myself that I would get you out of there. Alive"

"Well," she said, bringing a hand to his hair and running her fingers through it "Mission accomplished, Gunny"

He grinned and slowly pulled her as close to him as he could without having her falling off the bed. When his lips met hers the warmth of the kiss made their hearts beat faster. They had missed each other like hell. He felt something wet and he leaned back to see what it was.

"Why are you crying?" he hated it when she cried.

"I love you" she admitted and took his head in her hands to kiss him again, loving the rush of emotions inside her when his lips fell upon hers.

"I love you too" he breathed.

"So… when's the wedding?" a familiar voice said behind them. Tony, McGee, Abby, and Ducky stood on the doorway watching the scene in front of them.

"Tony! This is not the time to ask that!" Ziva exclaimed with a big smile.

"Really? I thought it was. Well, my bad" he responded as he walked to her bed and pulled her into a hug, followed by the rest of the team.

"What are you doing here and have you been there the whole time?" Jethro asked, standing up to let Abby sit next to her friend.

"Anthony and Timothy needed to walk a bit" Ducky said "And no, we arrived when you two kissed"

"Oh" was all the two in love agents said.

"I'm so happy to see you Ziva! You can't imagine how worried I've been!" Abby squealed cheerfully, hugging her brunette friend again.

"I can, actually"

Abby ignored her and kept talking "And I'm so excited about you and Gibbs! I mean, it was about time! Tony won those fifty bucks fairly…"

"What fifty bucks?" Ziva and Gibbs asked at once. Tony glared at the goth and shot McGee a look that said 'you explain probie'.

"Well," McGee began, hiding behind Ducky as he did "Tony said that may be you, boss, liked Ziva because you let her out of the elevator first and I told him that you were being gentle so we made a bet… and… he won, supported by Abby and Ducky…"

"Are you going to slap us?" Tony asked, taking a few steps back.

"I should…" Gibbs said "but I won't. You got this one right, DiNozzo"

The agent smiled and turned to McGee, holding his hand out "Told you. Pay" he felt a smack on the back of his head "Never mind, keep your money, Timmy"

"Yeah. Can you guys give us a moment, please? You can come back" Ziva said.

"Totally!" Abby agreed and pushed the men out of the room.

Gibbs smiled, his blue eyes sparkling, as he sat on the edge of her bed "So, where were we?"

Ziva smirked seductively "I think you said something very nice and your lips were very, very close to mine…" she trailed off.

"Right" Gibbs said, bending his head and kissing her once again, letting his tongue explore her mouth and hers did the same.

Voices came from the hallway "Gibbs and Ziva sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G…"

Gibbs giggled against her lips and affirmed before pulling her into his embrace again "I love you"

"Oh, I know" she managed to reply "I love you too"


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