Story - Sunlight & Moonshine: Dean and Luna's Story
Author - Yours Truly, my dear readers.
Genre - Harry Potter, slightly OOC, post-War
Preface - Dean Thomas and Luna Lovegood have been found to be a perfect match by the Ministry of Magic's method to find soulmates after the War. Sudden and unexpected, now the two friends must try to look at each other through rose-coloured glasses. But when romantic interest is a stranger to one, and the other has only ever been the unrequited giver, is there any way that love can bloom? Find out in the second installment of the Arranged Marriage series!
Key - The cross-like figure represents a break in time within the same point of view. The cross surrounded by left and right slashes represents a switch in point of view and, more often than not, a break in time from the previous dialogue.
Author's Notes: Epilogue. It's been a pleasure, as usual, dear readers. Listened to 'Enchanted' and 'Love Story' by Taylor Swift all throughout this, because it's a little bit of their story given audio form. Ron and Padma's story is posted! Head over to 'Fireworks' for the next MAM installment. I love you guys for reading! Enjoy!



I promise to love you for as long as I shall live, and long after that. - Dean's wedding vow
There's no space between your heart and mine: they beat the same way. - Luna's wedding vow

"We can't sneak away, Dean," Luna whispered back. "It's our wedding after all."

"I promise I'll keep it down to ten minutes," he said back, kissing the shell of his ear to push the cause. "I won't do anything, honest to goodness, sweetheart."

Luna Lovegood Thomas minded her feet as they danced their very first dance as a wedded couple, and smiled into her husband's chest. She had tossed propriety to the wind at the reception and taken off her very pretty but exceptionally tall wedding heels. The green grass behind Dean's family home was soft and springy and felt much better than those shoes. No one had said a word - although Gin had briefly rolled her eyes - and some guests had eventually followed suit. Now that twilight was falling and the dozens and dozens of bright faerie lights strung up in the trees were lighting up, she actually felt like a new person. This day had been amazing and the night was only just beginning. She smiled again when she felt his arms tighten around her waist and pull her close. Perhaps he really meant to keep their time alone down to ten minutes but she knew that kissing usually lead to touching and touching usually lead to...

...very pleasant things that would not be finished in ten minutes.

"We can't sneak away," she repeated as she swayed in his arms, "and I wish you'd keep your hands above board."

That innocent look on his face wasn't fooling her.

"My hands are much much higher than they need be, Mrs. Thomas."

They weren't. He was definitely hovering over her butt, and she knew for a fact that his mother and her father were watching them from the edges of the dance floor. She supposed he thought he could get away with it now that other couples were joining them on the area cleared off for dancing.

"They are much lower than they should be, Mr. Thomas," she replied easily.

"Which is why we should get away since I can't seem to help myself," he whispered easily, now sucking discreetly on her earlobe. "Come on, Lune."

She shivered and Dean sensed victory.

"Not now, anyway. If you can find a way to do it, then-"

"Then, yes?"

He grinned at her, nuzzled her, marveled at how beautiful she looked. He'd had a bit of a heart-attack when she had appeared at the end of that hall in a dress that was as elegant and lacy and artsy as anything he'd ever seen her wear. That damned hall had suddenly seemed as long as that goddamned maze from Fourth Year. He hadn't been able to take in all of her one glance: the strapless sweetheart ball gown, her thin bare shoulders, the delicate bones of her face and shoulders. The cream and the gold and the blinding white-wheat of Luna's hair had worked together to drop his jaw. When she'd started to walk and smile and smile-


Dean had given up on trying to stop himself from grinning from ear to ear. He'd also decided that it was completely okay to ignore everyone else in the world for the rest of the day.
Two hours later, he was still enchanted. He watched her shiver again, the most beautiful woman in the world, and grinned. Never let it be said that determination never got anyone anywhere. With Luna, determination had finally gotten them to this place.

"I love you, I love you, I love you, Luna Lovegoood Thomas." He abandoned his hold on her waist for a new one on her face, and tilted her chin upwards so that he could close his eyes and press his forehead against hers. "Meeting you that last Year was the best thing that could have happened to me. You kept me whole, you kept me sane, you kept me feeling when I lost Seamus and Lavender. That day that I wandered back into the Burrow for lunch, you understood. You didn't say a thing. You just knew and you let me be without asking if I was okay."

He opened his eyes and stared directly into hers. He needed to get this out, needed her to know.

"Maybe I should have known it then. I doubt I was smart enough or ready to think about you like that, but hell, the Ministry knew what they were about! This entire summer has been a whirlwind. I'd thought I'd known everything there was to know about you when we became best mates. But then I kept discovering more things that I never knew, seeing new sides that I'd never seen. You are the most amazing woman. You are a friend to so many people - just look at this crowd. You are funny and sweet and have this sense of humor that I appreciate more every day. I dunno why I never saw it before the Law but I know I would have seen it eventually."

She was sure he hadn't meant to make her cry again but there she was, blinking ineffectually against a rush of tears.

"I love you," he said slowly, "I didn't know it at the start of the summer but God, I know it now. I love you with every thing in me, every bit of anger, every bit of happiness, everything everything I have. Every time I look at you, it gets stronger and stronger. I can't imagine anyone else at my side."

"You know I know," she said happily. "What we are...what we've become - it's a blessing. All I've ever wanted was family and I have one. I've never been very good at expressing emotions like this but you make me cry without trying. I feel without trying. I have a family and I have you and that's more than I'd hoped for. I love you more than I had ever thought it was possible to love anyone. You are the absolute best thing that's ever been mine."

They stopped swaying to the lilting melody and he wiped the tears from her face. She let him and he kissed her slowly like they were kissing for the first time. He didn't listen to the murmurs of the guests and she didn't mind the low whistles from the bridal party.

"Never forget that," he said when he pulled away, "especially when you get fed up with me in the future, or when we're trying to figure out how to pay the bills, or when I'm old and doddering and you're taking care of me."

She burst into laughter.

"You never forget that when you're tired of cleaning up after me, or frustrated by my lack of cooking skills. If you promise, I do too."

"You're right. I'm actually getting a worse deal than you are!"

His wife looked mildly shocked.

"What happened to those wedding vows?" she asked with a faint smile. "Do they fail you so quickly?"

He laughed and took her by the hand.


We're going now, he whispered to her silently. I don't care if it's the first dance. Let's go for ten minutes.

He pulled her across the grass of their designated dance area and they smiled at guests as they went along. Half of the party was still lingering over the food but the others were mingling and laughing and dancing. Although Headmistress McGonall wouldn't be able to stay for the entirety of the reception, she and most of the Hogwarts teaching staff had put in a rather grand appearance at the new Mrs. Thomas's personal request. Professor Flitwick sent them a cheery wave before returning to a rather animated conversation with Fleur and Bill Weasley. Hagrid shouted something unintelligible that Luna took for 'hello' and Dean took for 'good luck' while Madame Maxime smiled kindly from his side. Harry and Ron winked while the rest of the bridal party seemed to be too involved in dancing to take much notice in the couple's departure.

"It was a good thing we made Naira and Adi bridesmaids as well, isn't it?" Luna whispered, as she watched the shy Adrienne looking unusually happy while cradling Professor Lupin and Tonk's son. "Adi looks so happy."

Dean agreed. She'd even included the twins and Cub and Kit - Sam had held a leashed Cub in one little hand and bore the rings in the other, while Sophie had tripped down the aisle with flowers in her hair and Kit in tow. If anyone had been unsure whether Angela Thomas was in love with her daughter-in-law before the wedding day, they knew without a doubt today that Luna had won over the older Mrs. Thomas completely.

"She does. Everyone does."

She grinned.

"I know. I'm glad your grandparents and the Finnegans could make it."

"I am too."

They walked slowly around the house to the front, and when they got to the porch, he picked her up bridal style and sat on the stairs.

"I bet you thought I'd drag you inside to have my wicked way with you," he murmured into her hair, "don't deny it."

"Then I won't deny it."

She burrowed deeper into his arms and he could feel her smiling again, with or without the mental connection between them.

"Think we can manage five minutes here without interruption?"

She shook her head.

"Two minutes at most. I want you to start painting again."

He looked surprised that she'd brought it up again, outside of their letters. He'd been meaning to get back to his watercolors but it was nice to have her there to give him the final push.

"You mean that? Because that's going to require some commitment on your part, sweetheart." He kissed the side of her face, the tip of her nose, the fluttering eyelids, and finally her lips. "It's been so long that I'll need to practice. This means I need you to pose. Whenever I ask you and however I want you. "

It sounded deliciously risque, and she had to admit she was a little bit thrilled.


"Every day for the rest of our lives, if I so desire. Promise?"

They gazed at each other before she drew him forward into another kiss.



Now, a twinkle appeared in Dean's eye that Luna knew all too well. He stood with her still wrapped in his arms and headed for the front door of his mother's house.

"How about we also get a head-start on the next generation of Thomas in the minute we have left?"

Then...they lived happily ever after.